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  1. Know which team, and how well he plays for them, he has been in? The NPL team looks like he's only played two games so far?
  2. I'd really like to see how that English striker at Wolves goes in A-league. Top scorer for NPL but overlooked because of his international spot. Went to Perth and didn't get a go these last few rounds because of Popovic nepotism
  3. Yeah but honestly no price for an a league player is likely to match oil league payment. Plus with the difference tax they receive over there. Both club and Duke said he received a significant offer to stay, and I'm inclined to believe they actually made the effort in this case. (Despite the many failures to do so previously). Possibly due to the perception of the club and their lack of retention of players due to not offering better contracts
  4. Fair enough, I'd heard something similar before. Do you know what age we have as our cut off for the youth team? I'm guessing we just let them move on after that?
  5. Were looking like we might win our first game for NPL. Which is nice I guess, but when looking at Syd FC youth it's a bit disappointing to compare. They're top of the ladder, about to finish of Sydney United 4-1. Do FC treat their youth team the same as us? Restriction for ages etc?
  6. Oh yeah wow, there's definitely no party there
  7. Season starts December from what I understand (could be wrong), but that's fair enough for him to return for a bit. Hopefully they give him a program to have him somewhat ready to go for preseason training
  8. Adams is nowhere near starting quality. Our only youth I back at the moment are Russel and Tass
  9. I've always been a fan of Elrich, he was too slow sure but he had much better positioning than many of our other defenders at the time and always put in the effort. He saved many goals for us.
  10. Amino has just had contract pulled, $2 million over 3 years. Probably will stay in Europe, but could be worth a look?
  11. https://www.polsatsport.pl/wiadomosc/2020-08-03/radoslaw-majewski-do-wziecia-za-darmo-pilkarz-odchodzi-z-western-sydney-wanderers/ Majewski won't be returning it appears, contract won't be renewed
  12. After seeing that flogging Barcelona got in the UCL surely he will be looking for a new team
  13. Disappointing to see Russel off too, he's been killing it today again.
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