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  1. If it is not on wednesday it wont happen on other day.
  2. I cant activate it, i must to pressed wrong button it keeps asking for how long i want to register one mth or one year, i already paid $75, i dont know what to do.
  3. My red $240 plus Paramount + $75- =$315
  4. Yes i did , the office lady did the work for me, i couldn't do it. I haven't received any codes.
  5. waiting for this coming season to end in peace then he will move
  6. That is an unbeatable side, if managed properly
  7. A League new season will start on the 30th October.
  8. Yes i know that, i said Wednesday is the day.
  9. Always been Wednesday the big call day.
  10. I HOPE SO, BECAUSE I ALREADY RECEIVED THE NOTICE REGARD MY AUTOMATIC MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL , I THOUGHT as a foundation member the club CEO would let me know who are the players that we signed so far and who are that left the club.
  11. I thought that he played few games for us in one season, i cant remember which season was then he got injured.
  12. But why not the annoucement not made by our club.
  13. Too much consideration on the academy and not enough on the football team, also not enough respect to the thousands who paid money as club members.
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