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  1. Shame we never got to see what he would really have been like with a season, he looked decent but not like he would light the league on fire. Probably better than Troisi at least.
  2. I saw a post somewhere else, Reddit I believe, that started 9/Stan had a bid for 32 mill/season? Foxtel can burn for their insulting 12 mill offer.
  3. Would be pretty absurd for him to drop 3x cap on a marquee. Think people need to be a bit more realistic with their expectations.
  4. Well he is on the bench, but then a previous post by the WSW stated that he was dealing with a hip injury still. Maybe he is still just off good enough to play, but there in case of emergency?
  5. Really hope McGowan is one of the two headed to NJ... **** he is bad
  6. He’s a youth player with plenty of room to grow, performing well enough to justify his spot. It’s a potential earner for the club to sell and justify their youth investments. Would be disappointed to be wasted on an early transfer for a player we don’t need 6 months early.
  7. Natta starting again over Tass, could well be moving him on.
  8. Maybe they’ve decided to put their money on Natta as our youth CB. Meaning Tass won’t get the game time he is after. That’s only real reason I could see that happening, will be a shame. I’ve been a big fan of Tass. Also not sure if we even need Urga at the moment?
  9. https://twitter.com/Gatty54/status/1378969192221696003?s=20
  10. Good to see we got a solid win, but no Tass in either the AL or NPL2 team this week?
  11. Based on recent form not bad options, but at the same time I’m seeing it as a pretty tough game that I’d be happy to draw. I’m throwing the sun in the multi but probably about it, maybe loose change on the come from behind too.
  12. Can we get an update before this weekends round? Looks like we are sitting in about 4th on PPG?
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