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  1. I have zero confidence this guy will last the season. The few games he did play last season he wasn’t the rock we hoped for anyway. Hopefully I’m wrong, the lad gets fit and can be the leader at the back we desperately need.
  2. I can just feel it. We are going to be served up a no name marquee that we need to google to see how many goals he has scored in some 2nd division league. And 100% we win be getting 2
  3. I got on at $14 about a month ago with Sportsbet
  4. Good enough for Real Madrid to have a single row of seats but not good enough for us. People will whinge about anything.
  5. Before the kids were all thrown in at the end, we more than held our own. Lopar is a huge upgrade on Janjetovic, worth a few points. To think we have Georgevski, Ziegler ( if the duct tape holds) and potentially 2 marquees to come into the starting 11, and this could be a special year.
  6. Thanks for that, I had no idea, haven’t been to parramatta since we last played there!
  7. Looking forward finally to being back home. Hope the crowd lifts the team even if it is a friendly. Hoping to see all the different flags that used to at the RBB end back, there were some real good ones back then. Anyway I’m pumped, starting at the Bavarian, might catch the March. COYW, we are home!!!!
  8. Any pax info? I’m think it’ll be close to sell out come game day
  9. Not sure he can train our academy but he can teach some of the youth in the west how to drive the getaway car in a robbery.
  10. Does anyone know if the RBB will be in attendance and active for this game?
  11. I wouldn’t mind us picking up Jacob Tratt as cover for central defence now he’s released from ESFC. Always pops up with a goal, never really given a continuous run of games. Always more than held his own as a CB.
  12. Looking at our assumed locked in starters next season Georgevski 31( haven’t googled their age so might be 1 or 2 off) , Zeigler 32, Scwegler 32, Duke 27, Yeboah 24. With a few more visa players and marquees to be added I would assume they would be approaching 30 if not already over. My point is hopefully the team has a bit of youth in and not called “dads army” going into next season
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