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  1. Given his lack of knowledge of the league, I think MB is relying a lot on the opinion of JP.
  2. I’ve always taken a keen interest in Fitzgerald’s career as he’s a Blacktown junior & a genuinely good humble kid. Hes not a world beater but he’s a player that would certainly improve our side & easily A league standard IMO. He was consistently picked in front of Kamau at City & had a cracking season a year or so ago where he went pretty well in the Johnny Warren medal as well, won a couple of comps also... yet somehow he can’t get a starting spot look in or even get a decent run off the bench over Majok & Sotorio?? I think people just want to see him get a fair crack. Our best 30 mins of the season, he was influential... then was left out of the squad entirely the next week.
  3. Bellby

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    I’ve said it a couple of times but been dismissed on here. When 3 of the players just signed to the club (under the previous coach) are being told they’re not wanted & can move elsewhere before a ball has even been kicked it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season. Our assistant manager has views on players from 5+ years ago & wont change them, he has a mixed relationship with many of the players. It doesn’t lead to a happy squad. Everyone is still banging on about ABJ. When he went off last night our replacement AM got his hands on the ball more in his 10mins then ABJ did all game. That either has something to do with his general work ethic, effort or our wide men not giving him the space required. Probably a bit of all 3, but he would be riding the pine if not for his resume. The same can also be said for our no.9. A couple of times last night he had the opportunity to offload the ball to someone in a better position but instead tried to shoot through the 5 players standing in front of him. Victory (& Sydney) certainly are a couple of classes above us in terms of squad, but I don’t buy into the notion we have a weaker squad then every other side. You could throw a blanket over 7 sides in terms of the ability of the squad.
  4. Now for MB to make mass changes to the squad by dropping Mourdoukoutas, Fitzgerald & Nizic...
  5. TBH Im not a massive fan of MB so far but he definitely deserves a fair crack. I do think people get carried away with his CV & a blow up during the derby. He’s made some bizarre squad decisions/substitutions or lack thereof. In saying that, he had no control/knowledge of the squad. JP was brought on specifically as he knew a fair few of the players & has taken a lot of the control this early part of the season. He has a hell of a lot to do with squad selection, if you’re on his wrong side, you don’t get a look in.
  6. Riera & ABJ both average at best again.
  7. If Fitzgerald isn’t in the Top 3 or even Top 2 wingers at this club, I’ll eat my hat. Involved in both goals last game as well. I heard from a reliable source (like everyone on the internet) he & Doherty were on the outer prior to Rnd 1, seems that was true.
  8. Fitzgerald dropped... why? Seems he’s this seasons scapegoat.
  9. Bellby

    Two Points Ditched In Mudgee

    Also changed the flow of the game by creating Rieras opener with an exceptional ball to Kamau... if you’re going to hook someone based on one pass, you’d be out of your subs by the 10th minute. Great to see Bruce finally get the time on the pitch he deserves & hopefully Fitzgerald sees more of it. The movement & intensity both of them bring created a ton of more space for ABJ & Riera. In saying that I feel both of those guys seem to get a bit of a free ride on here. For our marquees, neither are playing near the level we need too & their decision making his been poor.
  10. Well, I don’t think I’m winning this argument but... I was going to use the SFC v Perth as an example myself but I couldn’t remember which game it was nor if the refs came out afterwards & said they made the wrong call or not. Very similar incidents although I think last nights was nowhere near as clear cut. Sotorio did little wrong & Zullo made a meal, but he was offside & he impeded a player that would of had an opportunity to stop the cross or potentially change Risdons (?) decision entirely. This woe is me **** is creeping into our club like it has in the RBB. The better teams in the comp will always get more ‘luck’, it happens in every sport in every comp in the world but I don’t think we are intentionally being screwed. We had ample opportunity to take something from that game last night despite being poor. Someone mentioned about the squad. We paid decent coin to secure both Kamau & Fitzgerald. We allowed a coach who we knew we were punting to head hunt & sign these blokes. Which professional club would allow that to happen? MB is now actively trying to offload these players literally 4 months after we signed them on longish term deals. It’s amatuer hour. He hasn’t really given either a fair crack & both IMO would improve our starting 11. Others might disagree but both have been starters in far stronger forward lines then ours - City. Both still have a lot of upside as well. I don’t really rate Raul at all but he started him near every game in preseason & then drops him to the bench Rnd 1 for someone just as average. Just doesn’t make sense to me.
  11. Genuine question, Why was it incorrect though? Sotorio was offside & affected the play, even if it was unintentional. Harsh call, yeh 100%, but it was the right one.
  12. The VAR was the right decision. I was blowing up at the game but on review it was correct. **** this victim mentality we are starting to get as a club, especially us supporters. Boycotting, protesting over a couple of calls? Seriously? That’s football. Simple fact is, we were bang average for a lot of last nights game, as we were for a lot of Rnd 1 as well. Our team selections are baffling, we have decent footballers on the bench & not even in the squad because they were signed by a previous coach & are now no longer wanted etc. Instead of blaming every external factor & whinging about how hard done by we are, we have to fix the things we can control.
  13. Found the line up odd & the subs more so. Why we still left O’Doherty & Fitzy on the bench is beyond me, yet played Majok in some sort of weird roaming role. We severely lacked any sort of energy, movement & directness in the 2nd half which both those boys would of provided. In saying that, SFCs squad is ridiculous. Two horse race this year.
  14. Curtis Good is a good pick up by City. Quality player when not injured... which is his issue. In saying that, not the end of the world that we didn't nab him. I got to be honest, I've seen nothing in Kamau over the last few years. People seem to overrate him heavily based on a couple of games he played for Adelaide 2+ years ago. Fitzgerald was consistently in front of him at City & seems the much better prospect / pick up to me.
  15. Bellby

    Wanderers Ease Past Bonnyrigg

    Thought our right hand side of Fitz & Risdon looked really good in the first half. Seemed to work together nicely & link up very well with the 10. Could of had a couple of assists if Reira had a better first touch. Not sure why we changed our game plan & decided to overload the left channel the entire second half. Roly doesn't work as a winger. Pretty simple.