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  1. Not that it matters because I fully excpect us to do nothing in regards to signing him, but he’s 34, won’t be 35 until August next year. Did well for Australia as recently as a few months ago in a tough World Cup group v world class midfield opponents. He would do well here, even for a season, in my opinion
  2. Jedinak would be my no.1 target to start a new era in the new stadium. We need a defensive midfielder rock, baccus and JOD just don’t have if we want to challenge if we’re honest. Maybe one of them with an experienced head like Jedinak but together it just won’t work. Jedinak would carry this team, in still some mental toughness, a winning mentality and a leader which we lack. I fully expect our owners to do nothing to try get him.
  3. Also, 1994 World Cup, Italy v nigeria, Italy get a man sent off, coach immediately takes off probably the best player in the world at the time Roberto Baggio. Get over it. This game is 110% on Janjetovic
  4. We need to start a new new derby with the mariners. Beach n’ bush derby. Problem solved
  5. The guy plays exactly how he sounds, dumb..
  6. Side without seats is RBB end https://postimg.cc/gallery/hqhn0id8/
  7. Will post more pics later, off rbb end, and other angles
  8. Not sure if it’s been posted here or not, but seats are grey, pretty much same pattern as aami in Melbourne, just different shades of grey and white. Help how to upload pics??