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  1. you got it right the first time , Smith will go down in Australian and world cricket history as one of the greatest !!!!!!!!
  2. Is Jordan Mutch in Australia yet ? Another question did anyone receive there print at home tickets for this Saturdays game I received an email confirming my seats but did not have attachments for the tickets ?
  3. Aqulina has no confidence in his left foot seen it last week and again tonight with a tap on his left foot
  4. Johnny199r is a Newcastle supporter trying to stir up trouble is my guess
  5. Are we able to buy tickets for Newcastle game ?
  6. Well my thoughts are very simple strengthen the midfield from Troisi back to the DMs was the size of a cowpaddock and we could not find a link to the forwards coming out of defense, similar problem as last year I thought Margush handle himself well and looks looks like he could hold down that position As for the rest I will wait a few more games to pass judgment, hopefully we will see more of the coaches influence , Dorrans is a far better player than we seen tonight. we just need another strong midfielder Amini if he is not injured or Ugarkovic
  7. He would have been told to look at the youngsters and play them , so he tested them and is offloading the ones he cannot use , good by him , no use hanging on to them Riddled across our league are player who were Aussie reps at a young age and don't go on with it seems Monge is one of those. Robbo must see something in Grozos or has Taurus been in his ear
  8. Dunno if he is Injured, it has been very quiet since he arrived home and in quarantine in Melbourne anybody know when the 2 weeks is up. Can he travel to Sydney when the quarantine is up
  9. Attitude , Girls, parties and cars it is the main reason quality kids don't go on with it , let them go play with Marconi for a few years see if they mature. Hopefully Amini
  10. if he can walk the talk we are in for a reasonable couple of years hopefully we will see the fruits of his efforts in the second half of this year and a big year next year.
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