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  1. 2-0 win. Lopar the best goalie in the league I reckon.
  2. on second glance that seems about right. Wouldn't it be a 5-3-2?
  3. Babbel won't let that happen I feel. He knows talent and mentality when he sees it.
  4. Looks like we are finally playing a flat back 4? Looks like a 433 Lopar in net. Tass and Mcgowan at CB with Elrich at LB/RB and Georgevski at LB/RB Schwegler and Baccus in DM. Majewski in AM. Adam at ST with Yeboah and Kamau on either side. Can anyone confirm?
  5. Foreign marquee striker, jedinak, tasci and maybe a few fill ins?
  6. Some random Austrian bloke to Victory. He doesn't look incredible. I'll wait to be proven wrong.
  7. Lots of rumours for all clubs have dried up recently. Any news someone can spill?
  8. They all started from that fake bloke who made up rumours though I think
  9. Very true. We get too excited about a rumour and then they never eventuate into signings.
  10. Im claiming it. I said it ages ago, and its being said now
  11. I mean I did say Victory. I don't think we will be seeing a new German signing soon.
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