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  1. And the players are having a sook because the clubs are discussing cutting the salary cap in half.
  2. How dare you disrespect the greatest player of all time. He will forever be a derby legend for his wonder goal against the Smurfs. Brilliant player. Should end up at a huge club in Europe.
  3. Nup lol. Oh well it was a very interesting letter. Hopefully everything sorts itself out.
  4. as much as I think he is a good player he was really average at the start of this season, got dropped from the side and then he received a season long injury. Don't know how well he would play even if he starts for Glory anymore. Would probably take Fallandrolli as well. But because we already have Cox in the box I think thats unlikely.
  5. Thanks. The email was most probably sent to all members like myself, although I didn't get one so not sure what the deal is there?
  6. Will happily take Kilkenny or Castro if they leave for whatever reason.
  7. Where did that letter from PL come from cause I certainly don't think i've received it? Honestly unless the league folds I can't see the club going bust because of the virus. Just one of our owners is a billionaire. Thats not including the other 3. I think a few teams could potentially go bust in the league but can't see the league folding as a whole unless Fox pulls out before seasons end. How much will this really affect the competition though? Will the clubs ability to sign various players (marquees, foreigners) be affected? Will clubs go bust? Its such a foreign position, i'm very unsure of the implications of what this could bring to the league, as i'm sure many probably are.
  8. Yeah but their normal top local games aren't when the whole country is in lockdown and the only football to watch is in Australia. Apparently the game was also getting heavy advertisement within Italy. Football is also Italy's national sport so they would want to watch any live football they could.
  9. Just read that in Italy alone, 25 million people watched it.
  10. Just got news that Yeboah is going to receive the Ballon D’Or and the Puskas award. Absolutely incredible player and we should re-sign him for another 4 seasons. Honestly can’t believe people are complaining about drawing against Sydney. The d*cks have caused us so much pain over the years. If you told me we wouldn’t lose to Sydney all season i would’ve said you are crazy. Duke should be signed up immediately. Work rate is incredible. Jurman tackle against Van De Sarg was pretty good. Cox was a bit average but assisted the greatest goal of all time so you can’t fault him. Thought Tate Russel despite the goal was very good. So happy, I know we could’ve won but Sydney haven’t beaten us since 2018... To finish it off, please sign JP up for another season or 2. Lets hope we have a strong finish into the finals and maybe scrape in. Oh and also Baumjohann is 0-6 lol
  11. Poor Majok, I remember him telling me he was moving there for game time and only got 2 appearances (26 minutes off the bench) . Hope he can somehow get back in the league via the NPL, although he will need to improve a bit. Still have one of his match worn jerseys.
  12. 3-2 L conceded twice in the last 20 I think from being 2-1 up. Rory Jordan and Auglah with the goals. @Taurus any chance of RJ19 in the first team soon?
  13. There is only one way for Cox to avenge that shocking miss. Sydney derby winner incoming?
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