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  1. Definitely. It's the first question I ask myself after my initial reaction. Granted I wouldn't bother saying anything about it. If asked though, my opinion would be the same.
  2. It's a set play that makes zero sense. 3 backs standing in close proximity to each other. The receiver standing a few yards from the keeper. It's easy to read and invites the opposition to sit on top of you and press hard. Puts the defenders under enourmois pressure. The risk is high. The reward low. SydneyFC tried the same thing twice in the second half and turned over the ball both times.
  3. I agree with everything you've said, except the penalty. I don't get the eye contact comment. A few have made it on Twitter as well. It's meaningless and distracting. Imo the penalty decision was a terrible one. Ninkovic lays the ball off about 5 yards from Troisi. He then runs directly into the space Troisi occupies. Troisi makes a slight movement to his right, not even a full step, and Ninkovic clatters into him. For mine Troisi hasn't made any significant movement to block or impede ninkovic. Contact was made because of the line Ninkovic ran and his momentum. Also, penalty and red card
  4. I hope that miss by Aqualina doesn't come back to haunt us.. or him. What a shocker of a miss. 😬
  5. I can't believe they even talked about it as if it was a potential penalty. Yuel never had control of the ball at any time. He was behind Gordon and the ball when contact was made. 🙄
  6. Fellow forumites, Uninjured, and in his prime, he looks useful!
  7. Ha ha true, true... I just meant it was hard to get an idea of what the new gear really looked like from those initial pics... Imo it looked better on the players than what I expected from those first picks... Btw... I'd rather you didn't post pictures of me without asking permission first... Ha ha...
  8. Very underwhelming... Also, not a fan of showing a new jersey worn with casual gear... You want to see how it looks with the full kit...
  9. They're worse than hopeless (in terms of football)... Their Melbourne based news room constantly sprukes vfl related stories (watch for the number of 'life interest' stories which somehow feature afl angles), if they report football at all, it's short snippets at best, the hosts are completely disinterested, and replays are cut short (E.g. You see a pass, a player aiming to shoot, but not the actual goal, or 3 cracker goals are scored and you're luck to see 1 goal ... probably repeated twice)... how they justify providing radio coverage for league games when the games are also broadcast on co
  10. Have you forgotten Star Wars round already?!? ....
  11. As long as he doesn't wear that outfit, he can do whatever he likes when he scores...
  12. So, a 'deep lying midfielder' records no shots on target and only creates ' one chance' for his team (whatever that means)... them stats aren't even close to being relevant to measuring performance in that role...
  13. We'll give him one more chance shall we? ... If it happens again though... he's done!! :-)
  14. Thought his distribution and reading of the play was way better than mahazi and Bacchus's as well...
  15. I reckon he has massive potential as a wing back... His fitness and workrate is outstanding and he can actually get around defenders when he does get forward (unlike Lloriente for example, who rarely if ever threatened to get around his man)... He is also working harder on his defence... I remember one tackle he made in the box, deep into the 2nd half after we turned over the ball cheaply while on the attack; the sky blue scum broke fwd; Kamau was 15 to 20 yards behind the play but sprinted back as the ball was played into the box; elrich lunged in to prevent a shot from about 10 yards out; th
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