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  1. Mustafa just picked up a Mazda in Penrith, according to his Instagram vid. Basically this of course confirmed his signing with us post injury recovery.
  2. Unlikely, I was under the impression his contract runs out. Also don't really know how much someone would be willing to pay for him with a transfer.
  3. Will be good to see what Mutch is capable of, hopefully he isn’t made of glass either as his last few years might suggest
  4. Yeboah also missed two tap ins during that warm up, looked around awkwardly after each.
  5. Interesting option, I honestly thought we were terrible for a significant portion of the game. If we want to do anything this season we should be putting away teams like MV. Also thought Natta was average at best, maybe a player that I’d say slips into the bench. He’s young but hopefully he gets there soon enough. We’re definitely missing Muller, McGowan and Tass. Duke will also help us step up another level up front too.
  6. Cheers, almost forgot to go put a bet on for tonight
  7. Going to be rough few weeks with out starting two CBs out. Hopefully they won’t take too long.
  8. Seeing the replay of the almost goal, Kamau really should have received a penalty of that take out as he tried to finish it. VAR as usual trash. Meredith blasted him to the back of the neck, no attempt at the ball.
  9. I don’t think anyone can seriously doubt his effort, definitely not this season at least. His quality at times and pace has been lacking. But he gets in right place when his legs allow it and makes some smart plays. He definitely didn’t deserve to be subbed, he had another goal coming
  10. Pulled off his feet, arm wrapped around his body. How is that not a penalty
  11. Just **** Troisi right off. Should have left him to rot at Adelaide
  12. Will be difficult game with Ziegler starting and no Muller. Hoping the boys are up for it.
  13. He just turned 30 and had a second kid, it was well worth the significant pay bump for him to head there for even just the one season. He wasn’t going to go anywhere particularly better than a league really
  14. Sounds like a good plan. He had pedigree at one point, a lot of time spent injured means we shouldn’t commit. Hopefully he can deliver
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