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  1. I understand the concept of mutual termination but my point is very rarely does it happen without a payout despite the/any club calling it a 'mutual termination'. It can still be a mutual termination if both parties agree a pay out/compensation figure. My issue was more with the comment that you can simply just tell a player they're no longer wanted & everyone will shake hands & agree on a termination without any compensation. Using Fitzgerald as an example as the original post did, he has 2 + years remaining & you'd assume given he had other options & had come off a couple of good seasons with City he'd be on a semi-decent wicket (comparable to other players of his ability). He's since played a total of about 20 minutes for us & his value would of dropped accordingly. I'm sure like any professional he would be eager to play but is the eagerness enough to take a pay cut of $100k +? Vedran will be in the exact same boat. Anyway not even sure why i'm still arguing over the wording of a post from 10 pages ago. I've got to move on with my life haha
  2. Mutual termination doesn't mean their wasn't a financial agreement though.
  3. Completely different in most other countries though as there is normally a plethora of other options for a player whether that's down a division or in a neighbouring country / league, which are not salary capped. You get a mutual termination in the A League & your likely next option is a run in the NPL or a move to a lower tier A League club on a heavily reduced salary. The whole 'lets mutually terminate their contract & pay them nothing' is great in theory but very rarely happens - Tongyik included.
  4. You do understand the players have families to support, bills to pay, mortgages etc.? Why would they just walk away from a contract without any compensation? At the end of the day whether Babbel rates them or not, the club signed these players to long term contracts. We can't demand loyalty from players & then in the same breath push others with a contract out the door. Honour the contracts or find a mutual agreement on a payout figure.
  5. It's nowhere near as simple or as easy as that. Hard to move on players when they've got a contract (in some cases with 2+ years left) & the club is not willing to pay them out or compensate them. They are bringing in 2 keepers, 1 a former socceroo (already mentioned in this thread) - tbh not sure if he's signed on the dotted line but he's close if he hasn't.
  6. Interesting to see what happens with Vedran, 1 or 2 new keepers coming in from what I've been told.
  7. Is there a relaxed attitude with players though? Hypothetically if there were players relaxing, it would be those on marquee wages who have had a decent career elsewhere prior to coming to the A League. The ones on the lower echelon who are fighting for their next contract, I doubt would have anymore of a relaxed attitude then what is normal. This is how they make ends meat, most are on a wage similar (or less then) me or you, & most want to head O/S.
  8. Bellby

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    Meh, each to their own, i disagree. FWIW his omission has nothing to do with ability & everything to do with politics.
  9. Bellby

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    So are we ever going to see Fitzgerald again or do we need our 24th & 25th members of the squad to go down with injuries first? **** the politics, pick your best team. Pick players willing to play for the shirt not the paycheque.
  10. I hope Tongyik has a blinder tbh (but we still win). The kid was treated terribly by us, are as a couple of others currently.
  11. I respect the RBB & appreciate what they’ve done for the Club but it seems a little self indulgent IMO.
  12. The whole 'the owners are tight, the owners only care about their bottom dollar' spiel gets trotted out by supporters of every struggling team in every league in the world. People just want someone to point the finger at. Realistically our owners have been anything but tight. It's a salary capped league, you're going to have your ups & downs, you're going to have your squad fillers. Lederer has invested a ton of money into our club both on & off the pitch.
  13. Given we have 2 left wingers injured & MB brought into squad Majok & a player who hasn’t played in 2 years in Bridge, Unfortunately his cards have been marked. Kid can play & is a local. Very disappointing.
  14. Chapman would be a great pick up. But if we’re still recruiting on MB’s philosophy that anyone who’s been to a few clubs is automatically sh*t, I doubt he’s a target.
  15. Nah I meant Tongyik. He was ‘injured’ & not selected match after match until he asked for a termination & miracously is injury free now. The other two are getting the exact same treatment in the hope they terminate their contracts too. Tbh I hope they stand their ground. Unless due to discipline, no players deserve to be treated the way they are.