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  1. Better for us, but an absolute shame for Brisbane and the league if he doesn't
  2. Well if played in their correct positions we'd be able have both. I honestly felt that we saw some pretty good football from Majewski. Wouldn't be opposed to getting him back as well as Mueller
  3. Radoslaw was two year contract, right? JP:Radoslaw is still on injury-replacement. He’s back in Poland and he is improving a lot. He’s getting closer to where he wants to be #WSW
  4. Hope that the club has all the players doing something similar
  5. Ah yeah, that's a fair expectation. Maybe I just label the finals incorrectly then, is see semifinals as the game that qualifies you for the GF
  6. So basically for us to get to the GF is your min requirement of him? Have you seen how our team played most of this season? Top 6 is best we'd be looking at for a finish really. Of remaining games two difficult games against edge of 6 WU and PG, two must wins against MV and CM, and a probable loss with WP.
  7. To be honest I'd be totally fine with them keeping mine. However, I understand some people's financials are different to mine.
  8. Would be a very solid first marquee to base your signings around. Make a strong statemnt
  9. Neither are as good as Leckie though. I really don't know if I could see him back here. It would have to be if he didn't see himself getting proper game time elsewhere surely.
  10. Absolutely, would be one of the top marquees you could get in the a league
  11. World game is up there with ftbl for quality these days
  12. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/celtic-snap-up-wanderers-starlet-nikolic Another one of our youth off overseas, this one notes some compensation
  13. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/sporting-lisbon-pounce-on-wanderers-rookie-ortiz How much potential have we lost here? I didnt keep up with that NYL players as much recently, so haven't heard much about him
  14. Very young are actually fine surprisingly, however the rest are a fair concern. It's a shame, but we need to do it
  15. What an absolute bullshit article. Most clubs still have their players yet to be renewed. This is how the a league works, most contracts will be sorted closer to the end of season. We'd be 'set to lose' a serious chunk of our team currently, as would most other clubs...
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