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  1. If we play the same players that played against Sydney United on the weekend we will have a very strong team, can beat any A League on the day.
  2. They want exceed the salary cap ,because they have football managers not dick heads running the club.
  3. Should be called Next season new squad preparation.
  4. The only opposition Lyle Gorman had were his mates the FFA board then new owners came in and he left to the NRL club Cronulla.
  5. You can never be a good sailor, few trips in rough sees and you call it quiet.
  6. Now in a few weeks time they will start renew the club membership,without we know if we will have a team or not.
  7. Well he got paid very well for what he was doing play football for a club so if any rewards come his way that will be luck to him, and after all we need footballers not film stars.
  8. Until we change our ceo with one that understand football we will never improve, look at SFC they changed their ceo when things were going bad.
  9. You are right the mighty dollar come first, we need a new CEO some one know football
  10. I agree, Doherty lot of running like a chook with head cut off
  11. I will use sullivan and Schwegler for the next game instead Baccus and O'Doherty.
  12. There is no such soccer it is FOOTBALL, or league is RUGBY LEAGUE or union is RUGBY UNION, or AFL it got no other name just AFL or ping pong
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