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  1. Also noticed the Fox team have curbed their enthusiasm for Najjarrine quite a bit already. All seem to have jumped on the Toure bandwagon this week.
  2. If that indeed occurs I expect you to write a ballad about it!
  3. Comment of the day from Harper "If City had of scored a few goals, things would be a lot different" Duhh!
  4. Seeing as he only needs one touch to score, I think his stamina will be sufficient.
  5. Yes, you could see it against Victory last week. When we didn't behave like our opponents expected a Wanderers team to, I sensed they were psychologically rattled.
  6. I vaguely remember back in the 70s when I had Italian neighbours Sunday mornings on TV at their place was always wrestling followed by Variety Italian Style. Not sure what competition it was or who the fighters were. Possibly the guys pictured above?
  7. I am feeling pretty positive this year about the League in general, and the club in particular. Not many people know about AMFG yet because he didn't play in the EPL, but based on what I have seen so far I think he has the potential to create a lot of excitement in a HAL without any big name marquis this year (Does Robbie Fowler count?). If the Sydney derbies can get back to the spectacles they once should help promote the League as well.
  8. If us bunch of hacks on this forum can understand that, surely it should be obvious to whichever marketing gurus the league employ?
  9. Pretty poor. Bean counters at work I guess.
  10. Have Fox dropped their weekly HAL show this season? I haven't been able to find it on the programme. I see Wanderers have 4 players in Round 2 team of the week. Is that a first?
  11. So the Smurfs have sushi in the dressing room after the game. Can't say I am really surprised though.
  12. Yeah I could hear it the end of the match on the Fox Broadcast.
  13. Yeah was a joke The teen girl in America who wore a cheongsam to her formal is a case in point. Funny how people in America were outraged, but those in China thought it nice she was interested in their culture. Anyway off topic for this thread so will leave it at that.
  14. Yeah, I had to check again just to make sure I wasn't dreaming
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