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  1. Will they be improving frame rate do you think Mack
  2. How is the quality of 10play for you I am finding it a little funny when the long ball is played and the camera moves quickly like as if it goes blurry
  3. HaHa don't think so Bellend are you blueing with everybody about what is right or wrong in covid world , no one can win that argument mate especially with a school teacher, I am surrounded by them at home here and I have given up even trying
  4. Very informative , I think a few blokes here might eat some humble pie this coming season
  5. Has Slater appeared anywhere or is he still drinking late’s with Corica after training at Bondi , I think being a DHead has caught up with him
  6. Big lose for Western United , Diamanti may be next
  7. Is tonight the night for a new announcement if so what time do ya reckon and who ? cant be Mitch Austin he has signed with Victory after getting motivated by Brendan Hamills statement that he is gone to Victory to help them win Trophies 🙄
  8. Gotta be kidding , if this bloke was in Australia he would be in Jail , 1 blokes view is not "some of the world" it is one of the world for goodness sake !!!!
  9. local government cant help ,, stupid protesters I hate this as much as anybody else but geez what can we do other than get the needle !!!!
  10. We are crazy , Fairfield council chambers protests this morning , that will spread enough covid to add another couple of months to the lockdown
  11. Hey a bit quiet in here what is happening , where is Smoggy , gone to Middleborough ? what about Bellend has he lost his tongue and the angry Seeker is he ok What we need is another good read from our Robbo , that would brighten my day
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