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  1. Ziegler head shoulders arms legs and anything else one would like to add for mine the worst defender in the club.
  2. Jurman off? Ok. Let’s make Ziegler captain while we are at it
  3. Let’s not extend the truth. He’s 24, 25 next month. Would love to see Tass given a chance instead if Ziegler in the starting 11. I feel like he is a huge liability in defence, do not rate him at all
  4. Meeting was with police about security, managing fans, Carlton train station and the weather. No call made yet to postpone
  5. My wife works there, they had meetings about it today
  6. I’m hearing through local Georges River Council good chance ground will be shut and game postponed
  7. I’ve been to 11 Sydney derby’s for 2 draws and 9 losses. I’ve bought tickets for Saturday night. Easy money for the tipsters
  8. I’ve said from the very first day I saw him take the field but Ziegler offers nothing. Great name for a footballer but terrible player. So slow!!! Babbel got no idea if he can’t see that Sullivan would offer more in the middle. Also from bay 228 these RBB drums piss me off. So much better when it’s just singing and the occasional drum. Anyway onto the inevitable loss.
  9. Don’t understand why he doesn’t start Sullivan also, with Muller in his natural wing position. Same same will result in same result tonight. Just got to my seat, better turnout than I thought.
  10. 2.0. This game is the end of Babel. It hasn’t worked. Should be let go this weekend.
  11. But play the kids they say! Haven’t seen one come through that I thought wow!
  12. Get Ziegler out of the 11. The guy has no pace, turns as quick as a submarine, can’t thread a pass. What is the point of him? And I think we have him for next season also. Useless visa spot
  13. They are pulling us apart so easily, it’s embarrassing. We’ve had the odd chance chance too, but can’t see us getting a win in this one.
  14. Smurfs can beat City with 10 men for 70 mins, we can’t defend with 10 for 2 mins. No one to blame but ourselves. Pathetic
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