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  1. Geez that was the most dismal soccer game I have seen in a long while , 11 Perth glory players no further up the park then Perth penalty line every time he got touched Fornarolyroly fell down. Man U were content to play the ball across field and back just outside the Perth penalty box without trying to shoot thew the purple haze and only late when Perth ran out of puff did Man U start to take a few shots on goal. To top it off we watched in 1990s standard TV with worst set of commentators ever !!!! they even made Robbie Slater look good.
  2. same old ,, same old everybody waiting guessing and hoping every day is the day of the messiah signing but it never happens and then another season of "what if" and "if only" and it just drifts on by !!! Meanwhile Taurus speaks in riddles and throws the line out and gets that many hooks , he should on the deadliest catch show But I hope this year may change , come on Taurus dangle another carrot.
  3. We NEED A QUALITY centre forward , the team is looking good but from past years the good team was wasted because we did not have the scorer.
  4. Perth was an example of "lets just score more goals then them" great forwards poor defense and long comes popa fixes the defense improves the midfield and lo and behold grandfinalists 55% defence 45% attack, stop em scoring and you only have to grab one.
  5. Giancarlo Gallifouco was very impressive in the time he had in the second half calm on the ball and showed some good ball skills and tough , hopefully we get to see him instead Mahazi for the last 2 games and see if he can repeat the effort each week. I think he is potentially our DM alongside Baccus who I believe will mature into a great DM.
  6. Corica quote " we will destroy A league teams after 3 all draw with Shanghai" Corica quote " the midweek game will not effect us in the Derby we are fit" Corica quote " we struggled in the second half after the midweek game , but we still should have won the game" Corica quote " they could only score from a deflection" Corica = arrogant wanker
  7. The stupidity that comes out of Corica's mouth is only rivaled by his mentor Graeme Arnold !!!!!!!!!
  8. We have to smack these outspoken knob heads , if we ever asked anything from Babbels Rabble this season is to take this mob to the sword.
  9. Ya know,, nothing else this season would matter if we could end those toffy nosed pin heads from East Sydney their slim chance of being first past the post. Come on every one including RBB lets get em up for this game , we could even say nice things about Janjetovic Come on you Bloody Wanderers !!!!!!!!!
  10. I think we should look at the positive side from yesterday , Duke and Yebouh where sensational , imagine with a decent centre forward running of their crosses and through balls , young Baccus will be a sensation next year , Bruce Kamau showing signs of being a good defender , Ziegler and Tas as centre backs the big fella Giancarlo Gallifuoco with fitness could be our hardman defending midfielder along side Baccus .
  11. Babbel has a pretty good pedigree in that area of defense , in Babbel we trust
  12. I wonder if Keiren Baccus still has a soft spot for the Wanderers , he tried a few attempts at scoring on Saturday but as usual they all went high and wide So during training during week in Melbourne Baccus took a shot on goal , well the ball went so wide it collected Jamie Maclaren and knocked him out cold for 3 minutes So Maclaren misses the game against us due to concussion how good is that
  13. Roly has obviously signed a contract somewhere (Probably Perth, they must have a higher salary cap then us) He has gone from a world beater 3 games ago to not seen in Wellington and replaced at halftime against MCFC.
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