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  1. There comes a time to sign bulut 100k deal plus 10k a goal and 100k after 10 games , bring back the golden one you know you should ,bring back mitch forgive and forget , 100k deal plus 100k after 10 games, stop the pain in front of the goals , they just lost there way help them ,we need there passion
  2. There comes a time when true leaders lead the club forward, its true you have made great strides forward in all aspects ,stadium,training ground, coaching team ,junior development,etc, it speaks volumes for your ability, passion ,kindness,resolve, management,wisdom, your a good man Paul , As an admirer of your leadership, and team and your ability to fix any weakness in the club ,my hats of to you sir, but there is still something that bothers the clubs supporters and hurts your attendance and membership drive, that is the focus on the cream players the ones that will make the difference the ones that will make the team great again,pick the markees you want and tell your ceo don,t come back without them , that is the only thing holding us back , the investment you make on the next 2 players will give an overall boost to your coach, players ,staff ,supporters ,rbb ,membership, and in the stands [12th man] only you can do this , Thats the missing key to the trophy cabinet we won the competition the first year we were born, PUT that smile back on our faces,
  3. Times are changing at our club with limited contracts on offer now , and with lots of talented players yet to secure there future , Managers would be working overtime to try and prolong there clients careers, just by delaying an offer could prove costly now , History shows that smart coaches know the games played and run out of patience because players for whatever reason don,t agree , the secret to a long career is to not do things that harm it , delay now and you might find the contract on offer has gone , and you mite have to realise you made a mistake ,because the club just moved on with out you , there comes a time to settle down and play the game you love , new stadium , new training setup, new improved coaches, new season, new direction, the rbb leading the way in the stands ,what more could a player want , trophies well come and earn them with a club that cares for you,
  4. tyson

    Daniel Lopar

    Gone are the days when we would buy players because they were cheaper ,now days we buy quality and support the team with really talented young men ,all goes well for our future now as they grow in front of eyes on game day ,where they have with hard work earned the right to play ,
  5. Our team has been hand picked the lazy ones were let go to pretend at other teams , some people still have there heads in the clouds , while we are just starting to realise we knocked off last years best team last night,and our club is focused on the long road ahead, one derby game does not make a season, Marcus calls the shots and our team SHOWED THEY HAD THE LEGS , and respond they did , respect is a hard earned thing to get when your new to the league , and the players showed real promise , but can they improve together and overcome ?
  6. Squad Depth, With the likes of Duke ,O,Doherty ,Russell ,Ziegler , Cordier , Janjetovic not featuring last night and the prospect of a star player or two turning up soon , with the junior base being created why would anybody doubt marcus and crew, a new age is dawning its us supporters that are behind the times ,step up and fill your role you know you should ,the famous 12th man needs to get his kit on and play his role on game day, and make your club proud of you again, There comes a time,
  7. Tarek Elrich unlike other players last year when it was difficult times at the club , Tarek stood up and met the challenge head on and never shirked his duties ,always led buy example and welcomed new players to the club and helped them to settle in ,and showed the younger brigade what is all about to be a pro player, We as supporters of the club need to realise this and get on board and acknowledge him for his resolve,,there comes a time to move forward and get behind your teams, i look forward to the new season ahead ,
  8. The marquee striker at xmas would cost the club a lot less and you could loan one out of favour player , and stay in budget ,while improving team , new memberships, shirts sales ,marketing, supporter confidence, crowd numbers , owner satisfaction .food sales etc
  9. Time to buy spira back,,, mile jedi markee, also keogh while pissed off, save one markee for xmas top up
  10. There comes a time to back the teams ,coaches ,staff, owners, and the rest of the family and make western sydney wanderers the envy off all sport in this great country. if you are in get stuck in and lets see the positive improvement through out our great club ,
  11. There is a new boy it town soon, Welcome to Western Sydney Wanderers RADDY MAJEWSKI ' What a player ' And the build up begins Thankyou marcus Thankyou mr Lederer and team
  12. There comes a time we can get together and do this ,That time is before us now , you want your club back to the top as i do ,if the key stake holders unite as one just like we did in those early days, We have to over come our emotions and rebuild our club with that passion ,do we need the famous rbb of course we do , do we need drummers of course we do do we need our capos of course we do none better , real members of course we do , you will make the difference to the players the coach the crowds and your friends and family will follow , There comes a time to stop drifting your club needs you now,
  13. We have a great new ground which holds 30,000 real supporters, while smurfs have a Texas dust bowl hardly a selling point to new supporters or a overseas players,We have turned the corner ,time to unite as one and get your friends along to support the Western Sydney Wanderers , You are the one that can make a difference, get your gear on and bring the family , There comes a time , warm to the challenge , sad days are gone
  14. There are better players out in the market , so why would you waste money on average players when the club chairman wants his club back at the top ,the great players are needed in our club now , the smurfs have never been out of the group stages of the acl and only won the grandfinal on a penalty kick ,hardly any thing to brag about, times are a changing ,focus on our club and stay strong and together and start believing because we have turned the corner ,marcus played at the top while captain smurf did the dishes
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