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  1. Doubt it, he wouldn't be leaving mid season for a team not playing till next season
  2. Can we please just play Muller in the position he has played his whole career? He killed it when we did.
  3. Two key things I got from it, A. **** Bossi, B. Babbel seems such a sincere guy still, really wish he had have got some results
  4. I sincerely doubt it, I'd expect we wouldn't be willing to have a mutual termination. We couldn't afford to lose him
  5. What would be the point of 4 weeks, if we've dropped our coach we'd better have a plan
  6. Don't forget Baccus would have a good chunk of his wage reduced due to the loyalty rule
  7. Trasnfermarkt says he is playing in Portugal 3rd div? I feel we could aim higher
  8. Can anyone tell me what the Duke potential red card incident early on was, the one they asked Mueller about in the post game interview? Approx time too.
  9. It's tiredness. Duke was cooked, and so were plenty of our players. Middle of summer and we are not using our sub, insane.
  10. I'd honestly be more pissed off if we had another change in management. Our reputation will be much worse off than if we were to have another failure season.
  11. Was he actually a hit though? Everyone was saying that they didn't think he was up the level we wanted of an international CAM.
  12. Wouldn't be that upset to be honest. It's that or he sits on the bench/reserve till he steps up to this mythical level he is so often talked about being at.
  13. Insane that people would suggest another turnover. That's just what we need, more instability...
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