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  1. LeeMarvin

    Brendon Santalab

    Gone to Dandenong City in NPL: https://www.a-league.com.au/news/exhyundai-a-league-stars-valeri-santalab-join-victorian-npl-club
  2. LeeMarvin

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    i.e. You can meet chics from all around the world without having to go anywhere
  3. LeeMarvin

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    OK, wrong thread I know, but can you give me some details. My World War II history is pretty good and I don't understand that to have been the case. Also in my experience Thai and Japanese people work together well. They share many cultural values and both have proud histories of resisting European imperialism in Asia.
  4. LeeMarvin

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    What do you base that conclusion on?
  5. LeeMarvin

    David Squires Cartoons

    Brilliant how he tied in the theme of the Federal election with the A-League grand final!
  6. LeeMarvin

    Adelaide United: Season 2019/20

    He looks scary. I can picture him wearing a cape and playing a church organ or something.
  7. Yes. Also, foreign players will have to play a couple of seasons in Nauru or PNG before being eligible for the A-League. If they get suspended they will be deported to country of origin. However there will be exemptions for white South Africans and French W-League players.
  8. LeeMarvin

    Perth Glory: Season 2019/20

    I am reading some things about Perth wanting to get involved in an Asian super league or something. Maybe if that is the case, the owners will be serious about establishing Glory's credentials in the region.
  9. LeeMarvin

    Perth Glory: Season 2019/20

    Will be interesting to see how they go in the ACL. Will Popa manage to do it again or was it a one off miracle last time?
  10. LeeMarvin

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    "Western United announce partnership with Italian sports brand Kappa" Man, that brings back memories. Is a Kappa tracksuit with red Ferrari cap still a look?
  11. Baccus getting signed by Melbourne City after his shirt throwing antics at Wanderers comes to mind. We sent the right message by giving him the chop, but there didn't seem to be any adverse consequences for his career as a result did there.
  12. Hey guys - I lay in the sun getting a tan while drinking booze and listening to country music all day. If anything, get mad at me for being apathetic towards the privileges afforded by our wonderful democratic system and not voting!
  13. LeeMarvin

    Giancarlo Gallifuoco

    Haha, we should have known! How many ex Wanderers will they end up with?
  14. LeeMarvin

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Hopefully MB learned from this year's campaign that if you play a bunch of skinny kids against a team of burly amateurs with nothing to lose you risk getting monstered.
  15. LeeMarvin

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Garby on Fox Sports saying the secret of Sydney FC's success is their 'No dickhead policy' LOL, could have fooled me!
  16. LeeMarvin

    Football Media Discussion 2

    I have tried several times to cancel, but the dude on the phone always convinces me to re-sign somehow!
  17. Maybe he was off on a deployment with The Legion
  18. LeeMarvin

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2019/20

    How about Kurz in charge of Victory?
  19. Wow, this is starting to feel like an episode of 'The Young Ones' in here!
  20. What you are saying is in line with recent thinking on the definition of 'National Security' that has expanded from merely referring to defending the integrity of the nation state to encompass such things as adequate supplies of clean food, water, air and other environmental factors. We also have the added complexity of a greater degree of global interdependence now than any other time in history.
  21. I was going to say earlier that national security and diplomacy are the fundamental responsibilities of the state. Beyond that, it is up for debate. I believe, we have a problem with over reach at all levels of government in this country (Loony local councils are the worst!). The state and those that suckle off its teat will continually seek to expand its power and consume more resources unless the populace push back against it. Personal freedoms once lost are very hard to win back.
  22. Geeze Wendy, that sounds kinda threatening...
  23. Legionista - I want to add to this but still trying to figure out what I am trying to say. BTW, are you of Polish background? I am guessing a lot of people's view on the role of government is informed by their own and their families' experiences in previous generations. That will obviously vary greatly depending on where they come from and in what era.
  24. Would have to be one of the highest profile supporters along with 'Dicko' then. Is he still about?
  25. Kinda a cross over question here. I once saw a photo of Sally McManus, the head of the ACTU in a Wanderers jersey. Is she a genuine supporter or just doing the regular polly (Not a polly, I know) photo thing?