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  1. I reckon we’re losing this 3-2
  2. FutbolJustin

    Tarek Elrich

    Elrich started blocking people on Twitter that criticised him against Melbourne Victory yesterday. Can’t handle criticism so you block fans. I was blocked for liking a tweet about him
  3. Seems like a Tony Pulis kind of tactics
  4. Honda scores. It’s going to be a long night.
  5. The first part of this post was me thinking it was some sort of a pickup line.
  6. If you would ask me before the game if I would’ve taken a draw, I would’ve snapped your hand off. Now I’m guttered we drew because of Riera’s sitter.
  7. I feel there’s another goal in this and it won’t be in our favour.
  8. Boncevacia’s celebration should be a ‘Roly Poly’
  9. Crossbar doing better work than our defence.
  10. We are not putting pressure on the Glory defence when they are playing it out from the back.
  11. Who do we drink for? We drink for Wanderers.
  12. FutbolJustin

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Don't forget to mention that beautiful beard. Could throw off defenders when he's jumping in the air.