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  1. If my target was Row Z every time i wanted a ball crossed into the box, then sure.. scott neville is your man... he had like 1 good game ever 8 games.. made more mistakes than any other player i can think of
  2. Jesus i hope you're joking.. up there with top 4 worst wanderers players
  3. article is also 10 years old.. surely hes jumped on a flight here and there since then
  4. Unless Pat becomes an Aussie, then yes.
  5. The writer of this article wouldnt know either, would just be from what is general knowledge
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxa3kiXgR_P/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=ihl5lvj2rsc5 that makes hamills departure official
  7. I must have missed where the Treejack nickname came from, can someone fill me in?
  8. forever grateful for what he helped achieve, but being at your best so inconsistently doesn't make you great. Far more times he was ineffective than he was effective.
  9. Im actually quite shock about all the Juric love.. he was shocking for us, just like Mooy.
  10. Risdon confirmed as WMG first Australian signing
  11. you have 'Retain' next to Baccus I stopped reading there
  12. was there ever a Fornaroli swap deal on the table?
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