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  1. So liverpool is or just west in the region of seven eleven on Hoxton Park Road would be classed as Macarthur country to my knowledge , Macarthur is claming it anyway. Looks like the riddler will be harassing the bulls at seasons end
  2. Same era ,Keith Gallacher played left back with Marconi when bucket arse was Centre back in the 70's, we saw every Marconi game in those days including the day Marconi got awarded a penalty against Pan Hellenic in the last 2 minutes and the Greeks lost the plot , invaded the pitch waving umbrellas , great viewing from the muddy clay hill We grew up riding bikes through the market gardens to watch Marconi play on Sunday afternoons when there was only a tin shed at the park , now look whats there.
  3. Rale Rasic , he is 84 now but Famous for saying Marconi Left fullback Keith Gallacher could have been one of the great Australian Soccer players and better that his Scottish international father if he trained harder. and he coached Australia Then there is Raul Blanco , what a character 78 year old now. Sit down with these 2 and Manfred Schaefer and learn the history of Australian soccer and great coaches and players of their time.
  4. so Riddler do you see yourself as expert because you have been here longer , sadly half the stuff you say is unintelligible
  5. some people stopped going to training when wanderers put a sign up stopping people harassing players at the gate during training I seen one bloke and his missus storm off when the WSW employee enforced the sign
  6. Not sure what you are trying to say Riddler but you finally got one right
  7. Hmm as soon as the riddler arrives the sense of discussion goes down the drain
  8. all we need to do is score 3 they score 2 and we win , really simple mathematics Plus the fact the Grub Popa is in our home Covic thinking he is dealing with Popa
  9. Great debut for the lady referee in Melb city v Newy tonight , allowed the game to flow ,puts King in the earlier game to shame
  10. Stefan Mauk could fill a midfield role for WSW , on the outer in Brisbane
  11. The riddler is back Babbel will get an opportunity to field a team with Cox in it, be assured of that 😀
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