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  1. Please no one ever come on here again and say that Rieira is good at heading the ball after that miss
  2. Maybe the RBB took my protest opinion and ran with it. This is painful. Zero atmosphere, 2 worst teams in the comp.
  3. But surely Tsatsimas is given a budget hence our “marquees” like piovacarri and rieira. Tsatsimas is just the puppet, the puppet masters are to blame. Not defending Tsatsimas btw, I think he’s terrible
  4. Won’t fix anything but bring the attention to the owners that enough is enough. An empty stadium might make them bring real football people in to run the club. But we won’t do anything, except jump on this forum again next week and blame janjetovic, babbel, owners and co. We need to do something don’t we? Other options
  5. A protest might not achieve anything but this crap has been going on for a couple of years now. All we do is jump on forums and moan to each other. A peaceful protest, with members, rbb outside the stadium may have little effect but when fox telecasts the game next week and there are 500 people inside spotless that’ll get the owners thinking. Also a 5.30 kickoff is perfect for time for majority to join in a protest. Or we can just post here again next week, and the week after that
  6. Sitting in the stands tonight I must admit at 5.0 down I was hoping we would concede 6 or 7. Was hoping with record breaking loss, media, papers, commentators, would start applying some pressure to the owners/ceo. This is embarrassing. Shockingly bad. I don’t know what else to say. Maybe a protest outside spotless next Saturday before the game? No one goes in. No one. We need to do something, the owners have shown they won’t
  7. Gombau sacked April 18 2018, 3 above mentioned players announced 2 May 2018
  8. Viduka for me was the best we have ever produced as a striker. The way he dominated the NSL in his first 2 seasons was out of this world. Loved the V-bomber
  9. Then how do you explain the Kamau, Fitzgerald, Tongyik signings?
  10. Can’t see it. If grozos tokich and co kick on to be top line players they’ll be off overseas in no time. That’s why you can’t grow a team from your youth. Not in the A-league anyway. Unfortunately in my opinion we need experienced recycled quality local players, ie, antonis, zullo for example. The good young kids will leave 100%, nothing will ever change that. Get our marquees, visa spots right, good quality experienced local talent with a sprinkling of local youth and we have out 1st championship. Easy huh? All in my opinion of course
  11. Bozza has come out today and stated he this janjetovic needs an extended break from the game, not a couple of weeks but longer than that. Coming from the best keeper this country has produced(off field antics excluded) interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t believe he’s good enough for us to be challenging for a title.
  12. You could have had a backline of 6 year old playing in front of you and it wouldn’t excuse janjetovic mistake v Brisbane. He always has a brain explosion in him, evenin his Sydney days. Always had always will. Not good enough
  13. I cannot identify a single positive thing rieira offers our attack. Zero. On a side note tokich is class. A real ball player big upgrade on baccus imo
  14. Really? I thought he showed some real classy touches, probably tried a bit too hard to impress
  15. How many more times must baccus let us down! All 3 of his reds have cost us. The guy has zero discipline, zero passing. Piss him off. So angry right now