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  1. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Is this bloke a marquee? If not, this is a brilliant under the cap signing
  2. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Our team is looking alright for game one Bonevacia Riera Fitzgerald Baumjohann Tokich/Baccus Jr Mahazi/Baccus Sr Llorente Ziegler Hamill Risdon Vedran Bench- Elrich, Nizic, Sotirio, Tass, Any DM Still got a marquee spot avalible- anyone know whats up with that?
  3. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Look, even though Mahazi is probably not the marquee DM everyone expected, he could be an increase over what we already have. Baccus Sr might be the same talent level, or could even be a more talented footballer. However he’s not motivated at all, and Babbel must believe Mahazi will give his all and has enough ability to go with it. Who really knows how he’ll go
  4. Straight off the 1eyedeel! But yes, going to be so good for us dual Parramatta-Wanderers supporters, such an awesome upgrade.
  5. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    It has become very evident we are in need of a couple of position, including a back up striker and a DM. But if we look at who Babbel has signed under the cap, Zeigler and B-J, he must have a pretty solid plan for this team, and know what he's doing. Even though we struggled against an NPL side, we had several key players from last season not playing (Risdon, Vedran etc), and did not play these two new signings. The positions of these players is where we struggled in this game. We also have a marquee spot open. Already this season, Wanderers have picked up good players boosting last years team If anyone is going to fill this marquee with quality, it's Babbel
  6. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    We still have a Marquee spot left which has been linked to attacking midfielders previously, so Babbel is obviously looking for quality in that AM position. We have strong depth in the wingers, with a lot of potential and speed. If we don't get an AM we aren't in a good spot, but if we do we should be fine. I think we can push for higher than fourth. Vedran is one of the better A-League GKs, Risdon, Llorente, Hammil/Tongyik and Ziegler is one of the most solid defences in the league, with good push up in attack from the wings. Our midfield could be better, but a marquee AM should be a big boost to that, and allow Roly into DM if we need him. Our attack as I wrote about earlier is really strong compared to many teams. Wingers we have Kamau, O'Doherty, Bridge, Fitzgerald and Sotirio is some awesome depth. Striker we have Riera, with Scott and Majok back-up. Apparently we have 3 spots, one foreign and one marquee. We could probably get a Marquee and Foreign CAM, a better depth striker and more reinforcements for the DM position. If thats not pushing top 4, with Babbel taking the reigns as well, I'm not sure what is.
  7. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Walker is pretty reliable too. He also says we are in talks with Spiranovic along with Perth and Melbourne
  8. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Potential. They could be fantastic, they could be average. If our new coach can get the best out of them we will have three of the best off season signings
  9. TheWanderer

    Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    How about Wenger?
  10. Hey everyone! Could anyone tell me when and where the RBB March starts and the path to the stadium. I’ve never been in the March.
  11. TheWanderer

    Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    If you look at his highlight reel, he does cross, but he has the ability to get past the left back, get to the edge of the box and play it on the ground to a player