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  1. Duke up front is completely wasted. He's strength is his capacity to chase, harass, achieve turnovers, break away by running with or onto the ball. His involvement as a striker nullifies all of that and we desperately need that in our midfield where we've been dominated. Troisi and Baccus are unable to dominate or control the midfield.
  2. For mine - way too lazy defensively to figure as a DM and his distribution is questionable. Certainly nowhere near on par with Dorran's (who plays in the defensive midfield role generally, with Baccus more of a box to box midfielder). If we have a fully fit squad to choose from I'd go with the following: Target man: Cox Wingers: Kamua, Muller Midfield: Duke (AM), Mutch, Dorran's. Backs: Wilmering, Natta, McGowan, Gordan GK: Margush That leaves: Ibini to come on for Cox; Troisi to come on for either Muller or Kamua; Baccus to come on for Mutch. Other possible
  3. We don't deserve to win this. But planet earth doesn't deserve Chris Beath or Whoever the knob in Var is either
  4. Amazing what a difference a real striker makes. Cox's runs and ability to create space made that. Great cross and finish. Direct purposeful play for once. 👏
  5. The real crime is, we have the squad to play him out wide. Instead, Robinson insists on diluting one of our most technically gifted players strengths by playing him out of position.
  6. For someone who doesn't have a football brain, you're making a lot of football sense... 😂👏
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