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  1. Kizza

    Football Manager

    Youth only, placed the embargo on all teams in the top 5 leagues as well as the big Portuguese teams and a couple of rich championship sides.
  2. Kizza

    Football Manager

    Going good Mack, I've just re-started my 50 year transfer embargo save. Fun times ahead.
  3. Kizza

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    Any word on how to get customisation this season yet?
  4. 0/3 from Nichols. Fair to say not his best game in the shirt.
  5. Hamill is not a left back.
  6. Kizza

    Manchester United Thread

    If only he could play defenders in defence
  7. Kizza

    Liam Reddy

    And he doesn't even see what happened either
  8. Kizza

    Melbourne Victory Thread 2015/16

    If everyone gets 3 points deducted, did anyone really get any points deducted?
  9. Kizza

    Mark Bridge

    http://www.futhead.com/16/players/20380/mark-bridge/ He got an inform striker card this week in Fifa
  10. Kizza

    Melbourne Victory Thread 2015/16

    http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/02/24/1077594824929.html?from=storyrhs https://youtu.be/JYDGzX9tZBU hes still a dickhead
  11. I think for solidarity (if we're all back next week) we should even forego our "special" Melbourne Victory chant Terry Kennedy seemed to not realise that Tsatsimas wasn't the one organising the boycott.
  12. that link tho: /melbourne-victory-fans-stage-walkout-during-perth-glory-match-at-etihad-stadium/news-story