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  1. Daniel is a top class goalkeeper and a future national team player The best player that Robinson brought in by a mile
  2. Yes he did thx He's happy to play as many minutes as he can after coming back from an ankle injury
  3. He's decided to stay His wife will come over with the baby after
  4. Have you ever been to an away game at West Ham? Colours no. Too plastic. Marching yes, you had too for safety My point is that WSW needs the BBB badly,that's what made you exciting Players don't make a club, fans do
  5. This is my take, I'm going to waffle for one or two sentences and that is for a reason. Ok I live in Adelaide and my son Jordan O'Doherty used to play for Adelaide United but now plays for WSW and I am a Millwall fan. About 6/7 years he played in the NPL final against SFC at bluetongue WSW v CCM was the game afterwards. Towards the end of the NPL final we saw the WSW march coming down the hill. We got speaking to a couple of WSW oldies who were already in the lower level seats and they said this happens every game. The RBB got inside the stadium an hour before kick off and
  6. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with Daniel Margush My son has played with Daniel since they were 7 or 8 for Croatia Raiders and the SA state teams and Adelaide Utd youth and senior Daniel is in my opinion in the top two olyroo level goalkeepers. He has been understudy for Galekovic and Izzo and when he got his chance he excelled Lopar was excellent but he wanted more money and left I am 100% sure he will be a great success at WSW
  7. Grozos>O'Doherty>Tokich>Baccusi. You mad bro
  8. Lol, of course you don't. #NoOdohertyNo Competition
  9. @Taurus Kosta Grozos Retain /Upgrade to Marquee status Are you serious? Are you his agent? What is your connection to him as you seem to promote him up all the time? I haven't seen anywhere near enough to justify a strting spot let alone marquee status. What do you base that statement on?
  10. He certainly won't Unfortunately I don't think he will not be playing NYL Just my opinion
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