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  1. Red and Black active now listed as "Limited Availability" Good signs
  2. Probably some under the cap, some in brown paper bags How are they fitting him in with the signings they've already made?
  3. Looks like some areas are starting to sell out, single seats only for some of the categories now....
  4. Sounds like Brattan is off to Victory if the reports today are anything to go by.... Going off MB’s statements it doesn’t appear there is anything imminent for us #stilllooking
  5. What's going on here? New jersey or something more exciting do we think?
  6. Yep, lol. Then again I'm happy with my seats, wouldn't be able to get anything close to that now so worth the money
  7. Anyone else get the ticketek offer via email? All tickets now 50% off, Cat A tickets now just $50. Might speed things up a little.... Only appears to be Cat A, Cat B at this point though, probably the two they are struggling to sell
  8. Babbel did say he was "close to 100%" so maybe just not risking him at this early stage of pre-season
  9. Perhaps that doesn't count the corporates (can now see Leeds fans are available to purchase there). Not sure if the corporate tickets are available on ticketek but I'd assume the PAX is their number sold through their system?
  10. True, definitely don’t think the two he was dealing with would come to the party. Only club that could probably afford him after that is MV, but would Kurz want him? Couldn’t see their fans being happy with it...
  11. Would suggest an A-League move is back on the cards?
  12. Well at least we can put this rumour to bed
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