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  1. I see what you did there, but no thanks 😉
  2. This. The club can't win no matter what they do it seems. Things were obviously not working, the players had been complaining (allegedly) about a lack of tactics and this all falls on the manager. JP may well have been preparing the team but it would have been on Babbel's instruction in terms of the way he wanted to set up, play etc. Time to see what JP is made of now and whether he has anything different to offer.....
  3. DT this morning, the paywalled article people were after
  4. A-League: Markus Babbel to be sacked following Wanderers emergency meeting The entire Western Sydney Wanderers coaching staff and playing group have been called in for an emergency meeting which is set to spell the end of Markus Babbel’s time in charge. Western Sydney Wanderers appear set to sack coach Markus Babbel after the entire coaching staff were summoned to the club’s training ground for an emergency meeting on Monday morning. With the players absent on a day off in the wake of Sunday night’s 1-0 defeat to Perth, the Wanderers’ patience with Babbel appears to have run out
  5. Looks like that's now changed, no mention of any storms on Sat anymore and only a slight 10% chance of any rain now. Touch wood!
  6. It's not there anymore, can only assume it wasn't part of the last ticket release as they'd already used up their 2,000
  7. And Müller too by the looks of it, he's not even in the country yet
  8. We now know what the Eagle was referring to as well
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