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  1. I wouldn’t mind us picking up Jacob Tratt as cover for central defence now he’s released from ESFC. Always pops up with a goal, never really given a continuous run of games. Always more than held his own as a CB.
  2. Looking at our assumed locked in starters next season Georgevski 31( haven’t googled their age so might be 1 or 2 off) , Zeigler 32, Scwegler 32, Duke 27, Yeboah 24. With a few more visa players and marquees to be added I would assume they would be approaching 30 if not already over. My point is hopefully the team has a bit of youth in and not called “dads army” going into next season
  3. We all know he left Australia for Dortmund but now in the no frills, no one watches Danish league . And if he played here next season you think he would be on the average 60k euro? ( aprox 100k)? Is this a serious post?
  4. Leaving Australia to play in Denmark on shitty pay hoping to be noticed. Every chance he’d come back to re-establish himself for a season or 2 before heading off again
  5. Tore my ACL and meniscus in one go, teammates next to me heard the snap, surgeon said “not much more damage I could have done to it” . I was 26, came back after 14 months. Never the same. Some 18 years later and it still doesn’t feel as good as my other knee
  6. This season we’ve had one 5.30pm kick at SOP.. All season! Get over it
  7. Watching nrl game now that the sun has set, do you think it’s very dark in the upper tier? You can hardly see the fans and sun is not completely set yet. I wonder if anything will be said about it. Thoughts?
  8. Opening round 19/20 season v Sydney fc, we’ll be up 4.0 at halftime. Let it be written and it shall be done
  9. That shouldn’t be a problem for us then next season. Won’t have too many members left after that central coast showing!
  10. Watching opening parramatta v tigers game at BankWest, touted as a sellout, plenty of empty seats on kickoff. Stadium looks great though. No doubt our atmosphere will be better than this rugby league attempt at “atmosphere “
  11. Mahazi cops alot of stick but baccus lost balls while have cost us way over the years. He does it constantly. Not to mention the reds. Zero composure in him. But because he is a local boy people pin there hopes on him. He will never be as good as brilliante or O’Neil and our midfield will continue to struggle with him as a starter. All in my opinion
  12. Other than Duke I would not be too upset if every other starter was released.
  13. The cove is down by the fence and the mics. Rbb way up higher, hence further away from mics. Hate to admit it but looks like cove has way more numbers. Mums, dads, kids of all ages used to march and sing with RBB, don’t know if that will ever happen again.
  14. Priority no.1 in off season is a goalkeeper. This guy is just too unreliable to be a top keeper. So many points lost this year because of janjetovic
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