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  1. At their same age Spiranovic was way way better than Tass. Aspro better than Spiranovic? Surely a bit of bias there
  2. I might be in the minority but growing up seeing the likes of Zelic, Okon, Moore, Ivanovic, Tobin, popa to name a few, I just don’t see it with Tass. Yes he is a youth product but that should count for nothing if we want to be a club competing for titles. Stock standard A-league player who will make zero impact overseas. In my opinion. Ditto with Baccus. Natta for mine is on a another level to him. A few levels above him. Oozes quality and calmness
  3. Another goal conceded from Baccus losing the ball cheaply in midfield.
  4. I’d like to see Mutch given a start or more minutes instead of Baccus. Just don’t think the kid knows how to play the role or control a game. Runs a million miles an hour but so many goals conceded are from our defensive mids not tracking the runners. This was a unexpected loss, maybe one we had to have to drive a rocket up the players. I still think we are good enough to go all the way, but question marks over our mental toughness, defending starting to be raised. On a side note Troisi minutes should be all but be taken from him. Should have settled by now and showing us very little in my opi
  5. Mutch is quality, throw in Dorrans who for me is the 1st name on the teamsheet, plenty of depth and quality up front. CR should know his best 11 soon. We are not near halfway of season done, once this team clicks I think we are the best team in the comp. Excited for the run in
  6. The Baccus ODoherty middle two I’ve never liked. Too lightweight, can’t remember the last time we have bossed a game with these 2 side by side. Anyhow plenty of time to turn it around
  7. Wish we would wear the white away strip. Results have gone our way this weekend, really need to capitalise and win this one. The squad depth is best it has been. We will be in top 2 come semifinal time
  8. There needs to be a thumbs down option for any posts that mentions Zeigler and impressive in the same sentence.
  9. Maybe we signed the smurfs accountant in the offseason
  10. I officially agree with whoever said Ziegler is the worst defender at the club... that would be me. Terrible player.
  11. In this instance Russell remained on the field, so referee needs to stop the game. If we are playing Sydney and one their players goes down, do we kick the ball out?? I would hope not!
  12. Russell really stepping up this season, hope it continues. Dorrans is a real leader for us in the middle. We have good options and depth up front. Baccus will forever run around like a headless chook with zero composure. Tass hasn’t shown enough for me that he can be a long term solution for us at CB, but better than Zeigler. Troisi hasn’t impressed me so far this season, maybe needs a little more time to gel. Overall we are looking good, solid first half.
  13. Diasgree. If I’m coaching, I’d tell my players to play to the whistle and keep going. Up to the referee to stop play, not the players in my opinion
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