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  1. Movement. The term offered to players lacking ability. He can be our Jesse Lingard. Movement. No assists or goals but movement and intelligent play.
  2. Why? I remember him being bossed in midfield too easily. Created next to nothing on the games he played. Which games did he impress to be a perfect attacking centre mid?
  3. In with 4 others. Flying out at 11am Friday. Staying at the QT. Update if there is a pre match drinks. Cheers
  4. Who is going to Victory game this Friday? I’m heading down Friday 11am Virgin air with 4 others wandere fans. Anyone got tickets yet or meet up in Melbourne for pre game drinks. Staying at QT hotel on Russell
  5. Meier needs to start next game which he will, you don’t get match fitness in the bench. We desperately need some creativity in there. Throw Yeboah, Kamau in there and we look heaps better going forward. Defensively we should get better the more we play together. Lopar will be worth a few this season, he’s a terrific shot stopper. First up a wins a win. Crowd built up to a decent one in the end, looked terrible 10 mins before kickoff. PS, Ziegler is a myth, release him and look elsewhere.
  6. 4.50pm.. My estimated from bay 228 is 7k inside the ground. Terrible
  7. 30 mins before kick off, I doubt there is 5k inside the stadium. Hopefully 15k in the pubs!
  8. Put money on us a while back at 14-1 to win the comp. After watching the smurfs last their attack and midfield looks awesome and a level or 2 above us.LeFondre, Barbarouse, ABJ, Ninkovic, young ivanovic, caceres, Bratten, O’Neil, Buhajar returning from injury. Quality AND depth. Hopefully we click stay injury free and add some quality in January. Time to start getting dressed for Parra. Cmon boys!!
  9. I’ve got a friend who has 6 members season passes and not going Saturday. No idea why. I’ll be there with my little man, his 1st year as a member
  10. Pre season form is irrelevant. Check out man utd in preseason, undefeated against top opposition, and look how their going.
  11. Wow. This thread really has turned to quality.
  12. When has it ever been 38 degrees at kick off.? Has there ever been one single time? I doubt it.
  13. Babbel just announced on fox, striker has been signed!!! Arrives Saturday
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