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  1. they could inform us little bit more about these matches!!!
  2. i don't think so. i think he is just an excellent player who needs a coach to give him confidence. i prefer a player with a lot of quality and not so many games in last years then a player who played a lot but doesn't make the difference. did pat ziegler play the practice game??
  3. he is free now!! so hopefully tomorrow we announce him! #BAUMJOHANNDAY
  4. yeah would be nice for them. will patrick ziegler already play??
  5. i just found BAUMJOHANN´s FIFA 18 stats from 11 month ago when he was still at HERTHA in BUNDESLIGA! looks great https://www.futhead.com/17/players/11679/alexander-baumjohann/?chemType=gladiator i hope so much he will sign with us.
  6. did the manager also tell you that baumjohann will not come??
  7. wsw4ever

    Alvaro Cejudo

    No! he was at Betis
  8. no he is not good enough! i wanted BAUMJOHANN so bad for us. he would be the perfect playmaker but i bet he will go to saudi arabia or somewhere else. :(((((
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