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  1. Wow. You must be even older than me!
  2. I think we need to enroll you in Cobra Kai Wendy....
  3. I am not ashamed to say I thoroughly enjoyed seeing those soulless mercenaries being put to the sword.
  4. I still don't bloody get it. Can someone help a cracker out?
  5. Something along the lines of this then...
  6. Didn't we have a WSW team a few seasons back who dominated possession, passed the ball around a lot, scored very few goals and were boring AF to watch? I am much more excited by our current lethal counter striking capabilities. I creates a sense of anticipation each time we win the ball in defence.
  7. I only managed to work up the courage to watch this game on Sunday afternoon, having successfully avoided knowing the score until then. I honestly didn't think I could handle another repeat of our recent abysmal performances. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised, and even a bit teary eyed at the end. The spectacle I saw reminded me again why the Wanderers experience is so unique and special in Australian sport! A few things from me: Do people think Kamau's recent excellent form will be enough to take his career to the next level in terms of national representation or overse
  8. Does anyone think the lingering smoke might have played a part in FC's goal soon after recommencement?
  9. I thought he was good in this game.
  10. No Usain Bolt like carnival acts unbalancing the team this season probably helps as well.
  11. I only watched the game last night on Kayo. Overall I am satisfied to have drawn with the ladder leader given how patchy our play was. However, I couldn't help but dwell on the penalty and non-penalty incidents. I am no expert on the laws of the game, but to me the first one just seemed like 2 guys in a fair contest for the ball. If anything the Mariners player jumped in and threw himself between Baccus and the ball, so maybe he should have been penalised? He was certainly not denied a goal scoring opportunity. (This game is the first I have seen of Kuol. Is he the real deal or
  12. I imagine that even if Wilmering one day ends up lifting the the world cup some commentator will mention he used to be a ball boy. Could be worse I guess - he could have f***ed a chicken!
  13. My hope is that the club manage to harness the burning pain of this humiliation to inspire the team to improve and go on and win the finals series this season.
  14. That is the only acceptable reason to miss a goal
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