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  1. And that's saying something... cause those two were abysmal ...
  2. Well, don't we look good when Beath don't play...
  3. I do now... So, apologies... I took it as your view not some official response from ref central... They're explanation is still fatally flawed...
  4. Respectfully disagree (btw that's not the 2018 version of rule 11. I recall it's worded slightly differently but in similar terms. But let's go with your quoted version... The answer is the same regardless) The critical part you gloss over is whether Zullo's opportunity 'to play or challenge for the ball' is impacted. This additional requirement mandates that Sotirio has to interfere with Zullo's ability (a) to play the ball or (b) to challenge for the ball. If you accept this interpretation there can be no offence because Zullo has no realistic, practical or reasonable opportunity of doing either. Not when the ball was released. Not at the point of contact between the two of them. Not afterwards either. The decision was wrong in the football sense. And it was wrong in the technical sense.
  5. I'll say this for mahazi... With no pre season, he ran his guts out...
  6. LetsPele

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Agree... I'd say he was signed on JPs specific recommendation... That's a promising sign... Clearly not the top shelf option everyone was hoping for...
  7. LetsPele

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    ^^^ notwithstanding the omissions that's a real concern given the starting line up... So far we've been pumped 3-0 by central coast and 4-0 by the jets... we snagged a win against city with around 35% possession (if I remember correctly) and largely against the run of play; and we've otherwise struggled to put away semi-professional teams in the ffa cup... The game against Sydney lurks as another brutal reminder of how far behind the pack we are... I'm hoping to be proven wrong... but the nightmares of seasons past are hard to shake!!
  8. LetsPele

    FFA Cup 2018

    Shish... Strong start from our lads... Conceding in the 1st minute... Holding strong for 14 minutes before conceding two in a minute... concerning!!
  9. There's probably 3 or 4 managers in the entire football universe who have the budget to get the squad they want so they can play "their system"... Gombau had a solid top 4 squad, he has no excuse, he has time aplenty; he showed no capacity to adapt; no tactical nous; poor man management and team motivation skills; he failed to address problem areas; failed to show any marked improvement in performance; failed to achieve back to back wins; failed to beat any top 4 opposition... He has failed on EVERY possible metric... He has to go... His failure is also JT's and the ownership groups failure... And we should make it known...
  10. now that is funny, another nail in the coffin of competent officialdom ... If you're looking for a reasoned, consistent, judicial approach look away... If you're looking to see the clowns in action buy a ticket to the FFA circus...
  11. That's a farce... Barbarouses gets one week for an unprovoked stomp, franjic gets nothing (not a red, not even a yellow) for an elbow to the head... Etc etc... the inconsistency of VAR and refereeing in general this year has been a scandal...
  12. JT and the ownership group should be top of that list... He's tenure has been a disaster... The club has gone from THE powerhouse of the a-league to a shadow... We simply make up the numbers... As much as I hate to say it, Arnold described our current standing perfectly when he said the derby had to be the most lopsided derby in the world... We've become an embarrassment...