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  1. Smoke, fire & all that. Bossi hasn’t made this up, tbh there were issues last year that somehow stayed out of the press. Two very strong/arrogant personalities. In regards to players & the manager, You can’t consistently belittle & talk down to players & then justify your every action with ‘well in Europe we...’.
  2. I reckon that's a bit of a cop out. He's had 18 months to study the league, bring in his own players, formations etc. etc., if he still overestimates the quality of his squad, that's on him not the players. If he can't adapt his managing to suit his squad or moreso to be effective in this league, once again that's on him. I also do think for one second his instructions/formations/tactics would be too technical for the players, it seems to be a line trotted out whenever there is pressure on him. It's like we have an inferior complex just because we/most players are Australian. These guys are professional athletes, professional footballers.
  3. Seems a weird week to choose to **** on Fitzgerald after Saturday night... I think Gombau deserved the opportunity to work with a team/players he wanted, much like MB deserves this year IMO. I think there probably is something behind the report - smoke, fire & all that.
  4. The most worrying aspect of last night for me was the ease in which Fitzgerald, Hoffman & Thurgate continually got behind our line. Im not an MB fan by any means but I do think it’s understated the adjustment players have to make coming to Australia & the A League. Completely different playing conditions, it’s fast & physical, & tbh I think it’s a better standard that most believe coming here. I’m willing to give Meier, Mueller & MB more time. Pointless throwing the toys out this early in the season.
  5. VAR is there for the shocker. That wasn’t a shocker, that was a 50/50 call. Tbh I thought Newy were pretty good. They looked dangerous on the counter & got behind us very easily.
  6. Caceres instead. Which you would think would mean they are no longer after Bratten as well. Or did the 2 of them play together at City?
  7. Sorry for dragging this on but Kamau was frozen out (because they found out he signed here) but Fitzgerald was offered an extension. I had a couple of decent contacts at City & this is probably the first & only time In my life I’ve used their info cos surprisingly absolutely no one in Sydney (or Australia) gives a **** about which Championship player Joyce was trying to sign next! @StringerBellend I agree with you to an extent, I just think he was a good cog in the machine type player (to go with the young potential players & marquees) who seemed to be made the scapegoat pretty early on while other players of lesser ability (imo) got considerable time. Anyway, onwards.
  8. Mate a 35 year old can be a kid to me. If that's his level he's made a decent career out of it then, I just don't think he got a fair crack here for whatever reason & that's all I mentioned. Many would agree with me, some like yourself wouldn't.
  9. In Mudgee, Fitzgerald also broke open the game with an assist (probably a better ball then ABJ produced all year) & was also involved in the 2nd goal. Easy to be selective with these things. & let's not start insinuating certain players said this & that at training just to make them look like the bad guy.
  10. I have genuinely never heard anything remotely like this nor heard anyone/coaches/players question his work ethic. Granted I have nothing to do with anyone on a coaching level at the Wanderers, but I'd be surprised if he had done a complete 180 in the space of 6 months. He wasn't frozen out of City, just preferred to sign here rather than stay. Anyway, pointless argument anyway, he's gone now. I'm sure I'll find another player I like who I can argue with people about!
  11. I believe he would of. Would he have been starting & playing 90 every game? Probably not. He was playing regularly for City who were a top 4/2 side & a side superior to ours.
  12. Yep. Glad to see you understand the concept of a salary cap.
  13. Jets i believe* *from the trustworthy news source known as facebook
  14. I agree he is an average A League player, who is claiming he's not? 90% of a squad is made up of average A League players, like any other club or any sport for that matter. The kid literally got 120mins of football this year & the couple of times we looked decent at the start of the year - eg. Mudgee - he was in the thick of it. Then got shafted for the rest of the year. @FCB I appreciate your loyalty to all things MB, but that's just complete rubbish.
  15. Kid was ridiculously messed around by the club & coaches. Hope he kills it wherever he ends up, great kid & decent player.
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