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  1. WandererinAmsterdam

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    I have to agree with you wendybr, I've been to a few matches this season now where the heckling is getting remarkably specific and cutting of individual players - I get that people are frustrated with the results at the moment but we are close enough to the pitch that we can see the faces of the players - they are frustrated too. This season has been hard to watch not just for the result of the team, but the behaviour of some of the 'supporters' (and I say some because usually it is a small handful) and the poor fan attendance (fair enough for a number of reasons - seriously a Tuesday night at SOP, I know I've ranted about that before but seriously it is just the icing on the cake) has just made it worse. Anyway sorry to hear about it last night - I was sitting in a somewhat quieter location (not hard when attendance was less than 10% of capacity). Oh and tl;dr re VAR - get their s*** together or can it already.
  2. WandererinAmsterdam

    FFA Cup 2018

    In +2. glad we don't have to wait until round 5 for a 'home' game.
  3. WandererinAmsterdam

    Questionnaires for Research Purposes (Football/WSW)

    Hi everyone, Long-time lurker, finally a member. I’m currently doing my own research at uni (in The Netherlands) on fan/police relations. After the mess (ok normally I’d swear) of this last season with the FFA, police and security drama – bans and boycotts and my family and own personal experiences (very mixed), I thought I’d do it on my own team - you may have spotted me at ANZ/AAMI Park writing in a little notebook at the end of last season. I’m looking to interview people – in person, Skype, voice call, email, however people feel comfortable (all interviews will remain anonymous but I can appreciate that people may want greater anonymity) on how they found policing/security this season. I’ll owe you a SOP over-priced tasteless beer or hot/cold beverage next season (you can hold it over until Pirtek, I’ll understand). I’ve set up this email for the project if you want to participate or ask further questions (or troll me, I’ll understand): wswresearchproject@gmail.com Cheers!
  4. WandererinAmsterdam

    A-League 2018/19 Draw Released

    Ah the 'family friendly' A-League. Can't wait to be out of SOP. SOP on a Friday night is bad enough - bad commute from the city, terrible commute from the West - we've suffered enough!
  5. WandererinAmsterdam

    A-League 2018/19 Draw Released

    Round 12 - Tuesday night with 8pm KO - anyone know why?