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  1. Are we just waiting for the second Grozos, so we can pretend it was about him this whole time?
  2. Liked Tate other than his left foot, if made to cut back onto his left to cross the ball he flops a little
  3. My guess is that he'd kick it with both feet in that situation
  4. You really can't take much from that game, we used literally 5 players of starting 11. Just getting minutes in the legs of youth and a few who hadn't had a run out yet
  5. Yeah, really hasn't achieved anything overseas. Just floated through a few clubs, had some injuries and barely scored throughout that time
  6. Hopefully not much longer then, only one month till our first match
  7. Squad for this 30 minute half: Warshawsky, Marras, Triantis, Pagden, Constable, Pelekanos, Hovar, Carluccio, Kamau, Lopane and Cox #WSW #WSWvCCM
  8. 2-2 is fine considering other than 4 players was the youth
  9. Tbh I used to give back my participation trophies. If only my skills actually matched my attitude 😂
  10. Come on now, you have to remember everything our club does must be met with extreme negativity!
  11. I took that as saying that overall the team lacks experience, so they're a younger squad mostly.
  12. Would make more sense though, we've used our 5 foreign spots and there hasn't been anything to suggest we'd be opening one/receiving another
  13. Away game at Wollongong doesn't sound bad
  14. All NSW are 50% aren't they? Tbh even if it opens up, it's not something we'll have to worry about
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