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  1. I went to the game and we were embarrassing in the first half. Our attempts to play from he back were pathetic and put us under so much unessesary pressure. Not sure who 17 was but he looked out of his depth . The second half we looked a lot more composed and structured. Not reading too much into this game. Does NTS miss round 1 for a Red in the FFA cup?
  2. Is there anyway I can buy tickets for this game, im trying to look online but says not for sale.
  3. I am in melbourne for the next couple of months. Have TWO FREE RBB tickets to any game. Just send me a pm.
  4. Have 2 RBB tickets for derby, not going,
  5. Swapped Henrique for Taggart Coe got 17 points WTF
  6. Kraken

    Michael Beauchamp

    Poor Megsy, hope he is back next week
  7. Cant win them all, I am sure popa wil have em ready for next week. Anyone know what happened to Ono?
  8. If Broich has a MOTM performance I could sneak away with a win
  9. I think this chant moves away from what the RBB has achived and tried to create. Some of semi active people will not like it, some will love it. Its less carinval and more the cove for me. I think this would be great at the pub, but not in the terrace. Boris has hardley left and already **** hits the fan
  10. Beauchamp missing again, must be injured but keeping it on the downlow, that or severe punishment for something we dont know about
  11. got a bad feeling about this game, I think we will go down 2-0
  12. going to get my first lost this week, thanks to the bye.
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