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  1. I am struggling to understand how Robinson has coached Baccus to regularly give away easy passes to opposition , we are still playing a similar style to last year please help me by explaining how Robbo has caused Baccus's basic skills to decline (I have been a big fan of Baccus but he has regressed). Steven Ugarkovic will partner Dorrans as soon as he arrives.
  2. well there ya go !!!! how lucky and unlucky were we. The things I have learned or had confirmed in my own mind tonight. Bruce Kamau is ineffective as a run on player we get a lot more from him in the last 20 minutes. Kearan Baccus is a shadow of himself !! dunno what can you can do with him. James Troisi as a 10 is ineffective he is a better player as DM. Whatever way you look at McGowan or Zieger neither are any good is Mourdakoutis beside Natta a better choice. A game changer for us would be tall strong centre back Cox adds great value and disturbs the o
  3. if Brucie Kamau can come on the 60 minute mark and get 2 goals a week and if no goals he creates havoc for other teams leave him as as a sub
  4. Swap Duke with Cox , cox will feed the likes of Duke and can hold up a ball. I think Troisi has been good at DM rather AM he is definitely not a front man.
  5. I wonder how that cheating Prick Beath and the referees bosses will react to Robbo's words at his press conference and on ground interview after game. I think Robbo has definitely called out Beath on both issues , red card to Miller , Robbo basically called Beath a liar on the Miller red card and seriously questioned the ability of the VAR and Beath in calling the penalty. In my view Beath has been anti Wanderers for a number of years and whenever we play with him as Referee he seems to make himself bigger than the game itself. Something has to be done about him. I hope Robbo's
  6. I think we should bump Muller for Cox , far more active and running angles and can pass a ball , sadly we carried Muller last night Probably a great effort last night seeing as we played 12 Mariners and we had 9 (Muller and McGowan don't count) I hope any McGowan supporter took note of I think it was corner late in the game and a free Stensese Header whizzed wide of our post , where the f*$# was McGowan ? I know!!! he was hiding towards near post with a metre of unmarked territory behind, Wilmering was in front of him with McGowans hands in his back as the ball sailed over his head
  7. Team Came out for warm late hence not a long warm up actually looked like a bunch of disinterested blokes
  8. Popa should never walk the hallways of WSW again after what he did , Melbourne Victory have rejected him because they have no confidence in him not walking at the first opportunity to coach in some far away country contract or no contract. Muscat is determined to make it in England we wont see him in Australia for a long time. WHO ELSE ????
  9. Who is the Australian coach who will save us that is not currently employed , Aloisi or do you want to try JPD again and in 6 months you will be bitching and whining again let’s keep chopping and changing and and we will remain also rans. take a look at Melbourne city , Sydney FC , etc stability coach and players MCF is a team of men playing teams with boys some of those men were boys a couple of years ago and the club has developed them. if the rumours are true and we could have ugargovic playing for us in a week , probably close to the best DM in the league will give us hugely imp
  10. BABBEL are you blokes kidding he was a puppet John Paul and between the 2 of them they could not coach a dog out of its kennel with a plate full of food. I am staying with him until he fails with his own team and no baggage. I would rather Robbo supporting his players than BABBEL or Gombau publicly slotting them. We have to give him next season and he did say he was building for next season when he was employed this club cannot afford more blood letting and tell me who would we get to replace Robbo ,?
  11. Ya know if we had a rock solid tall tough centre back (said this in another thread) this team would change overnight when you get confidence in your defence it changes the team dynamics going forward hugely. I am still believing in Robbo when he dumps the baggage at end of season we will see a big strong tough English centre back along with a decent attacking and defending midfielder we will see the team performances we want. PS: and a goalkeeper who commands his box
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