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  1. Why 2 games i'm a bit lost. Compared to what Duke did against Adelaide Baumjohann's little tap of Broxhams face was nothing to be honest. If he does have a 2 game suspension perfect. I hate his guts and hope he doesn't play.
  2. Honestly I don't really want him so its fine with me. Would rather a new defender tbh.
  3. No, i'm pretty sure he said the other day he has no intentions of leaving Adelaide. Its in here: https://www.goal.com/en-au/news/live/a-league-and-australian-football-news-live-logarzo-latest/snhe14ytplrb1hmuckzovtc0b
  4. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/what-do-you-stand-for-wanderers-need-identity-before-a-coach-20200124-p53uf7.html The description of local coaches Lederer gives can only applies to a few coaches. He want a coach who is a "winner". Probably applies to Popa, Arnold, Muscat, Ange maybe even Ufuk Talay. I hope this rules out the likes of Okon. His record as a coach suggests nothing of a "winner". Would you classify Merrick a winner? I'd be quite reluctant to go for Merrick. Would the club be looking at NPL coaches?
  5. RBB recently put something on their story on Instagram calling for him to become the CEO I think.
  6. I did see that BUT he hasn't had a club since the start of this season so why would we suddenly want him. Maybe because he worked with JP at Vuck?
  7. Sorry Manchester United have nothing to do with this post.
  8. Was thinking the same thing. No other notable players who play right back or AM/CM who are free agents. Although looking at players who's contracts expire at the end of the season there are two of note. - Fran Karacic: plays right back, 23 years old, (Almost got picked to the Aus World Cup Squad), https://www.transfermarkt.com/fran-karacic/profil/spieler/367795 - Oli Bozanic: plays AM/CM, 32 years old, currently at Hearts of Middleton, https://www.transfermarkt.com/oliver-bozanic/profil/spieler/43117 Their contracts finish midway through this year but could we possibly seek a mutual termination from both/one of them. I fell Karacic is highly unlikely as he is young and already playing in Europe. Bozanic is more likely but probably won't end up happening.
  9. I know a lot will probably disagree with this but the W-League is very different to the A-League. I believe that whoever has the best team on paper in the W-League with an average coach will win it. Look at the likes of Melbourne City and SFC compared to some of the other teams. Just full of great players and some very average managers. Rado Vidosic isn't anything special and neither is Ante Juric to be honest. Not to take away from what Heff has done so far but it could be quite a challenge and I also suspect we might start to struggle without Denise O'Sullivan and Lynn Williams (a few games). I just really worry about the next manager. It has to be exactly spot on. This decision could have major repercussions for later seasons. I think the club should take some good time to work out and analyse who will be the best fit to lead the club forward. Heff could be a very risky chance what if pick. At the moment im not #HooliganHeffIn .
  10. BOSSI ALERT! Not sure if this has been posted anywhere but these are a supposed list of coaches we could/have on our list. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/the-local-coaches-on-western-sydney-wanderers-radar-20200120-p53sya.html
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