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  1. Couldn't see duke getting knocked off starter, he is out captain. Though a marquee with yeboah fighting for a spot would be solid front line
  2. Can't call it the same thing, Traore is 5 years younger than Berisha.
  3. Berisha would be a step back on what we've been doing. Do you think FC or Victory would be signing him as their primary striker?
  4. Zero minutes by the look of it, not mentioned in the days squad
  5. I don't think I can support anyone who drinks coffee from Gloria Jean's
  6. TAB FFA winner has us at $4.50, has come down in the last two weeks by $1.
  7. So then it would be a decent benchie? Because it would be hard on Duke or yeboah to be dropped to a bench role.
  8. So with all the talk of another striker, where would we fit him? Considering the current formation we've been using?
  9. Has there even been a suggestion that there is something on today, or are you all just out of things to do?
  10. We've moved from 4.75 to 5.50 on TAB since winning that game to take the FFA cup, apparently we should have gone double digits
  11. The defence didn't cause him to get a red card or cause that corner last season. The defence also didn't cause him to tell fans it's only a game. The only place I'd like to see him is at another team.
  12. Duke for sure, he captained before he was injured against Leeds and was showing he deserved it last season. Maybe Schwegler will be VC.
  13. I think those results would put us up on 312 points for the championship. So 12 off first place, potentially we could still win it. Shame we've dropped so many points in the first team recently.
  14. Looking forward to what's coming out of our youth over the next few years
  15. Could Juric win us the comp? I don't know that he has realistically impressed in his time away. Considering the potential wage he might ask, I'd rather wait a little longer and see what's available
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