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  1. Who cares about NRL, do they care about the WSW, Bankwest stadium is WSW home ground they like it or not.
  2. We will beat them all given good weather and decent referee.
  3. Schwegler is coming back, he will be here this coming week.
  4. And Ziegler is an Australian now i believe.
  5. When are we going to find out if we are getting a new manager .
  6. There might be no A League next season.
  7. How did he get the 9th card when he was on 8th, he shouldn't be playing.
  8. I agree sign J,P.D. now he already got the runs on the board, he know the players, players have confidence in him and he understand the A League how it is run, let him settle the ship so far so good.
  9. If you live in the western suburbs of blacktown or further out you can catch a train at Parramatta station at 3-21pm direct to Kogarah and back at 7-30pm from the same station. ( Why drive )
  10. mintoff

    Danijel Nizic

    I got a feeling he will join the Rams next season.
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