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  1. LeeMarvin

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Why did the kid throw his bank passbook in the ocean?
  2. I got a smidgen to the Conservative side of center socially and one square to the right economically. Seems about correct. Kind of in line with the old school Liberals before they starting trying to counter the Pauline Hanson effect.
  3. LeeMarvin

    Brisbane Roar: Season 2018/19

    I know I have said it before, but I can't see what the Bakrie group's vision is for Roar. Just did a bit of research and I see they have or have had interests in a number of clubs around the world including - Persija Jakarta, Inter Milan and DC United so looks like they are genuinely interested in football. I don't know that there are any synergies between them though. I see that they have a new training centre in Logan. Was that funded by the Bakries? Do they spend up to the salary cap on recruiting?
  4. I thought the best Wanderers player on the night was Jack Clisby...
  5. LeeMarvin

    Unpopular Opinions 2

    Anyone had the Vegemite flavoured Arnotts Shapes that are shaped like little maps of Oz? Yummo!
  6. LeeMarvin

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Assume the devices that shoot the flame jets are not permanent?
  7. LeeMarvin

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Fully sick bro!
  8. LeeMarvin

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Dunno, Can you dodgy up a Photoshop?
  9. LeeMarvin

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    There was a time when the thought of losing him would have made me sad, but he has had one too many sook attacks and lost me. I suspect that his mentality is not what MB expects of his team.
  10. I suspect it is something to do with the Knights Templar and the Illuminati.
  11. LeeMarvin

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    I wonder what he will do now. Stay on with ESFC in some role? Join Fox commentary team?
  12. LeeMarvin

    Vedran Janjetovic

    IPL with Gombau?
  13. What, because Notre Dame burnt down?
  14. LeeMarvin

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Haha yes I was wondering about that too. Anyone here with daughters have views on who in the squad they would/wouldn't be happy to see them marry?
  15. LeeMarvin

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Well I think Satan controls the VAR so...