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  1. Very young are actually fine surprisingly, however the rest are a fair concern. It's a shame, but we need to do it
  2. What an absolute bullshit article. Most clubs still have their players yet to be renewed. This is how the a league works, most contracts will be sorted closer to the end of season. We'd be 'set to lose' a serious chunk of our team currently, as would most other clubs...
  3. I'd have agreed when he was playing for Socceroos previously, yet not getting club game time. But he has had a a good season in the MLS, its a shame he isn't getting time atm. He would kill it down the left if he came back.
  4. To be honest, you left with a group of people that had been kicked out. You can't expect to turn around and get back in.
  5. I'd be surprised if Duke went to another Aus club, if anything I'd expect him to try his luck at a lower level overseas. Hopefully he decides to stick around though, been a big fan since his first game. Gives his all
  6. You watch the way the RBB behave and it's clear they bring on action by the police, but I was watching people being grabbed and carried out with hands wrapped around their throats. You can't expect a mob that size to react well to such overly aggressive tactics.
  7. Oh we absolutely would be, but you never know what they could be willing to throw out. I'd hope he'd stay, but realistically he came here originally due to Babbel. I'll be absolutely gutted if they managed it
  8. Who got man of the match? If it was anyone other than Kamau he was robbed.
  9. Doubt it, he wouldn't be leaving mid season for a team not playing till next season
  10. Can we please just play Muller in the position he has played his whole career? He killed it when we did.
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