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  1. It will be Western United, I heard they signed 2 Spanish players.
  2. Game finished 2-2. Good to see we came back to 2-2 after being 2-0 down.
  3. Cox and Kamau on now. Mariners now also have their sub goalie on.
  4. 1-0 down as well, sounds like a scramble in the box after a free kick.
  5. I have heard the exact same. Although it is very confusing as Robinson keeps mentioning signings overseas players, whether that means foreigners or Aussies abroad is unknown. The only Aussie of any quality who I think could actually come back are probably Irvine, Taggart or Antonis. If Irvine can't get a contract soon I honestly think a move back home could be on the cards, not sure how much it would help his career. Taggart has been banging in goals for the last 3 seasons but it looks like he has a fair bit of interest from other clubs in Asia and Middle East. Antonis would be a huge signing as he could likely fill that 10 role. I have heard that he is likely to be released from Suwon Bluewings. I'd say he is the most likely out of the 3.
  6. https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/robinsons-reaction-draw "I'm still looking to try and add three, possibly four, players to a group of young players. Any Australians on the radar? Maybe Terry Antonis from what I have heard? Maybe even Spira, Dario, Mrcela or Irvine?
  7. Shame there isn't a Kogarah derby this year, was my favourite game last season. The atmosphere was electric for a suburban ground.
  8. More of a box to box midfielder. I'd assume he will play DM this season but will be given the option to go forward more often than not.
  9. Reports are that the first game of the season will be the derby between us and Macarthur at Bankwest. Hopefully we get off to a good start against the new lot.
  10. Kamau? Isn't he the only other player who hasn't re-signed.
  11. Goals from yesterday: https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/wsw-v-macarthur-rams-jordan-odoherty
  12. Hasn't scored a bagful recently but i'd still take him back https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/a-league-an-option-as-socceroos-striker-juric-puts-bulgaria-nightmare-behind-him
  13. We used a full youth team apart from 2/3 senior defenders. Looks like the Nix had a fair few first team players starting and on the bench. Not much of a comparison in my opinion.
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