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  1. And hasn't had a haircut since...
  2. Peter Tsekenis? Wow, as soon as I hear that name memories of a magnificent head of hair back in the 80s come rushing back...
  3. Has our squad ever had as much depth as it does now? Surely better than any team in the league right now.
  4. Setting results aside, how about the sexiness of the goals we are scoring this season?
  5. That's it! I was trying to think who he looked like all game.
  6. Ahh yes, fondly remember the old German porn videos on VHS from the 90's - "Da da, das ist gut!"
  7. Based on my understanding of South American BBQ styles Uruguayan or Argentinian?
  8. Are there any teams that have done short corners well? Certainly it has never been the Wanderers.
  9. From what I have seen so far he looks like a very cultured player with a mature head on his shoulders.
  10. My 5 Cents: * Watching on TV felt like I was back in 1984 watching NSL - one camera angle, half the ground in shadows, and bugger all noise from the stands * Looks like Wanderers have remembered how to play football again * Some of those runs from Ibini looked as if Usain Bolt had of had ball control
  11. Happy with. First time in a long while I felt alive watching this match.
  12. That is a storyline I would be more than happy to see!
  13. Do you think part of the problem was that the negative, argumentative attitude of our former German manager - I have forgotten his name already, rubbed off on him?
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