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  1. I knew they were going to be tired but wasn't expecting that. Troisi was on fire again tonight, surprising because he has only played 2 or 3 good games when we play 5ATB. 4 at the back is more suited to him. Kamau needs a new contract, what an insanely talented player. Finally got a Ziggy goal at home, this guy does not stop running, one of our best foreign signings since Ono. Aquilina another top performance, really hoping he gets a much deserved goal soon. I feel like there are times Ziegler is overhated, yeah he is sh*t sometimes but that always seems to be his firs
  2. Bit of a slippery rumour this... Apparently Demba Ba wants to play in the A-League next season. If we can't secure Duke's services, I wouldn't mind throwing some money at him. Still doing ok in the first division in Turkey, scoring 9 goals in all comps. Wondering if there is any chance Sydney could get Gerrard out of retirement to recreate a certain moment...
  3. Chris Ikonomidis, what a strike, still don't understand why we didn't try and re-sign him, almost carried us to the finals in 17/18.
  4. Yes, very true, was wondering what he was doing. Quite shocked it didn't go in actually, huge scramble in the box, shot from Pain was almost a screamer.
  5. Could've made up for it, he got sent up for the free kick in the last second and could've scored.
  6. Well... 94th minute winner to Brisbane, is it fair to say I spoke too soon?
  7. And now I have spoken too soon by speaking too soon on speaking too soon. But now I might be speaking too soon at that because of VAR lol. Back to 1-1 Roar
  8. Alex Parsons by the way, player to watch, looks like a talent. Slightly overhyped by the commentary team but from what I have seen he could have a great career.
  9. I spoke too soon by speaking too soon. 1-1 Roar score
  10. One of the funniest parts is he isn't even right, APIA won the first title there against Sydney United.
  11. Probably more the fact he didn't play or even make the bench, therefore its not even match worn and is more a player issue kit. Reserve price is a lot higher than they used to be by the looks of things, Duke jersey up to $275 and the reserve still hasn't been hit. I bought a 2016/17 ACL Away jersey full signed for really cheap, $150 was the reserve from memory which was cheap as chips.
  12. The salt from Baumjohann lol. I'm sure he really enjoyed eating the turf again after going down more times than a prostitute.
  13. Did anyone see what Ibini did to the Cove after the game? Absolutely hilarious. Clapped them sarcastically, they went ape sh*t. In his interview afterwards he said he did it because of the sh*t he copped throughout the game from them so he thought he would give them a bit back. He had the last laugh on the night. After seeing that, it feels like he belongs now. He knows where his heart is at.
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