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  1. Agree. Brad Jones reportedly on the outer at his club, however there is interest from other clubs in Saudi Arabia so it is unlikely he will come back to Australia.
  2. One of the best talents in the academy and league in my opinion. Very impressive player, will be exciting to see if he gets some minutes this season.
  3. Surely he is no worse than Mcgowan or Jurman. I reckon he is worth a shout. Started one game for Schalke I believe.
  4. 100% I agree. Looks like that little Marco Tilio has left the Smurfs. Would be funny if we signed him after what happened with him and Georgevski. To be fair the kid isn't a bad player and would likely go well with first team minutes.
  5. I was notified the club has literally offered no contracts to players as they don't know the cap for next season or starting date. Makes me question whether we really attempted to re-sign Duke or if it was a PR thing in his farewell announcement. Not many from the current crop I would re-sign, a couple free agents look decent however and could come to the club should we pull the finger out.
  6. Franjic already signed there. They can take Georgevski and Jurman they weren't great throughout a lot of the season.
  7. Anyone think signing George Timotheou is a shout? Could be a good player for first team, surely he can't be any worse than Mcgowan or Jurman.
  8. 21 or 23 I think. Rory Jordan been on fire this season, scoring heaps of goals as a midfielder I believe. Edit: Btw Sydney United beat SFC youth 4-2, not the other way around.
  9. Anyone remember when she said "Kwame Ye-bob-ah" at the Leeds game lol?
  10. Watch him sign for Popa's new side in Greece.
  11. Hope its true, Kappa usually produces good kits I reckon.
  12. The new teams get more cap space in their first year or two from memory. Even still they look to be signing without considering the cap changes.
  13. yeah I see a lot on facebook bag out this forum lol. Says something about them if thats what they think is funny.
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