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  1. Nah I meant Tongyik. He was ‘injured’ & not selected match after match until he asked for a termination & miracously is injury free now. The other two are getting the exact same treatment in the hope they terminate their contracts too. Tbh I hope they stand their ground. Unless due to discipline, no players deserve to be treated the way they are.
  2. ‘Injured’, Tongyik, Fitzgerald & Nizic ‘injured’??
  3. Duncan just re-signed for another couple of years I believe. Good keeper.
  4. Bellby

    Babbel Out?

    I’m aware of Nizic & Fitzgerald. Could be more tbh.
  5. Bellby

    Babbel Out?

    I reckon the 2 first team players who currently being made to train away from the squad to force them out the door & free up cap space would strongly disagree with this opinion.
  6. Bellby

    Babbel Out?

    There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it, happens in every salary capped sport in Australia. We’re an isolated country with a small pool to pick from. The whole notion that players try less before of it is a load of tripe. No player wants to go from club to club, the majority have families who want to feel secure & stable in one place.
  7. Bellby

    Babbel Out?

    So far to fix these 'lingering' issues he's essentially made three players accountable - Tongyik & Fitzgerald & Nizic - three players who weren't even here before this season... So if these issues have been lingering in the background for several years, seems a very strange way to deal with it. I think we got the balance wrong with MB & JP. Its bad cop & bad cop.
  8. Tass better then Tongyik? Nup, can’t agree.
  9. Bellby

    Babbel Out?

    When Gumby was direct with the dressing room & lost the players, he was booted. If we're using that as the precedent, the exact same thing is now happening with MB, so shouldn't we boot him too? Or do we pat him on the back for saying it how it is? Double standards imo. I'm not really on either side, while i think MB is heavily overrated because of his playing resume & seems to take almost zero responsibility for our season, i think there's probably a need for stability in the role given the past few years.
  10. Gombau recruited to his own game plan/strategy though. The players mentioned could of had completely different seasons playing under a different system or in Tongyik & Fitzgerald case, they may have even got a run. Gombau also had Riera firing & if he wasn't booted, would of had the opportunity to sign his own foreigner/marquee. There are a plethora of factors in regards to recruitment.
  11. Elrich is playing CB because MB & JP forced Tongyik out & then failed to sign a replacement CB. That's on MB.
  12. Bellby

    Babbel Out?

    If we hadn't just booted our previous manager, i'd be #babbelout but I think there is a need for stability. I also think it probably takes longer than 1 year to make some sort of meaningful impact on a squad, based on that I think Gombau got the short end as well. Looking at this thread though people are lining up to make excuses for him. While our squad might not be the greatest in the league, it's no worse than CCM, Newcastle, Brisbane, Phoenix, City, Adelaide etc. MB has just put out a narrative that he deserves zero blame & the players aren't good enough & people just eat it up. **** it, i've convinced myself... #babbelout take JP with you.
  13. The ‘marquee’ this year was our manager. He didn’t come cheap.
  14. Yep, looked very strong. I think I’d prefer to see Duke play through the middle, been a while since he’s played there but I think it gives our squad better balance. He’s slowed a little over the last few years, so 9 may suit him better. I think we’ve argued about this before but I’d give Fitzgerald a run on the right wing in the position he was signed to play in (& played 0 mins there) before judging him/cutting him loose, especially given the last 2+ years he was in front of Kamau at City. Id like to see: Yeboah Duke Fitzgerald with Roly in behind them.
  15. At the end of the day, we just had a month where we could of landed a physical DM & CB. Two obvious weaknesses in our squad. MB/JP instead bought 2 wingers to go with the other 6 we have. They also refused to play Tongyik (irrespective of how we were travelling) to force him out the door. Great idea when we’re stacked with CB’s.... The same is happening with Fitzgerald, a player for all faults, should be one of the first ones on the team sheet if you’re looking for the right mentality or someone who wants to play for the club. Those type of things impact the squad. As charismatic as MB is with the media, he doesn’t have a great relationship with the majority of players.