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  1. Played in a top 4 team in six of his eight seasons so far! Two championships and an FFA cup. Signed by Arnie and by Ange. Not bad for such a supposedly **** player.
  2. They may prefer to take the gamble that Babbel will be axed before Christmas and a decent manager appointed. I'd rather stay than take a 50% cut to play for mariners.
  3. I have been Babbel out from the start of the season. Anyone who witnessed the Newcastle preseason game among others should have had grave concerns and subsequent results have vindicated that. Babbel had a full preseason, has recruited two visa players in the spine of the team and yet delivered nothing but elaborate and controversial excuses all season. This season was dead long ago So the issue now is next season. Good aussie players for next year would be signing contracts now, and the Babbel decision must be made with a view to signing the best for next year. If players are reluctant to come to WSW because the coach is crap and treats his players like crap, then they should get rid of him, appoint someone and present a positive picture for recruitment. But I don;t think this is possible at this late stage. Possibly the best solution for the club now is to back the manager, they probably will have to pay overs to lure decent players, and do something to rectify Babbels inept coaching. Get rid of JP and get a decent young tactician (or at least a decent human being) as Babbels no 2. Recruitment of visa players is critical. Crocked germans don;t cut it. I'm not sure who does this but it needs to be someone different to last season. So I voted Babbelout, simply because I think he is a hoax, but I don't actually believe that is the best strategy at this late point in time
  4. I don;t think anyone thinks Fitzgerald will save this season. But the fact is, some of our best performances have been with him on the field. Mudgee, Perth away (we were up when he was taken off) City (we were up when he was taken off) victory, all come to mind. Its just another nail in Babbels coffin that he would play Roly out of position, or Majok ahead of Fitzy. In fairness to Babbel, it seems he decided before the season started that he was going to push Fitzy out and he has stuck to his guns, despite the results. Now thats Mentality! Defense is a team responsibility, not just the back four. Babbel has been unable to fix the overall defense all season. He slags the players, but does anyone see a strategy in place for reducing the exposure of the back four. It seems easier to blame individuals, referees, pitches, fatigue or the whole young generation in general, than to get the team to defend as a unit.
  5. I bumped into one of our international boys yesterday and could't resist saying hello. Top guy, very friendly. He hinted we have made a signing who sounds quite promising. An aussie, another winger but supposedly good pedigree and good experience.
  6. Fitzy could score more goals, no one could argue that. But he is a team player, much more so than ABJ or Roly. Most casual observers don;t notice the guy that moves the ball quckly, they seem to adore the guy who holds the ball for ten touches and draws a foul. This may look skilfull but doesn;t really help the team to go forward and certainly doesn;t help our marquee striker who has been a career goal scorer but for some reason not this year. (He did score two though, the game in Mudgee when Fitzy was playing.) Its easy to blame ABJs lack of output on the other players but we do seem to score goals without him, I believe more without him than with him it would seem. I checked this morning and by my calculation, WSW on average score a goal every 45 mins Fitzy has been on the pitch and every 114.5 mins when he is not. Babbel and JP don;t seem to want to play him, for whatever reason, but I doubt very much the reason has much to do with football. My personal opinion is that all our players, ABJ, Roly and biscuit included would be far better players if we had decent coaches, but I know no-one else agrees with this,
  7. Everyone still happy with Babbel? No question that his sub last night left a hole in the midfield that Perth exploited for three of the four goals they scored after that sub? Mahazi, not deemed good enough for inclusion in the squad for the last month is suddenly the guy to close out that game for thirty minutes? Babbel rightly asking for more scrutiny of the refereeing. We wouldn;t want the press focusing on him or his results. What a paradise this A-league is, no relegation, no pressure on **** coaches; like in Europe where he has previously been sacked from every club he has coached at. Serious question. Do people really think players with options will risk signing with Babbel for next season. Will the new stadium and the possibility of decent crowds overcome what must be serious question marks over this coaching staff? But, I guess, if he was sacked, would that make the club just as unattractive anyway? Its all very depressing. Personally I believe the current playing group if coached properly could be in a far better position than they are. Just because Babbel has said they are all **** doesn;t necessarily mean they are. Most have had decent careers prior to this guy taking control of them.
  8. I am sorry guys not trying to be a troll, just really disappointed, yet again. We are third last. The DM issue is also partly on Babbel. Baccus Snr was obviously difficult, but he was a good player and letting him go has cost a lot. I would have expected a good manager to have dealt with this, or at least had a plan B. Baccus certainly seems to be doing well down south. I swear I will think hard and come up with a positive post soon. I do like our youngsters and the future in that respect seems really positive. But there is a fine line between blooding good youngsters and being the basket case that is the mariners, always looking to the youngsters finding their feet next year.
  9. I found this part amusing. The only real influence on the squad that MB has had is treejack. He is possibly the laziest player in the a-league, he takes far too many touches and the only productive thing he ever does is draw fouls. No assists to date, one goal that Kamau created for him and of all our chances against the jets, none of them were teed up by Treejack. Sotirio's large amount of game time to date is due solely to his ability to cover treejacks defensive lapses and then push forward. Can;t wait for next year when Babbel stacks the squad with more players of this quality. The Bayern Munich talk has got to be garbage. I really hope they take him back but if he was so highly rated, why is he here, why was he in Switzerland. He is a coach on the way down, being found at at every level. Soon he will be the wizard that will revolutionise some lucky NPL club. I would love to share your optimism, but he's been here six months and I dont see any sign that its working. Contrary to others, I think we have a decent squad. Our number ten is useless, but there is sufficient other quality to make us competitive, if we had a decent man in charge. Babbel will survive here purely because no one at the club will want to admit that they screwed up consecutive coach appointments.
  10. In the build up to the equaliser Fitzgerald had the wide man (Hingert I think) who gave Bauthiac the ball. Bauthiac was always Treejacks (or a covering defensive mid) in that situation. You cannot deny he is a lazy defender, which is fine when he is setting up more goals than he is giving away. I admire your support of the coach. Lets hope its onwards and upwards from here
  11. Blaming Fitzgerald for ABJ's brain snap is a bit rich. We lost (it felt like a loss) this game in the middle of the park. ABJ had his worst game this season, Matt Mackay of all people overran him. As the game wore on ABJ struggled to make any passes stick and when he wasn;t fouled he was regularly caught with the ball. If anything sloppy Roly might have been a decent option to change the middle of the park, because the wings were working better than they have all year. Fitzy was involved in the leadup to both goals and once he went off no-one else seemed able to pick out Kamau's clever runs. I thought both of Babbels substitutions weakened the side and didn;t address the real problems. His post match presser to me felt like more of a deflection of blame. Also wanted to add, the whole Mudgee experience was wonderful. Both my lads thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and we will definitely now look at maybe a late season away trip somewhere if finances permit.
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