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  1. How many rows are there in sec 115 lower tier
  2. mintoff

    NRL Thread 2

    Sorry boys , i thought we are talking only about football not egg ball,do they talk about football,dought it very much.
  3. no, one is slow other is dirty
  4. You are wrong, Labor Party are not against everything they are against rebuilding Allianz Stadium, but i can see where you coming from. People are not stupid they will vote labor this time.
  5. mintoff

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    But the king finished after this season,he will be missed.
  6. When is a meeting for all wanderers members, i think that now would be the right time .
  7. mintoff

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    Agree, the sooner they go the better for the team.
  8. mintoff

    When the Wanderers go marching in

    I like to see the players playing good football instead supporters singing in the stands.
  9. mintoff

    Abraham Majok Chant

    Please dont call anyone a colour, it is downgrade and very rude, sorry mate.
  10. I rather have a Labor premier then a Liberal stooge.
  11. We want get them now, because the damage has been done, fixed by the FFA
  12. mintoff

    All Doom and Gloom? There's Hope.

    But there is at bondi !
  13. What can the poor supporters do ,beside complaning in the stands