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  1. Sounds like a Lucy Jeliz travel guide recommendation, LOL. Btw what is the best beer in Kiwi Land?
  2. How about the winds that allow you to curve balls in to goal at 90 degrees from corner kicks?
  3. Here we go again, we're on the road again, oh ah...** *** **! Expecting the worst, hoping for the best.
  4. Am I right to suspect I might have seen some of the forumites from here in the stands on the Fox coverage?
  5. Hopefully they r in the A-League when WU fail.
  6. If that is all you saw you are lucky. At least you didn't get king hit by some random on the street.
  7. I had a laugh at the NRL statement after the most recent player got arrested in Bali that "He respected Indonesian law". How is getting arrested respecting the law?
  8. Yeah, those guys only like to discuss negatives. Sometimes wonder if they even enjoy sport.
  9. I have watched the promos for 'Border Security' and I can tall you something is dodgy. Maybe he has a sneaky French au'pair on the quiet or something.
  10. At least we have won 2 more than GCU, hmmm wait?
  11. I think that is an unfair comment.
  12. With remarks like that you could get a gig on ABC radio Wendy. And yeah Queensland is not bad. Have you lived there?
  13. All I can say mate is that I am pretty pissed off too, especially since the game start was delayed and I ran out of VB in the first half, but all I can say is that the struggle makes success all the sweeter. Is that not our way?
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