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  1. Lmao. not Bruce or his agent. Wanderers fan from ctown. RBB member. Currently living in Melbourne though. Pretty much just stating that the team is missing an experience leader. (Pretty much what we lost in Santalab or NTS). Doesn't really need to be somebody to put on the pitch. Even to have as a mentor within the coaching staff. There is no leadership on the field. As soon as the lads get scored on, heads drop. Need somebody there to keep their chins up and hold some pride.
  2. Just throwing this out there... (will probably get laughed at) But I think we could do with somebody like Bruce Djite on the team. Just for locker room purposes. Somebody who can be an outspoken leader for the club, has the experience to potentially fight for a starting spot, bring in some steel, and has the knowledge of the league. Aus citizen and would be a cheap acquisition.
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