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  1. Mahazi cops alot of stick but baccus lost balls while have cost us way over the years. He does it constantly. Not to mention the reds. Zero composure in him. But because he is a local boy people pin there hopes on him. He will never be as good as brilliante or O’Neil and our midfield will continue to struggle with him as a starter. All in my opinion
  2. Other than Duke I would not be too upset if every other starter was released.
  3. The cove is down by the fence and the mics. Rbb way up higher, hence further away from mics. Hate to admit it but looks like cove has way more numbers. Mums, dads, kids of all ages used to march and sing with RBB, don’t know if that will ever happen again.
  4. Priority no.1 in off season is a goalkeeper. This guy is just too unreliable to be a top keeper. So many points lost this year because of janjetovic
  5. This is exactly right. I see and speak to Rudan at my local cafe Sunday mornings when the nix play in nsw. Wouldn’t mind him coaching us one day. He’s done remarkably well over there when no one has succeeded.
  6. Would have liked him to have said we are looking to add TWO marquees next season but we’ll no doubt get the usual 17 goals in 163 game Primera league “marquee “
  7. Xfactor

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    Agreed, I think he’ll do well for us
  8. Xfactor

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    He signed for 18 months, yeboah was the one that signed for 2.5 years
  9. Xfactor

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    Only because we don’t play the victory or Sydney there
  10. If your on an iPhone like me you can read every SMH article every day if you switch to private when browsing .
  11. Some of our fans right or wrong just do not understand flares are banned
  12. With visa players so hit and miss Roly simply needs to be given a new deal
  13. Please no one ever come on here again and say that Rieira is good at heading the ball after that miss
  14. Maybe the RBB took my protest opinion and ran with it. This is painful. Zero atmosphere, 2 worst teams in the comp.
  15. But surely Tsatsimas is given a budget hence our “marquees” like piovacarri and rieira. Tsatsimas is just the puppet, the puppet masters are to blame. Not defending Tsatsimas btw, I think he’s terrible