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  1. Read Taurus post above. "WE hear there’s an air of chirpiness at Wanderers HQ, where midfielder Pirmin Schwegler – described as the team’s conductor by teammates – has made an unexpectedly rapid recovery from a calf strain and is in line to face Western United on Saturday night. Schwegler trained on Thursday and should travel south, though Mat Jurman is out."
  2. Swap Adam for Yeboah. It wasn't the first time Yeboah's touch has let him down massively. Against City in the FFA Cup he butchered multiple chances because of his touch.
  3. Just went over the results at Spotless and am surprised we only lost two games. One of the losses would've been against Mariners. I remember Roy O'Donovan chipping Vedran ending 2-0. The other was against the Jets and the pitch was terrible. Majok also missed an open goal in that game I think.
  4. 2-2 I'm saying. Müller and Meier with goals. This will be really close I reckon.
  5. Worrying signs at the moment. Hopefully the boys pick up and improve drastically over the next few games. The table doesn't represent how we've played at all.
  6. I think its more the point that we are poor in almost every game and have gotten very lucky. It will definitely run out sooner or later. Really worrying signs tbh.
  7. I just read somewhere though that Majewski is gambling on his injury and has done some thing in Poland which helps his injury. His returning next week to Australia. Unless Ziegler has citizenship, and Majewski's gamble pays off, Müller may not even last 3 months, as his injury replacement contract will be over.
  8. Didn't watch but i'm assuming its because they have a cheap squad that is on the minimum salary cap requirement as the owner wants to sell their club and doesn't want to put in money to invest in a squad?
  9. He might go to another club in Australia? Hope not but if so, this confirms that Majewski will not be returning to the club
  10. Brings chills down my spine every time I watch it. Still remember sitting in the stands watching probably the greatest game in A-League history.
  11. Agree to be honest. I just feel the back 5 doesn't work. I guess we will find out sooner or later.
  12. Ziegler played DM in Germany I think. I don't really trust back 5 atm. I'm not sure I trust Kamau at RB either.
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