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  1. Eat! Drink! Be Merry! For next week we die?
  2. Is Cox just a big lad or is he unfit? Tatts look good tho! Also did like his composure, hopefully will rub off our lads if he doesn't contract WSW disease after a few rounds...
  3. I reckon stick with JP until the end of the season. I don't know much about the guy but we don't need more instability and won't hurt to see what he is capable of. He has the necessary Western Sydney pedigree doesn't he? And who knows, the working relationship with Muscat may eventually resume eventually at our club. I hated Muscat at Victory but if anyone can get a bit of mongrel back in the side he can.
  4. Who would have thought back then we would be having a laugh about it next century in 2020. I want the flying car I was promised dammit!
  5. Gotta wonder then if Hayden Foxe may have been able to develop similarly if given the chance.
  6. Ah of course. Where's the cheese?
  7. Will give it a go then. I watched one called 'Angel' I think it was about an Egyptian Commander who leaked information to Israel. It wasn't bad but when I got to the end, like with many Netflix productions, I was left wondering "Hmm OK, but what made this a story worth telling?" Also, having watched Netflix telemovies on Sukarno and Subhas Bose, I have learned that while we may be led to believe otherwise, they are not always accurate depictions of history.
  8. The Witcher v Game of Thrones I see a lot of reviews summing Netflix's The Witcher up as a half arsed Game of Thrones wannabe. While I am not entirely pleased with the Netflix adaption compared to what I experienced in the game, I know the Witcher has quite a lot of lore around it going back to the original books, so is definitely not a GOT imitation. I haven't seen GOT or know anything about its lore though so wondering if anyone here would care to give their view?
  9. F'n love Adam Sandler and not ashamed to admit it (Also love Country music and proud of it!). I see his detective movie with Jennifer Aniston was the biggest hit on Netflix last year although I seem to recall the critics didn't love it.
  10. I do enjoy thrillers based on real life, but my concern is that this will be a pro-Israel propaganda piece. What did others think?
  11. Can't view the video, but lemme guess - is it Keith Floyd?
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