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  1. I'm filled with pessimism about our upcoming season... reading that interview gives me zero hope that we'll make the 6, yet again. Carl Robinson reminds me of a used car salesman that talks way too much crap. I genuinely think he is out of his depth. Other than a good run towards the end of the season with the Jets, all he has done at WSW is poach players from other clubs, play a system that blantantly didn't suit the squad last season, play VISA players on the bench (or not at all), make decent players into duds (McGowan, Műller, Duke and Yeboah)... but the most frustrating thing
  2. Somebody linked to the club. Same person told me we'd sign certain A-League players... none of those signed, so I don't believe anything anymore until it has been confirmed.
  3. Is it a case of Piscapo in Troisi out? I too heard Troisi won't be with us about a month ago.
  4. Unless we get a gun VISA right wing-back, I see us leaking lots of goals again, playing 3 at the back. The current crop players we have screams out for a 4 2 3 1 formation. Margush Gordan (Aquilina) - Williams (Koutroumbis) - Natta (Tass) - Traore (Willmering) Ugarkovic - Antonis Petratos - Troisi - Ibini (Najjarine) Hemed (another VISA striker)
  5. Not sure these are the best players from the last decade, but definitely my favourite: ST: Riera, LW: Bridge, CAM: Shinji, RW: Castelan, CM: La Rocca, CM: Poljak, LB: Jamieson, CB: NTS, CB: Alberto, RB: Polenz, GK: Covic Bench: Santalab, Mooy, Takahagi, Cole, Spiranovic, Juric, Hersi
  6. I bet it is another Far King dud signing
  7. Any indication if CR will stick to the same 3-5-2 formation for next season?
  8. Hope I never have to endure listening to Robbie Slater's commentary. Grew up idolising the guy in the late 80s. He ended up being the biggest tosser in Australian Football. Andy Harper can go and EAD as well.
  9. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and all of us are marvelous technicians after the event... but I have always thought that the club let go of local talent way too easily. We aren't in the inner circle when negotiations take place between player agents and the club, however we have always let talent slip through our fingers, without replacing them with a player equal quality. Mooy, Spiranovic, Jamieson, NTS, Ikonomedis, Antonis, Elrich, Santalab, Ruon Tongyik (who I always rated very highly) There will always be mitigating circumstances, such as a player wanting to try his luck overse
  10. He did get the most yellow cards this season in the whole league. 10 yellow cards and couple of suspensions... very memorable 😄
  11. I cannot believe he said that!! See ya CR. You are not only a fraud, but you are a piece of ****. He needs to be shown the door this morning.
  12. In a 3 at the back system, obviously the wing backs are important as they need to have an excellent motor, as well as attacking and defensive prowess. Russel, Aqualina and Wilmering just haven't had that consistency or potency to worry the opposition. As stated previously, the opposition worked us out and CR has had no answer. The middle defender in the back three (the old sweeper or libero position), plays a vital role. McGowan in particular has been either a passenger in defence (out of position or too late to close down an attack), or going in unnecessarily giving away stupid fo
  13. So many fantastic points raised in this thread. Hard not to agree with the majority of the mostly negative sentiments. Scary question is, where do we go from here? I've lost all confidence in both are squad retention (or lack there of over the past few years) and recruitment. CR... whether he is kept on for next season, or sacked now, it doesn't spark any joy. All I can think of is bringing back the white shorts for our home kit, and the 'Where's Wally' away kit.
  14. Watched a replay of the Season 1 gave vs Newcastle at Marathon Stadium... when we won the premiers plate. Few injuries had Yanni Perkatis (debut at DM) and Rocky Visconte (scored a cracker) play important roles. Both those players didn't miss a beat. Shows that Popa had a well drilled squad, with all players fit and ready to fire, and everyone knowing their role. CR has Duke, Ibini, Troisi, McGowan looking like absolute duds. Visa players, minus Gordan... crap. Zero cohesion all year and no evident plan B once we are a goal down chasing games. Muscat in for
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