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  1. This time it will be popular because ch10 are prepared to promote football and they said that they will make football number one sport.
  2. Sotirio scores in every game he play and never give up.
  3. He belongs at SFC , club sponsored by ***** business people
  4. He has dark hair , wont fit in the wanderers team
  5. He is after the money not football.
  6. Wanderers should try and sign Roy O'Donovan, good striker.
  7. He know his job, but he can't handle the staff too nervous and no communication skill.
  8. He more likely signed for SFC rather Western Sydney Wanderers, more ***** in the club board room.
  9. I rather have Berisher, Mc Donald is short and very slow now
  10. It is all over our season, one of the worst on record,they can play the youths against Adelaide and start getting rid of the bludgers.
  11. Lets call on the club for an end of season general members meeting.
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