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  1. Last year he tweeted about Marseille when they were in the Europa League final, so think he likes to get involved when his former clubs do something of note, but then again he didn't congratulate Galatasaray last year....
  2. Believe that's just his market value the £2.25m. It's a free transfer as either his contract was up or he had a clause that he could leave if Hannover were relegated to BL2 (which they have been)
  3. And then not long after this he backtracked and said he'd be a good fit for us.....
  4. Already over there from what I understand, but spending time with the family first. He wasn't at the team function last week (Thursday) and we were told he had "returned to Germany to see family and enjoy his holiday.
  5. Long time reader, first time poster! Had an interesting chat with Vedran at a club function last night. Basically said he has 3 years remaining on his contract and wasn't looking to go anywhere. Wasn't sure what the coaches plans were for the upcoming season but was pretty confident he was staying. Also, not sure if anyone knows this (he mentioned that the club kept it quiet) but he has been playing since round 13 with a tear to his rotator cuff which may require surgery in the next week or so depending on how it heals, he was getting injections prior to each match. The goal he conceded against Adam Taggart did more damage apparently....maybe would have been best if he sat it out and got it fixed based on the last few months of the season....