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  1. Cmon lets be real, that hit Taylor’s shoulder.
  2. The worst game Duke has had in a Wanderers shirt. Has not done one single thing right tonight. Has saved us many times but tonight he is way way off
  3. We Jurman back ASAP. Zeigler 2 starts , 5 goals conceded, not putting bit all on him but Jurman is our man at the back.
  4. Better 1st half. I like the look of Sullivan over Baccus, has some composure on him. My only complaint is the pre match ground announcer, just shut up!
  5. Need to step up tonight. It’s early days but I feel we need to put on a solid 90 minute performance, play them off the park and get the 3 points. Doubts starting to appear about our creativity and attacking threats. The squad has been together long enough now. Time to show it. No excuses
  6. At 6’4, one bung knee I’m good for a header or two and 2 mins playing time!
  7. Hamill on! Here’s our chance to capitalize on a mistake!
  8. What would like him to do? What change would you make? Muller not fit enough to last 90. We have no depth in midfield or up front just a bunch of academy kids On the bench who apart from being local have yet to show they are quality.
  9. I disagree, I think the quality up front is good . For me midfield is the problem. Baccus just runs around like a headless chook, zero composure
  10. What sort of school organises a kids concert on derby day?😢😢 My kids school!. Sing loud, sing proud, get the boys home! Turning phone off to watch the replay when I get home.
  11. Agreed, if we go back 4 it’ll be Jurman/Zeigler ( should he last more than 2 mins. However I thought last week was McGowans best game for us so far, pre season included. Good problem to have
  12. For mine Jurman is our best centre back by quite a margin. He should never be moved
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