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  1. We'll be fine with the key players back and our marquee front man. Any team in this league will struggle playing a second string youth side vs a full strength lineup away from home. Despite the scoreline I thought we very well could of forced it to extra time or snuck a win if Yeboah and Adam finish their chances and there was VAR to overturn their offside goal. City will finish below us in regular season mark my words.
  2. Carrusca being in there I feel is a bit rough, sure he came to us at the end of his career but I remember him as one of our better performers in Gumby's season.
  3. FFS. It feels like every year we get City away in the cup. Rigged.
  4. Football Manager is the gold standard, real clubs use it's database for scouting players, not FIFA. Simulation vs a casual kids game.
  5. So the club have found their man and are currently in negotiations?
  6. Bojan just released by mutual consent from Stoke, anyone watched him the last few seasons? Hooper would be a very solid pickup as well. Wishful thinking!
  7. Should definitely look into it if you like your career mode, once I got it I never went back to FIFA.
  8. FIFA is rubbish if you're going to conclude how good a player is from a video game use Football Manager please. In saying that they are all rubbish on Football Manager aswell...
  9. Club really needs to throw the dollars at Spira for a long term deal to bring him home, isn't going to be any aussie CB's on the market better then him for a while I fear. 3 year deal make it happen Babbel!
  10. I'm envisioning a very fluid rotating front 3 as all our targets and current first choice wide players have a good eye for goal more so then their crossing ability. Yeboah/Duke plus Krishna/Kosta/Okazaki whoever we end up with out of those 3 interchanging up front to confuse markers could cause havoc because they all know how to find the back of the net.
  11. On reflection, I put the loss last week down to dodgy kebabs in Newy. Whole team to be spotted at Watsup brothers in Condell park getting a mixed with the lot & 3-0 win. Vedran to punch Brosque into the net instead of the ball in the 90th for his weekly brainsnap and get a straight red to applause all around.
  12. Yeah... people defending kebab gate; at the end of the day they are professional athletes and their body is their livelihood. The epitome of unprofessional conduct is your club captain and 2 other senior members eating one of the most unhealthy foods there is before they go to work for the day. The captain part infuriates me the most because your "leader" and I say that sarcastically because Hamill is anything but a leader and I still don't know why he's captain is supposed to set the standard and example. Disgusting behaviour all around.
  13. The king to score a brace off the bench substituting Riera up top in his return from injury for a 2-1 win.
  14. Fathead is stuck on groundhog day with his injury. I'd like to see him up top like we did 2015/16 if he can get fit, let Riera get splinters because his attitude is disgusting and let Yeboah & Duke play the wings, he hasn't got the legs to cover the wings anymore and track back in defence but his leadership and finishing/off the ball/build-up play is sorely missed IMO. Only club legend we have left on the roster I'd like him to get on the field for a proper send off before he inevitably is released rightfully so at the end of the season.
  15. Hope the club is looking at Birighitti. Someone on here said he wants out, any truth to that?
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