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  1. I will be there bay 214 I hope
  2. In my view for the next five years our players certainly wont be earning the money they had been afforded up to now. I think salary caps will be reduced and we will rely on mostly how grown talent , how teams like Sydney FC deal with this I don't know with a full squad of players signed under the current salary. Probably get some allowances from the governing body and all we will see next season is a very lopsided competition. the world soccer scene may change similarly and we see our better players staying at home for awhile. Hopefully we could see a new golden age of players develop out of this. All good talk but one thing is certain , if we attempt to finish this league this year most teams will suffer from overseas players and coaches not returning , to me it will be like a pre season competition. I will still go and enjoy any game though
  3. Antonis sent off Suwon in big trouble
  4. Yep looks like JEONBUK are the better team with plenty of chances
  5. Hi Papersun how can this game be viewed ?
  6. Tina Arena Australian singer complain that she cannot pay the mortgage for her 5.6 million mansion in Toorak Melbourne , she brought it in 2017 and says she has not worked in 18 months. Tina says the government should offer mortgage help , like effin help the government should use my taxes to support people like that , sell the effin house Private jet lands in paris with 8 wealthy fellas on it from England with 3 escorts heading for Cairn to a luxury resort for a bit of fun French Police intercepted them and sent them back to England. Fuuk me these 8 people should be locked up and send the escorts back home. effin idiots
  7. Fox has not shown any replays of A league matches in day time or evening viewing mostly shown between midnight and 5:00pm Foxing is mainly showing old Rugby league matches , Supercars , AFL , darts etc: no soccer
  8. Sager has been sooking for months about the cost of Running Perth Glory Popa nearly brought him a premiership last year , Sage is sounding desperate
  9. Sounds Like Mack is going through a bout of Covid depression , what we need is some riddles from the riddler to brighten things up
  10. Great game yea we could have done better but geez we just drew with the leaders of the comp and could well have beaten them I see improvement each week , Russel great game I thought our defence overall was solid , baccus had big game
  11. conspiracy theories every where on the field with supporters and even Woolies withholding dunny Paper and on and on
  12. Shaun Evans seems to have taken a leaf out of Faghani's book in recent times and is prepared to let games flow without pulling up minority things and deal with them on the run.
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