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  1. why would you bring a parka for 35 degrees , that seems a bit odd
  2. Supposed to be a cool change later today 26 degrees tomorrow
  3. Keithie

    West Coast Collapse

    I gotta say Babbel's babes held their heads high yesterday and if nothing comes of this season other than developing this good list of young blokes then I say lets go for it , Can Abraham Majok fill a role upfront Can Tass Mourdoukoutas fill a centre back role Can Tate Russell go on and become a great right fullback Can Nick Suman keep Vedran Janjetovic on the bench Can Kostandinos Grozos go on to be a great attacking midfielder Can Marc Tokich go on and fulfil his potential and become a great midfielder for us Can Mathieu Cordier fill a future defending role for us in the future Can John Roberts go on to fulfil his enormous potential and become a great goal scorer. Add Kwame Yeboah, Alex Baumjohan, Keannu Baccus, Bruce Kamau ,Patrick Ziegler ,Jordan O'Doherty and Nick Fitzgerald to the list plus a few new buys in the off season for next year and lets go 2019/20. We do have an exciting time watching all the above hopefully develop in to first class wanderers over the rest of the season so I for one accept we are building for next season and over the coming weeks we may start to see some great development of this talented youngsters Come on Babbel's babes
  4. This weekend could offer some better insight into a more free flowing forward line , if Babbel's rabble gel up front with a bit of pace then we may see some better things that with the pedestrian Riera , here's hoping.
  5. I listened to Marcus Babbel's post game conference , I think I am starting to get the impression that Babbel has nearly given up on changing the mentality of the older players. I am starting to get the impression there is no new signings on the horizon in the January transfer window , I think we are treading water until next season , this frustrates me greatly as I have spent like all of you a lot of money to watch soccer and I look for the skills and success of the Wanderers as part of that which I am not getting here other than watching the skills and success of all other teams we play. We have made legends out of 2 goalkeepers over the last 3 weeks and neither of them are ours. If the club does not invest in this window I am scared of the amount of members who may not renew next year, remember the early success and excitement associated with wanderers early years brought a lot of fringe soccer supporters to us , failure sends them away !!! On a better note I thought Kwame Yeboah showed some great skills and looks like we might have snagged a good one.
  6. Does anybody have any news on Alex BaumJohan's injury and I probably should ask about Riera's Injury.