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  1. Apart from once or twice trying to be too cute, Baccus has been good at AM tonight. Although he needs to drift away from the front two and create more space when attacking. Playing 3:5:2 Wilmering is completely wasted. He doesn't have the skill or attacking nouse to play the role. He's a bog standard left back at best. Most of our attack down the flanks has come down Acqualina's side. Good half time change from Robinson to bringer Tate on. COYW!
  2. Vela - wasn't he THE stand out player for LAFC last season? From what I've seen of the MLS he would be a phenomenon in this league. Can't see him dropping coin to come here though?
  3. If we're looking for a scapegoat, Russell was a metre behind his man who was clearly on side. The obvious ball was down his line. He let the ball get behind him. Didn't put in the effort needed to shut his man down or even look like putting a foot in to pressure the cross.
  4. I'd prefer Nabbout. Can play striker or on the wing. Strong, fast, direct, can score goals and is a significant threat moving fwd. He's also an Aussie, so doesn't take up a foreign spot. That makes him a better buy than Noone. He's a class above Denzel Halls as well.
  5. Who's the team in red and black leading 4-zip... Haven't seen them play this season ðŸĪĢ
  6. Best half I've seen us play all season. Keep it up lads!!
  7. Did you though? Please tell me it's so... 😜
  8. We've looked dangerous moving fwd thanks to the injection of Kamau and Cox. That extra mobility is completely lacking with Ibini and Troisi starting. We're fragile as Donald Trump's ego at the back though. Look's like we'll crack under the slightest pressure... and we have...
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