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  1. Waaay better performance than previous weeks. Unlucky not to get more out of that, and with better finishing would have had a bagful. One thing that was irritating me, on two of victories subs, the ref held the game up until the sub was in position. one of these was on a corner they were defending and the linesman stood over the ball. the ref allowed play to restart after the sub ran into his spot. i have always thought the game can resume when the sub crosses the line, and that's why you don't make a sub when you are defending a corner. the linesman was the same bastard who pulled up majok...though i'm surprised he didn't flag a handball penalty in the first half. We've had worse decisions go against us.
  2. for sure. i wasn't sure if he could have got to that ball before mileusnic, but if he went for it and didn't get there, would have been hammered for that. or brought him down for a pen. probably made the right choice, unlucky to be nutmegged.
  3. pass accuracy was terrible. and i lost count of how many times we turned over the ball straight after winning it. i thought young keeper looked ok, but seemed to me caught a bit flat footed for the second.
  4. Ok, everyone can relax...there was something bogus about my account...so i paid through paypal and it worked.
  5. Yeah mate, I've been trying three tickets. Will try with two and see how that goes.
  6. Trying to buy tickets from the website and keep getting bumped. Could it be sold out already?
  7. Butts76

    World Cup 2018

    I'm lucky enough to be in zagreb travelling around croatia on a family holiday. It was bonkers in the main square on wednesday night. Im staying in the middle of town and it didn't really calm down until the wee early hours.
  8. Butts76

    World Cup 2018

    is he relevant any more? He chose to jump when he did, pretty weak i thought. If you make that choice for whatever reason, I don't know why you wouldn't choose, then, to stay out of the spotlight for a while and let the team and new coach make their own story. He must have a sizeable ego and needs a stroke reasonably frequently. I was tired of his belly aching at the end and am glad he's gone. Perhaps when Arnold is found out (again), Milicic will get a go. He's a smart footballer, and a lovely and really funny bloke. Everyone knows him and he has been in the system for ever. If you're my vintage you will remember he killed it at the 93 world youth cup and he was sydney united's best player in the rampant team of the mid 90's. Zdrilic got more goals, but Milicic was the better player.
  9. Butts76

    World Cup 2018

    I care...last world cup i spent two weeks right in the middle of it on an island off the queensland coast with no connection to the planet and came back to civilisation the day after the 7-1 german game...going on holidays again this time, to croatia. arrive in zagreb the morning of the second semi final. so hoping for croatia to have a long run this time...
  10. Butts76

    World Cup 2018

    I think Lucy Zelic just mispronounced David Zdrilic's surname...
  11. Butts76

    World Cup 2018

    I think it got worse after...wilkshire looks like an imitation gangster, and "bridgey", i think he's a bit of a twit.
  12. I think those little brown darts were called "gedangs" or something like that. i'm pretty sure my school uniform duffle coat was bought from that disposal shop. My parents used to say "Parramatta no come back" as a reference to going into the mental hospital. Does anyone else remember this, or is it particular to my folks and their ethnic mates?
  13. Butts76

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Totally agree with you btron. I just listened to abc radio on the way home. Heaps of hand wringing with two blokes whose names i forget but nobody made any mention of carney. Carney is a grub and it wouldn't surprise me to hear that he ignited something. De marigny was a grub too back at marconi, but 'think of the children' drama was a bit over the top.
  14. var sucks. i felt a little guilty being excited by their 2 reds. santalab gave my little bloke and i a high five and looked us in the face "thanks for coming along tonight". it felt very genuine.