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  1. Would've been very surprised if it was anyone else.
  2. Never said Covic was NPL level lol. If you read what I said it says "multiple players" were NPL level. We also had to win multiple games to get to that final with NPL level players. I agree our team has been average this season, but from what I saw since JP has come in, we have the ingredients to do well should we pick up where we left off.
  3. So we are just gonna base everything off past seasons? While I understand Lopar has saved us many times this season (and the defence hasn't helped), the defence was starting to tighten up and look like it gave a sh*t. Your argument about who has won the A-League with an NPL keeper is funny considering we won the ACL with multiple players who were definitely NPL level. It is a team of 11 players to win games, not one goalkeeper. We act like whoever is now in net will let every shot in lol. Give e'm a chance for gods sake. I know its hard to trust the players and the club after years of hurt but we have a shot at going well if we can make it to the finals. Try and be glass half full and look at the bright side instead of looking at the situation negatively all the time.
  4. I feel like everyone is acting as if whoever is going to be in net for the rest of the season is going to concede with every shot. Yes he was good, but Lopar was sometimes his own worst enemy. He doesn't catch the ball and decides to parry most shots, leading to a few goals (see Sydney fc most recent derby). He also fails to save some really easy shots (see Perth Glory 1-0). Our defence started to tighten up before COVID and we shouldn't have to rely on a goalkeeper to win us a game.
  5. Bailey Wright, Jackson Irvine, Mark Milligan, Kenny Dougall, Musti Amini, Oliver Bozanic, Jack Iredale, Milislav Popovic, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Daniel Bouman, Jordan Holmes, Thomas Beadling, Mitch Austin, Andrew Marveggio, Taylor Regan, Adam Federici and Liam Driscoll are all off contract Aussies as well. Any chance it could be any of them?
  6. Ray Gatt chipping in saying he doesn't know who it is but may not be a player.... JP at the wheel?
  7. Some people are saying its a new signing and not someone already on the books. Not sure if they realise Tristan is already with us or not?
  8. Fairly confident its Tristan Prendergast. I was told we are getting him for back-up.
  9. We should be able to beat Vuck and Mariners. Thats 6 points in the first 2 games. Then we play Wellington who we could get a result against, remember that we lost to them because of a cheap handball and a few fluky goals. Perth are also very beatable as we saw in FFA Cup, plus they have lost their best CB (maybe even best in the league), Wuithrich, and we lost to a cheap pass-back and non given Yeboah goal of his shoulder. WU are also very beatable, we should have beaten them in our poor slump, but Babbel didn't use subs and we conceded a header late because everyone was gassed. We are a whole new team now and I think we can hold our own. Since JP has come in we have lost 1 game, in and against Brisbane, where I have been told by one of the players that it was so bad no one could run in the humidity. They have shown they can grind out results and have the grit to pull off big upsets. I've got a lot of confidence we can finish the season strongly in-front of our fans and we can charge into the finals as a dark horse. COYW
  10. Not a huge change but I have been told we officially have Tristan Prendergast as back up.
  11. Hopefully we win the first 2 games. Mariners and Victory have been poor this season. Slightly worried about Vuck as we haven't played them since 2nd round and they have Rojas now (although no Toivonen). If we beat Perth and WU we will make finals. They play each other, so if we beat those two we could end up 5th, maybe 4th if Roar tank it lol. The boys seem to have a lot of desire to come back and kill it. Really hoping they come out firing and boss it. I've heard they are doing a lot of running at training and a bit of on the ball stuff.
  12. Roae will be like the Broncos in NRL and absolutely tank when they return. Watch them lose every game.
  13. Anyone been to all 5 of these? I went to 3/5 of them, not to mention the infamous Vedran game vs Roar. It will be interesting to see who they let in. Because there is no guarantee that members in each category will go, or even want to go. Also, what would happen with the RBB? Are they just gonna be spread out across the active bay (finally they aren't all in one big clump in the middle). You might think they would want the RBB at most games if they are able to. This could also affect the number of who goes to games. I personally think they should see who has been to games (not sure how they can check away games) within the last 3-4 years since we began at Spotless. Personally I believe it shows who the most loyal fans are, however thats just a big assumption and i'm happy for people to disagree.
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