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  1. Looks like that's now changed, no mention of any storms on Sat anymore and only a slight 10% chance of any rain now. Touch wood!
  2. It's not there anymore, can only assume it wasn't part of the last ticket release as they'd already used up their 2,000
  3. And Müller too by the looks of it, he's not even in the country yet
  4. We now know what the Eagle was referring to as well
  5. https://www.transfermarkt.com/nicolai-muller/profil/spieler/39426
  6. Like Babbel said post match, the ones who came to us late or are back from injury (Meier, Sullivan, Duke, Jurman) struggled a bit. Duke played within himself but you could tell he wasn’t fully fit after recovering from that knee injury. Jurman also struggled towards the end but he was still our best defender by a mile, he’ll be huge for us. Meier and Sullivan coming off wasn’t surprising, hopefully Grozos keeps progressing as you could see the difference when he replaced Sullivan, when he’s fit enough to start he’ll be our best option to replace Raddy...
  7. Spoke to him before the game, said he was a little bit short for this one and they didn’t want to risk him with a short turnaround, will be ok for Friday.
  8. Sydney 7’s on in the first week of Feb as well, two days of Rugby
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