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  1. Popas Kids live in the Macarthur district who is the coach of Macarthur FC
  2. Cynth , I had exactly the same conversation with Danny , I believe Danny is the Manager of Membership services , he also told me Along all employees including players are on Job keeper payments. It is pretty obvious the average employee of WSW has no clue as to what is happening within the wanderers.
  3. My email says I have to Pay $400 for red membership ., is that after the 10% discount ?
  4. Keithie

    Perth Glory

    Fox would not be out of place back at Wanderers
  5. Keithie

    Macarthur FC

    There are plenty of Wanderers Supporters around Fairfield , Cabramatta , Canley Vale , Canley Heights , St Johns Park ,, Bossley Park and Abbotsbury, Edensor Park may be Questionable as Sydney United are home there and Macarthur FC is a Croatian football club and that alone may attract some support from the above areas.
  6. Geez Doesn't popa leave a very dysfunctional club behind him when he leaves , all sorts of Drama going on over in Perth
  7. Wanderers are building a team of kids , that's all we can afford , might as well hand the Trophy to ESFC they have said they will maintain there agreed player payments. I dunno how if the Salary cap gets lowered.
  8. Keithie

    Perth Glory

    Campbelltown Croatia not interested they are more interested in Jurman , Ivan Franjic, Bruce Kamau and maybe Georgeski
  9. Keithie

    Perth Glory

    no choice Perth does not want them
  10. If FC is getting BOBO back maybe we could get Riera cheap, he will come free from retirement
  11. Perth have confirmed Nabbout and Atkinson , they don't seem worried by the new salary cap meanwhile we will wait and be left to choose from the dregs.
  12. Bimbi why do we have to put up with Slater and company calling the goose Bimbi , they are supposed to be professional commentators call him by his Name Steve Corica for s#$ts sake
  13. Keithie

    Perth Glory

    Castro to Belgium
  14. Where is O'knowledgeable one Taurus aka the riddler , I would have thought he would be in here having an opinion on Grozos
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