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  1. I cant stop looking at these pictures. Thanks for posting those.
  2. Must be just me then that wants them to come dead last in their group with 0 points.
  3. Babbel in. We need a big clear out. But i would keep Hamill as the reserve Centre back. Ive noticed with him he can have 2 good games in a row but when its 5, 6 or 7 he struggles.
  4. Wonder why Fitzgerald is off the squad. Was looking forward to seeing him tonight.
  5. Whilst i don't think we will be in the top 2 i can see us making the 6.
  6. I would start Elrich over him as well. However i would put Elrich on the right and Risdon at CB. Dont know how much up and down the wing Rosdon will do after the week of travelling but also provides a little bit more size.
  7. He needs to put a big one in tomorrow if played.
  8. Thommo

    Rashid Mahazi

    Happy to give him a chance to shine.
  9. FFA CUP: WSW Table: Melbourne Victory Melbourne Heart Perth WSW Sydney Newcastle Brisbane Adelaide Wellington Central Coast Grand Final: Victory Golden Boot: Tiovonen Johnny Warren: Honda ACL: Newcastle Jets - Group stage Sydney - Group Stage Victory - Semi Final
  10. Pretty sure thats where he played for Wellington.
  11. Hopefully we don't see him on the left again. I think its centre mid for him or bench for Alex gets tired. Early days of course but i agree we are looking at about 4th.
  12. Good extra podcast guys. Challenges all round. It seems the clubs hands are restricted in many aspects as well. Hopefully it all gets sorted in time for next season.
  13. Feeling a 3-1 win. Riera double and lustica the other.
  14. Stick the youth players in. Maybe not for the victory game but the last 2 home games. Give the team a lift. It’s so stale.
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