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  1. I don't understand how we have got to this point and now scrapping to get a decent player , surely we should have resolved this 2 months go when there was choice !!!
  2. Geez fellas ease up I am only stating a view , doesn't mean I am right , time will tell but like Jurman I hope I am wrong also but just got a feeling based on Lederer's past history.
  3. I have a view that Babbel is done until the January Window , he has Kamau and Georgeski as wing back with Yeboah , Duke and Adam as CF choices, I think he will sit tight , I think we still have some risks at Centre Back ,is Mcgowan up to it will Ziegler's injury hold up .Jurman and Tass look the goods but we will lose Tass in January for a few weeks.
  4. Taurus I will be working in Melbourne if I can pull it off fly down early Wednesday Morning meeting at 11:00am another at 3:00pm at Clayton drive into Melbourne for game and drive to Geelong for Meetings on Thursday fly home Thursday night.
  5. all good Taurus but not the venue of choice , I like chinese food and docklands
  6. now I will shut up , well done Taurus I don't like cats
  7. Dean Heffernen is still dizzy from hi climbing efforts and used the wrong Jersey geez but I hope I am wrong and will but Taurus an dinner at AAMI park on the 18th anybody taking a guess ?
  8. Announcement for the Womens team all you Girls
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