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  1. They are practice games and played at noon.
  2. mintoff

    Macarthur FC

    And they were supposed to be sold out,why for football not the same rules apply now.
  3. He is not a defender, he is attacking player and a good one too.
  4. mintoff

    Macarthur FC

    I never take these games serious.
  5. You must be joking, not training or playing fields,
  6. mintoff

    Macarthur FC

    Its a practice game, to stay match fit.
  7. That's not poaching, the players want to leave the club, so they are there for offer.
  8. They are both good players ,but last season there was none discipline amongst the players.
  9. I like the idea, only you want have a permanent seat at your home games.
  10. They said to you,( that you are guaranteed a seat ahead of the general public,) that's how i read it.
  11. If we play the same players that played against Sydney United on the weekend we will have a very strong team, can beat any A League on the day.
  12. They want exceed the salary cap ,because they have football managers not dick heads running the club.
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