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  1. It would be if we didn’t continue to play him out of position. He deserved better.
  2. Hype the **** up all, we’re back on track with this upcoming signing(?) of someone.
  3. If we don’t get him hopefully he can get a European offer. He was up there for Motm against Argentina, if he keeps it up might help his case.
  4. I don’t see us buying one, I think he has Troisi as that role. I don’t think he is enough, but I don’t see us forking out for a replacement there over other spots.
  5. I’m sure the 200k difference also helped him make his choice.
  6. To be fair it wasn’t a matter of us vs them, it was a matter of $1 mill vs $1.2 mill. $1 million was already higher than he really should be getting.
  7. If we offer 1 mill a season for 3 years we can find ourselves a very solid foreign player.
  8. Seems like he won’t be announced for a new club till at least tomorrow, a signing of his caliber (plus the money spend on him) would have a teaser not just a random late night announcement.
  9. Couldn’t imagine Gordon running up and down the wing all game like a wingback.
  10. He’s also been completely wrong fairly often, he seems a guy who just repeats what he hears around. Also to completely talk out of his arse at time. I’m also just sceptical of that convo, looks fake af. However, we’ll see soon enough.
  11. We were shocking in defence this season, no way we can by without a significant signing in the backs.
  12. It just never clicked for him, maybe it was the style we played. He clearly can bang some away when you put a ball through for him
  13. Not good enough, other than a game or two here and there. Not the quality we need if we want to compete for a top 4 spot. However, with a year left on his contract it’s what we’re stuck with.
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