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  1. He is already there talking to players.
  2. We have to wait until next week,that's when he will visit the training centre, also where he and his family will be staying.
  3. I thought that was Santalab.
  4. Don't you think he is a bit old.
  5. We can forget about him.
  6. mintoff

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Fox sport commentators are doing more harm to the A - League then anyone else, the worst game callers and wrong decisions, and biased to certain clubs.
  7. I agree ,also as club members we should have at least two general meetings a year, plus who are the new players.
  8. They had nothing to play for last night.
  9. The difference is, they have a local coach and we have a foreiner ,he know how the system works and Babbel dose't know.
  10. We might have to get rid of Babell too, because he is not doing that good eather.
  11. mintoff

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    They have a football man as a CEO not like us.
  12. mintoff

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Pointless or not you got to have them by law.
  13. It is very slow process allocating seats , and some people ask for seats change.