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  1. WSW scrap heap team This is very hypothetical, but who thinks the team below would've got us a result last night? 1. Andrew Redmayne 2. Scott Neville 3. Scott Jamieson 4. Matthew Spiranović 5. Jonathan Aspro 6. Jack Clisby 7. Terry Antonis 8. Mateo Poljak 9. Brendan Santalab 10. Mitch Nicolls 11. Ikonomedis For whatever reason, our club thought they weren't good enough, or were asking for too much money. Give me the scrap heap team any day over the useless VISA player that we wasted money on over the few season. Borda, Dimas, Pio, Pinatares, Jumpei, Roly, Cejudo etc...
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