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  1. Israeli clubs somewhat regularly play Champions League and Europa League. I'd say its levels above the A-League If you want to look beyond Rukas stats in the Israeli league, he's also got 6 goals and 4 assists in 9 Europa League Qualifying matches over the years (one of his goals and assists were against Tottenham I believe) So yeah to me he's worth whatever money he wants
  2. FFS why would we not just throw whatever he wants at him? He's surely worth marquee money
  3. They worded it as if we chose not to keep him. I feel its the other way around though We probably also chose not to match what Macarthur are offering him
  4. Wasn't is previously stated that he grew a strong dislike of CR because of how he treated Cox? If thats the case he definitely won't be back at least while Carl is still here
  5. Given its 400k a season for ikonomidis, perhaps we were tossing up between him and Ruka. It was reported that Ruka was after 400k so perhaps now that we've officially havent signed Ikonomidis, we will go hard to sign Ruka? I know its very much wishful thinking on my part, but you never know since his deal with the Israeli club hasnt been confirmed yet
  6. We had 3 big aussies on our radar and missed out on all of them (supposedly). Where do we go from here? The remaining free agent aussies are nothing to write home about. We have to be relying on us being able to get some of them out of the final year of their contract like the previously mentioned dimi petratos
  7. It would be very Wanderers of us to try and get Ikonomidis and end up with a finished Berisha
  8. You would have to assume that our two marquees are sorted with Hemed and Ikonomidis. Hemed was a marquee at the Phoenix last season so i doubt he would have taken a pay cut given he supposedly had offers from Israel as well. Ikonomidis is also certain to be a marquee, especially if that tweet about his $1m contract is true. That being said, i find it highly unlikely that we would get Ruka as well. Top goalscorer in the Israeli league for the past two seasons would be very difficult to fit within the cap
  9. Rhys Williams incoming as well
  10. McGowan was contracted for next season so it’s odd that we just terminated the contract instead of trying to get a fee for him as he has obviously had offers
  11. We’ve cleared out Duke, Muller, Kamau, Mcdonald and possibly Yeboah… we’ve got no reason to not throw some money at ruka to try and bring him back. Him and hemed up front would be lethal. However I’ve already prepared my self for us signing Roy O’Donovan instead
  12. Most likely will be him i reckon. He better be in the form of his first season here. I wonder if that means Carl isn’t going to look for a foreign striker given we will have Ibini, Duke and possibly Yeboah and Kamau. If that’s his plan we are doomed
  13. Lord I hope not. He'll be 39 by the time the season starts. It would be a disaster waiting to happen
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