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  1. According to Slater as long as it's accidental it'll never be a foul
  2. Youth only, placed the embargo on all teams in the top 5 leagues as well as the big Portuguese teams and a couple of rich championship sides.
  3. Going good Mack, I've just re-started my 50 year transfer embargo save. Fun times ahead.
  4. Any word on how to get customisation this season yet?
  5. Kizza

    BeIN sports

    Their main market are the British expats in the ME region. Right. Still, they could at least try and be a bit more objective. Whatever happened to "no cheering in the press box"? I find it hard to take them seriously when they act more like disgruntled or happy fans than "experts" Watching their inability to comprehend England losing was beautiful though
  6. If only he could play defenders in defence
  7. Kizza

    Liam Reddy

    And he doesn't even see what happened either
  8. If everyone gets 3 points deducted, did anyone really get any points deducted?
  9. Kizza

    Mark Bridge

    http://www.futhead.com/16/players/20380/mark-bridge/ He got an inform striker card this week in Fifa
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