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  1. How would Riera have gone as a member of the current squad, or doesn't he suit they way we want to play now?
  2. Great idea. Would love to see him take on the sauce bottles at Central Coast.
  3. Well I reckon its brilliant to see people still so passionate about Test Cricket. I remember growing up when the two people I respected most in the world were the PM and the Australian test captain. Lost that respect for both somewhere along the way, but great to see the embers of the ashes still smoldering.
  4. My mum used to watch it religiously until one episode there was some language she didn't approve of used. She never watched it after that. I am more of a Magnum P.I. guy myself. When I was a young teen Magnum's life was my dream existence. Have recently been watching episodes recorded off Fox. Man they made some corny stuff back in the 80s didn't they? I still love the main characters though.
  5. Maybe it should be re-named to the 'Lack of Squad Development' thread?
  6. Sorry, no disrespect intended, we have similar characteristics. Wish someone would offer me to play for beer though!
  7. LOL, until I scrolled down I thought you were talking about the bloke in the photo above modelling our jersey.
  8. Haha I didn't know you do humour Taurus! I was wondering who this bloke is. One of the forumites by any chance?
  9. I used to have that problem too. Now I live in the Territory - no longer an issue.
  10. Geeze don't tell me the punters are getting on the 'God' bandwagon after just one win? And WU, c'mon! I am kind of offended, but on the other hand I enjoy being the dark horse. Think I might have to gamble responsibly as well at those odds.
  11. Mo' Adam mo'goals!
  12. He has Kamau's hair style. Or maybe it is the other way around.
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