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  1. Croatian goalkeeper Ivan Kelava is set to be announced by Victory very soon I believe. https://www.transfermarkt.com/ivan-kelava/profil/spieler/44227
  2. Must be close to a done deal now considering you said this last time before we announced Williams...
  3. He was apparently only asking for $400,000. That would be a steal if he is going to bang in 20+ a season like he did in Israel.
  4. I heard Alex Badolato had signed or got a trial somewhere in Europe a few weeks ago, mustn't have worked out. Carluccio was very decent in his debut vs City. I think he is a bit of a versatile player as well. Don't know much about Triantis, although heard he was decent last pre-season.
  5. Interesting. I've seen lots of Victory fans suggest they still have a fair bit to spend, especially because 4 of their players will be marquee (2 marquee + 2 designated). They were searching for a big name signing apparently. They also have a foreign centreback ready to be announced who is currently in lockdown.
  6. He is from like the 3rd or 4th division in Spain. He will either be a hidden gem or a complete stinker.
  7. Hey mate, probably agree with a lot of things in here. I myself have been pretty harsh on JT and can probably agree he has become a bit of a scapegoat within the clubs fanbase. I think one key thing many people are disgruntled about is that there is no accountability from the people at the top. Many of their decisions have been wrong, particularly over the last 5 or so years. Obviously there has to be blame on the coach and particularly the players as they are key indicators of success (which has been lacking).
  8. Even Babbel used him as a 10 as a replacement for Majewski. I think he will be a loss, especially due to the current climate where it is hard to bring in foreign players who aren't already in the country or have citizenship.
  9. Looked through the Victory forum. Looks like Popa is going all out to achieve success there despite the supposed financial troubles. Here are a few points I found from someone apparently very credible on there: - They have a foreign CB in quarantine at the moment waiting to be announced. - They tried to sign Leckie but he didn't like Popa's project. - Craig Noone was apparently offered to Victory by his agent but Popa rejected. - Few inquiries into big name players like Ribery but most didn't even give them the time of day, and those that did decided against it due to COVID
  10. Thats the point though, he is a squaddie, he isn't meant to be some amazing player who starts every game. He showed lots of promise and many were disappointed he wasn't re-signed. His performance in the 2nd Sydney Derby at Kogarah was elite, he marked Baumjohann and Ninkovic out of the game.
  11. Yeah cause the coach played him at rightback where he struggled, he is clearly a midfielder.
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