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  1. Throwback to when Georgia Yeoman-Dale (Wanderers W-League Player) called him Yebobah at the Leeds match.
  2. Monge got picked up by Sydney Olympic with Mo Adam.
  3. 4 scholarship players as in Adam, Monge, Pagden and now Nikolic?
  4. Statistically Yeboah is one of our best players this season lol.
  5. I mean, its quite evident Wellington are rubbish at defending set pieces, and he was always going to be an aerial threat from corners.
  6. Confirmed https://mens.nplnsw.com.au/category/featured/ Marconi Stallions FC Coach: Peter Tsekenis Key signings: Chris Hatfield, Stefan Nikolic Player To Watch: Marko Jesic Rising Star: Paolo Laxamana 2020 finish: 7th What to expect in 2021 After another season of what-if, Marconi Stallions will be desperate to finally deliver on their incredible potential this campaign. Coach Peter Tsekenis is back on deck as Stallions head coach and once again will be trying to unlock the secret to consistent performances from his ultra-talented squad boosted
  7. Are you sure, where did you hear that? He had an injury of some sort. I've seen him at multiple games and also noticed he was doing various community things with the first team only recently (1-2 weeks ago).
  8. I wouldn't take any of them apart from Brillante, in which we already have a lot of players in his position. Matt Jurman was so inconsistent with us, but we have seen how Robinson can turn players around and help them perform.
  9. Kevin Muscat also without a club, he could return to the Vuck if Brebner is sacked.
  10. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/tony-popovic-sacked-by-xanthi-fc
  11. Future captain of the Wanderers, there are a few candidates out of the younger players.
  12. Feels like 2 points lost there but still positives to take out of it. Jordon Mutch looks like a quality player, once he gets up to full fitness he will be ace I reckon. Baccus - O'Doherty pairing doesn't work well. Dorrans was missed today. O'Doherty better off the bench, he has been good coming off it. Wilmering is ace, that cross was well shaped and inch perfect. Ibini was crap today. Yeboah was actually alright, his shooting could be better but he did test the keeper a fair bit. Margush didn't look comfortable at all today. Defence overall wasn't great tod
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