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  1. Why's are you doing this can't you see I'm in a **** mood.
  2. So this nizic guy is he any good because if we're talking league one league two England then he should be alright maybe a future covic is in our hands he's Croat right
  3. Brazil gonna win the cup ole ole Vou Torcer pro Brazilio bebendo vinho e campeone
  4. If it was Italians the whole studio would be broken noting what my Nono was like
  5. Nooooooooo Colombia farkin they gonna get the bullet now all the drug money they spend in their drug money league meh always chasing the white lines those Colombians England lucky but who they got next Sweden
  6. Yeah thx amico yeah I'm leaving tonight and heading back to syd don't know what to do when I get there because I just talked to my neighbor and he reckons my ex fiancé took **** from my house but I hope she didn't take my Grêmio memoriblia and merchandise one of them I've had since a little boy but meh I have my Sicilian lawyers they can help me out but yeah Russia was great but I didn't expect it to be so comfortable like people here nice and welcoming I didn't expect it to be like this with all the media and stuff anyway thx amico
  7. Thx lee I'm feeling better now I love starting rumours and stuff but sometimes I just joke around sometimes and other people question it and then I get attacked but I don't care. Anyway have a good day you got nice weather in Darwin
  8. Also guys got some bad news to tell i haven't told anyone but I have lung cancer but it's not as bad as you think it's basically where they are going to put a smoke oxygen machine on me as I sleep so I can breath better. Also need tips to getting some Aussie chicks because me and me fiancé are split and I need me life back I've also retired from any sport as the doctors say I could stop breathing from just simply running as I have ****ed up my lungs but anyway I'm basically going to die the same way my papa Nono ( big Giacomo) died he was a heavy smoker and had to be on the smoke machine and
  9. bozanic i made up for **** stirring..... and yeah that wordy bujuis rumour aswell
  10. ha ha im not retired I'm just joking with you amicos I'm just not having a good day my fiancé and i had a fight late last night so I'm not feeling it I'm having the hangover affects aswell don't worry guys I'm fine we just had a bad fight and she made me sleep on the couch here in samara we are coming back to australia in two days so she might take a flight a day earlier
  11. ha I'm telling ya he aint coming its not a rumour its the truth there will always be haters but i say what i say he aint coming and if he does ill be surprised because I've been told he's off to china so if your right about honda signs with us then there i was wrong my fault but if you are wrong then I'm right. but i don't do rumours no more you guys made me retire so if you want info you won't get it from me also ( I'm joking about retiring i just wont make up **** rumours then) anyway have a nice holiday amico
  12. Ok guys I've made a decision to retire from the squad development page because everyone thinks I bullshit i no bullshit farkin thank me later when I'm right we won't sign Honda he's chasing the big bucks out to China ps I'm loving life in Russia pitcko farkin is that how you say it
  13. Wait I thought that Argentinian guy they had was also marquee my bad but there was interest from a few clubs but we were the front runners see I can't see babbel signing Honda I can only see him singing a marquee defamer or cam plus I've heard talk of that serdar tasci guy but I haven't made much sense of it so look I just won't say anything anymore then if people think I'm wrong remeberer I ain't a rumour talk guy I'm a criminal from what people talk of me
  14. Pfft Ma foda Se what you mean mate Honda ain't coming to us he's going to the MLS or China it's simple mate he doesn't want to come here he wants to earn the big bucks in America and China why do you think he went to Mexico for the money they pay big bucks so maybe you haven't heard ****, beer
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