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  1. @aleaguehub “A return to Western Sydney is on the cards for Tomi Juric, following stunts at Roda JC and FC Luzurn”
  2. In positive news, looking like Mo Adam will be getting a senior contract soon
  3. Theoretically and heavily based off stats, Campbell should be a better player than Le Fondre Campbell has had numerous seasons in the premier-league, often used as a bench player, but has high amounts of experience at the top level. Le Fondre had one season (back in 12/13), where he did do well, but got relegated. Campbell consistently played at the top two levels of English football. Le Fondre had a career scattered across the top four tiers. In his most recent season, Campbell scored 12 goals and 6 assists. Le Fondre in his season managed 7 goals and 2 assists. Man, wouldn't I like to see Campbell in red and black
  4. Maybe poor journalism, might be that Schwegler is a marquee.
  5. Maybe Baumjohann was actually a marquee. Don't think Majewski, Schwegler or Lopar are marquees so we should be fine
  6. Even though I’m a hull supporter, I dare say we need him more than hull do
  7. “He has a three-year contract with the Wanderers and will almost certainly be considered as a local player before the start of next season, freeing up a place on their roster to bring in another foreign player.” SMH article posted back in January about Ziegler. Might have 2 foreign spots before the season kicks off
  8. Well Well well https://www.transfermarkt.com/paolo-guerrero/profil/spieler/2989
  9. Marquee winger and marquee striker? ------------------------------Lopar------------------------------ Russell-----Zeigler----------------------McGowan--------Georgievski ---------------Schewgler------------Brattan-------------------- --------------------------Majewski------------------------------- Marquee---------------Marquee--------------------------Duke Bench: Vedran, Yeboah, Tass, Baccus, Kamau, O' Doherty Far out this could be good
  10. Unless Ziggy becomes an Aussie, looks like its another one marquee year or we could get Jedinak or Juric as a marquee?
  11. Unless Zeigler has become an aussie, surely not. We cant have GK, 2 CBs and a DM as foreign. If Ziggy has though - that would make a defence and a half
  12. Is this bloke a marquee? If not, this is a brilliant under the cap signing
  13. Our team is looking alright for game one Bonevacia Riera Fitzgerald Baumjohann Tokich/Baccus Jr Mahazi/Baccus Sr Llorente Ziegler Hamill Risdon Vedran Bench- Elrich, Nizic, Sotirio, Tass, Any DM Still got a marquee spot avalible- anyone know whats up with that?
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