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  1. Great. Another old striker who can't score goals. Not like we needed a number 10 or anything... Wtf WSW. Duke could of gone up top.
  2. regular goal scorer wont change the fact we can't keep a clean sheet and usually concede 2 or more, going to be hard pressed scoring 3 every game.
  3. I really don't understand how anyone can still be defending keeping Babbel... we're going to end up with the wooden spoon the way we're going. I'll take an interim coach to steady the ship and take us off the bottom of the table before getting someone permanent at the end of the season and letting them sign their own players over Babs seeing out the season to a rock bottom finish, trying a new formation every game, playing Muller through the middle, having Meier wander around the pitch like a lost puppy dog, not use any subs and swear at the officials and media after the game instead of accepting responsibility for his terrible game management. The team look lost on the pitch and devoid of ideas to penetrate a set defense, the back 4/ back 5 are still leaking stupid goals like crazy every game, there have been no signs of improvement at all and we are actually looking worse and worse. He needs to go.
  4. Hopefully Santa gives me my Christmas present wish of Babbel being sacked after this loss, with JT following suit. Can see no way of us winning this match, we are absolutely terrible.
  5. Feeling another pathetic loss followed by unceremonious babs sacking #byebabs Team is painful garbage to watch right now and has shown no signs of improving, all the media rubbish in the week might get a reaction out of the players but they still wont know what to do in the final third or keep hold of the ball.
  6. What I don't understand and I'd be curious if anyone else feels the way I do or I'm just crazy... is the fact that despite having a worse roster on paper and worse results last year we played far better and were much easier on the eye to watch in general when in possession. Last year I thought we actually were quite enjoyable to watch when on the ball, strung together some good attacking play which is evidenced by the amount of goals we scored (the amount conceded is obviously the issue here) This year the defense has tightened up but my god everytime we get the ball it's instantly coughed back up via our midfield being pressed or it's lumped from back to front Tony Pulis style. There's no rhyme or reason to our attacks or build up play. I just don't understand how it's actually got worse. The terrible defending of last year is starting to creep back in this season anyway, if snake was still in goal we would of had some embarrassing scorelines put on us already. So the question is with the defence going back to being garbage and our attack looking incredibly stale and uninspired maybe Babbel isn't the answer. I'd still sack him at seasons end rather then halfway through the season, I'm happy for the team to lift and prove me wrong, last thing we need is another season wasted with a mid year sacking.
  7. Now I know why the only game we looked half decent this year was against Victory, They're the only team with a midfield worse then ours. Poulsen looks way behind the pace and lazy while Basha and Dobras look very average at best. They're in for a long year.
  8. I'm actually glad to have the bye coming up next week because quite frankly we have been disgustingly poor to watch every game this season except against Victory. The back 5 have bailed the team out time and time again and finally our luck has run out as it rightly should tonight. Did not deserve to get anything from that much. Midfield is practically non-existent. We have been bullied in midfield by every single team we've played this year except Sydney United. The lack of any capability to retain possession and apply meaningful pressure on our opposition will be our downfall this year as our lack of a defence was our downfall last year. I'm honestly not very optimistic at this stage anymore, the team are now 5 rounds in and still don't appear to be improving. I just don't think we have the cattle in the middle of the park to do anything this year. Schwegler is playing there on his own, Baccus and whoever the 3rd man is every other match who makes a cameo to drop in and help are ineffectual. edit; I should add, there is no lack of trying, contrary to last year's team of peahearts, but hard work will only get you so far and as hard as this team tries, the lack of quality time on the ball is beginning to show.
  9. Anyone else playing the FM 2020 beta? Wanderers player ratings terrible again. All our youth prospects are terribly rated aswell as Duke and Yeboah being two of the worst players in the squad. If my current job gave me the time to watch every game and training sessions I'd apply to be an Australian league researcher to help them out because the current ones are not doing a goood job.
  10. 6 long years to beat them in their own backyard, feels so sweet. Butthole was clenched the entire last 20 mins as it was just wave after wave off attack but the boys were incredible with the last ditch defence and workrate. Mcgowan still worries me, unlucky with the penalty but shouldn't be flailing his arms in the box like that then comes rushing out of the defensive line later on and gets beaten like a traffic cone, he was pretty good besides that but I hope he gets better as Markus has entrusted him with the vice captaincy and I think captains should lead by example. Other then that everyone else played a blinder and can't wait for the smurfs next week. First time since 2015/16 I feel like we can beat them.
  11. We'll be fine with the key players back and our marquee front man. Any team in this league will struggle playing a second string youth side vs a full strength lineup away from home. Despite the scoreline I thought we very well could of forced it to extra time or snuck a win if Yeboah and Adam finish their chances and there was VAR to overturn their offside goal. City will finish below us in regular season mark my words.
  12. Carrusca being in there I feel is a bit rough, sure he came to us at the end of his career but I remember him as one of our better performers in Gumby's season.
  13. FFS. It feels like every year we get City away in the cup. Rigged.
  14. Football Manager is the gold standard, real clubs use it's database for scouting players, not FIFA. Simulation vs a casual kids game.
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