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  1. That article from SMH is now taken down, but right before it did, it mentioned we replaced Meier with a Ex PL striker who currently plays with Mark Milligan.. did anyone catch that before they took it down?
  2. yes, thats what this whole conversation is about
  3. no need to have twitter, all the rumours are here haha
  4. https://www.malagacf.com/en/news/okazaki-will-not-continue-in-the-blue-and-white-discipline
  5. Had a whole article on him 10 months ago on the world game https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/meet-the-aussie-defender-who-could-be-lost-to-macedonia
  6. Fraizer Campbell signed for Huddersfield for those who were still holding on
  7. Ziegler isnt injured? he hasnt been injured for a long time, just sitting him out of pre season matches to ensure no injury before season starts
  8. I most certainly am not saying Turkish man should be our only signed striker and we are good to go.. but Turkish man has people around him in other positions who can also bury a ball
  9. I agree, You need to remember, we have Yeboah and Duke as forwards also who cant put the goals in also, not to mention Majewski also. If Turkish man can slot around 15, i'm happy with that. As a marquee, maybe not, but as a foreigner, yes.
  10. When anyone knows kick off time please post it. I understand its during business hours, not night time. I work locally
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