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  1. Duke , Baccus, Grozos , Mourdoukoutas are all away while we try to pull together for Mel City on Friday the 22nd of November Duke should be back in Sydney on Sunday 17th or earlier after Australia plays Jordan on the 15th, Duke should be ok for the 22nd The other 3 will be part of 3 games played in China starting on the 15th , 17th and 19th for the last one so if Baccus gets game time we may not have him for the 22nd. Melbourne City will have Connor Metcalfe, Ramy Najjarine and Thomas Glover involved as well in China.
  2. wonder if Babbel turned up at the club today or got the first Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt on Sunday
  3. I think Wilmering is really just a shade short of being a first team player at this stage , his feet are good but his processing of situations is just a little slow , with maturity is going to be good for us. The back 3 is a given Jurman, Ziegler and McGowan Would be good to see Georgevski back on his good side and Kamau on the right as Pup has hilited We have been overrun in midfield in 4 and half games so we need to strengthen that area and moving Georgevski and Kamau up the park a little and adding some more attacking choices to Muller would be good and Muller getting Fitter will help a lot to. There is another option up front and that is Sullivan to AM and Muller up front with Duke or Muller stays in AM and Adam sits up front next to Duke. Meir to me has offered nothing up front his movement off the ball is non existent 5 games in he is a disappointment sitting him on the bench might put a rocket under him. Good team selection Pup , but: Baccus has to pick up his game especially but the whole team needs a lesson on first touches and finding a player with a decent pass Mo Adam and Yeboah will best serve us as last 20 minute players when the legs are weary on defenders. I hope Babbel is up to achieving a cohesive team but I am getting a little concerned and leaving the ground on Saturday with a hissy fit and leaving Georgesvki behind won't help team moral.
  4. well I enjoyed the first five minutes but from there a high level of frustration poor passing, poor tackling giving away free kicks when in an attacking position , Diamanti sucked out players in every time in saying that we could have got something out of the game in the last 15 minutes. This team is working as a team it is like they are all strangers put together on a park for the first time , we have been very lucky up to now and the luck ran out tonight All I can hope is Muller gets fit and can start controlling the midfield , huge question mark over Meir
  5. 12 degrees and bucketing down rain in Geelong right now
  6. Our team could have a first on Saturday Ziegler Centreback , Sweigler DM ? , Muller AM and Meir CF
  7. GMHBA Stadium is another Spotless Stadium did we go well at Spotless ?
  8. Reality is Wanderers effectively train in a public area and reality is any man and his dog can go to training and see what you see , did you see the man with binoculars standing beside his car at the far end pitch where the keepers where training, he is not there today , could have been a roar spy he was there at every training session last week, not likely cause you experts are standing at the gate to the training pitch annoying the crap out of those wanderers people trying to do their job. Big Shots
  9. So is all the above your learned opinion Pup and and as far you and only you are concerned anybody else with an opinion can go get rooted cause they know nothing about football maybe you could tell us what your background is to decide all of the above , won a world cup , played in the Elite competitions of the world coached at the top level or like Robbie Slater just knows it all. Nice
  10. Manfred all good mate if someone says crap spray on them don't vomit on everyone , we are allowed to have opinions ok
  11. My comments and opinion , Muller with 2 dots may take us to the next level up front , I am struggling each week to make excuses for Meir , lack of ball for sure but very static when we are on the attack , needs to move across the park to create not only opportunities for himself or create gaps for others Lopar great again but we are gunna get punished if he doesn't start holding the ball a bit more and not pushing into the attacking team, classic when he punched the ball out with pressure on and Georgievski behind him, are they talking ? Wilmering gunna be great for us in the future but now way to slow yesterday in turning defence into attack get Georgievski back on the left Grozos , he was very average poor touches easily pushed of the ball yesterday not sure he can step up , Sullivan is yards infront of him. Baccus had probably his worst game in a long time. Duke put in the yards. Someone earlier said Yeboah has lost the drive and touch , he is a last 20 minute player always has been creates havoc in those situations. Georgievski worked hard defended well Jurman another solid effort until injured McGowan solid as usual Swegler solid as usual , another one injured Ziegler looked good for the time he had on the park , still not sure what is going on with him re game time. So in summary , we are surviving on good goal keeping good defense and thats about all we certainly are not working as team (Babbel) Babbel said we still have some players playing without confidence , that's a worry left overs from last year So the quicker we can get Elrich, Kamau Ziegler on the player list with Muller Swegler Jurman and Sullivan available the better of we will be. Injuries this year are awful but we are not alone. Remember this only my opinion and I reserve the right to have that, ok Lets hope our injury list is better next week than it looked at 7:00pm last night. Nil Nil draw against The roar is not the end of the world and yes we going ok on points but it was our game to have , I really don't care about last year stop looking over your shoulder and comparing start look forward as to where we need to be. My opinion only
  12. The old saying is if ya want it done right do it yourself ,hey Taurars
  13. without giving away secrets or writing riddles, Elrich said this morning getting better a little way to go, trained separately with Kamau JoD said he was a month away Sullivan did not train with the team , jogged a lightly early with JoD . The rest trained hard including Muller and Duke the tall man worked hard as well.
  14. yep and obviously you can't answer them
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