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  1. We've basically filled up all our spots, and a lot earlier than we have in previous seasons. Tbh I'm very pleased with where we are at the point, keen to see the quality that Babbel will fill those with.
  2. Better win than you'll get from TAB, got us at $12
  3. Know who was 24 against Blacktown? He was probably a standout in for the weekend from what I saw.
  4. Considering going to this tonight, what's entry likely going to be, is it cash and what's food/beer situation? Also players of note to watch out for?
  5. I'm quietly optimistic about us this season having at the very least a decent run
  6. So that makes it 5 visa, waiting on Zeigler to make it 4?
  7. When the world game is the only one writing about it, you can just about guarantee it's another of their baseless stories for the sake of posting something.
  8. Would be interesting to know what exactly is the price we weren't willing to pay
  9. Cahill did pay back the club for his season he bailed on from memory though. Cahill bailed because he wasn't going to get played really. Surely if you are doing a contract in that style you would have some sort of clause to prevent them bailing after their big pay seasons.
  10. Surely we would have heard upon a press announcement by Wanderers coming up if it was us
  11. Yeah I missed that when I scanned the article over, just assumed he was an overlooked Aussie playing in the NPL. Sounds like it would be a waste of a visa really then.
  12. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/npl-transfer-radar-wolves-star-attracts-a-league-interest-524723 Think it would be worth investing in a back up striker from npl, or would they be expecting more than we should be putting aside for that?
  13. Saw someone pointed out that 7 of those goals were during their smashing of Brisbane and Mariners. So if you take those 3 games out, it's 13 in 30.
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