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  1. Wow that's pretty big from him.
  2. I don't mind JP as interim manager. Has 10 or so games to get the best out of the team he knows. The last thing needed is to rush a coach in who then says these are't my players.
  3. He aint that great. Yes he can assist a goal but reminds of being a poorer "Ozil" type player . Isolated he is quality but in this league teamwork is the key and he for me is not a team player.
  4. This looks a great signing. A little excited here.
  5. I cant stop looking at these pictures. Thanks for posting those.
  6. Must be just me then that wants them to come dead last in their group with 0 points.
  7. Babbel in. We need a big clear out. But i would keep Hamill as the reserve Centre back. Ive noticed with him he can have 2 good games in a row but when its 5, 6 or 7 he struggles.
  8. Wonder why Fitzgerald is off the squad. Was looking forward to seeing him tonight.
  9. Whilst i don't think we will be in the top 2 i can see us making the 6.
  10. I would start Elrich over him as well. However i would put Elrich on the right and Risdon at CB. Dont know how much up and down the wing Rosdon will do after the week of travelling but also provides a little bit more size.
  11. He needs to put a big one in tomorrow if played.
  12. Thommo

    Rashid Mahazi

    Happy to give him a chance to shine.
  13. FFA CUP: WSW Table: Melbourne Victory Melbourne Heart Perth WSW Sydney Newcastle Brisbane Adelaide Wellington Central Coast Grand Final: Victory Golden Boot: Tiovonen Johnny Warren: Honda ACL: Newcastle Jets - Group stage Sydney - Group Stage Victory - Semi Final
  14. Pretty sure thats where he played for Wellington.
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