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  1. Unless Muller start the best we can hope for here is likely to be a draw. Would really love to see some of the kids prove me wrong though.
  2. If playing with that 11 would it not make more sense to have Kamau and Georgevski as WB, slip Ziegler back into CB?
  3. Anyone know how the ticket release system works? I tried the other day but didn't seem to be functional. Also what do you get, like store credit type thing?
  4. Would have been a solid goal if there hadn't been a pesky head in the way
  5. Last time I was at Campbelltown they had green demon cans. Can't go better than that.
  6. 77 forward on fifa, with some apparent decent pace too. Looks to be a decent signing
  7. Isn't he an ex-youth prospect though? Pretty sure he was dropped and went off to play for Mt Druitt
  8. Training camp is Oct 7-15, so hopefully we will have him back in the next few days. So would be sceptical of him starting a Friday match
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