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  1. Not sure why everyone on WSF & other social media is savaging Riera and calling for him to be released... do you not remember how much he scored last season? It's simply a dip in form, happens even to the very best. It's certainly not for lack of trying, he runs his socks off every game and works hard in defence too. We're talking as if he's a Pio that hasn't scored this season when he's already put in 3 (admittedly 2 pens) Wrong player to aim the vitriol at IMO. Riera comes good and ST is fine. Just need a backup for him to keep him on his toes. What we need is an older, tough as nails midfielder to protect these kids being forced to start every game with no senior figure to help them out at DM.
  2. It feels like so long ago since Castelen and Bridge toar Victory to shreds in front of a deafening full house at Parramatta... can't believe we've been shite for so long and it's definitely getting depressing at this stage. How far we have fallen in 3 years. Breaks my heart.
  3. LOL tokich and Sotirio on but keeps Elrich at CB where he is completely out of his depth. At least give young Tass a go in a game that's already over.
  4. Elrich/Hamill just don't cut it at the back, need Ziggy back. They try but the quality isn't there.
  5. Ola all over Tarek pushing him to the ground but as soon as Tarek grabs his shirt flops and a yellow. Sets the tone...
  6. Jeez, still no Ziggy. Hasn't it been like 3 rounds now he's been expected to come back from injury then hasn't even made the bench? Very worrying.
  7. Beath refereeing means it's already confirmed we won't win. Let's see if he'll let us steal a point or find a reason to chalk off our goals and give vuck a dodgy goal without referring to VAR.
  8. Didn't get to watch due to work but listened to the radio commentary and watched highlights afterwards, we must of been dominant if even the biased nux commentators were admitting we deserved the win and had control over the whole game. I refuse to bag out Riera after these opening few rounds as he's still the best striker this club has ever had & the pen will get him back into action next week mark my words. Hopefully Mahazi stays on the bench/in reserve now & the youngsters start ahead of in holding midfield from now, he really tried in the first two rounds but he's playing NPL 2 last season for a reason... lucky JP threw him a lifeline
  9. Turned the game off as soon as the VAR chalked the goal off, absolute shambles. VAR should not even be called into play for minor off the ball incidents in a goal such as that, Zullo was never going to get anywhere near the ball in that sequence of events. Then I switch on for the analysts opinion to Bozza in meltdown and learn that Babbel was shown a red card, can't blame either of them. Something needs to change. If they're not going to scrap VAR, bring in qualified referees from overseas to run it. The current full timers on and off the pitch are a disgrace to the sport. Even if we lost 2-1 I would of been happy to accept we were plain sh*te, but killing any chance of a competition and enjoyable match like that is infuriating and keeps happening every second match this season.
  10. ZIegler at the back or in DM and Snake will make a huge difference, considering I believe we only lost the cup semi due to defensive errors those two instil confidence in the back line. We actually bury a chance like Risdon's in the cup and Ori doesn't sky a treejack ball from point blank like Perth and it's a 1-0, 2-0 "shock" win when in reality I think we'll be closer to them then we've been since 2015/16. We do best being written off like we were when Santa scored the last winner.
  11. Pleasantly surprised by last night, really thought we were going to get done badly but the defense in particular has come leaps and bounds since Darwin and Bonnyrigg. After the early scares from Fornaroli we really settled and I'd say comfortably handled everything they threw at us considering their one goal was freakish/unsaveable. Also, Roly is looking better out on the wing then at 10 or 6 IMO.
  12. Personally I rate someone that the toon deemed good enough to stay at their club for 6 years and was capped by the socceroos over Tonyik and Hamill. I know the lack of first team football can be a big detriment to some people's evaluation of players and that's fair enough but look at how much first team football some of our past players had before we got them fit and firing in the best form of their life.
  13. and Cejudo was 76 look how he turned out. Fifa is a rubbish game to judge players on anyway, use Football Manager which clubs actually use the database of IRL for players.
  14. Going to be absolutely spanked. Nizic is good for atleast 1 howler a game it seems and I can't see us outscoring them. 3-1 or 4-2 incoming.