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  1. Its amazing how an attack involving Duke, Cox, Troisi, Ibini, Yeboah, Kamau and Muller can only muster one shot on target in 90 mins. Regardless of how little or long they had on the field, that is so so poor
  2. Our squad has so much depth i don't even know who would get omitted for matchday. I'm thinking probably Georgievski for one but i have no idea who the other would be. Plus theres no Ziegler or Tass, this is unreal
  3. Not sure if this is the right thread for this question, but is the fixture on 2nd March v City the rescheduled one from a couple weeks back? I had bought tickets for the original date and after the postponement ticketek said that they would honour the tickets for the new date of the game but heard nothing from the club about this
  4. According to transfermarkt, Duke has 0 goals and 0 assists in 13 appearances for his Saudi club so its understandable why he's been dropped from the squad in the last 3 games. He did start in 8 out of his 12 appearances in the league so the manager did show faith in him, theres only so many games you can play a striker when his not getting any goal contributions. His contract expires on June 30 next year and i cant see him staying that long if his situation doesn't get any better so I would say that it would make sense to push for an exit now, grab the early payout and come back home. Would lo
  5. So looks like Ugarkovic is out of the question for now
  6. https://www.newcastleherald.com.au/story/7041901/a-league-wantaway-striker-a-no-show-as-jets-focus-on-season/ Can't read the whole article as it's hiding behind a paywall, but seems Bernie has been dodging training for a while. I can't see him being a Jets player for much longer with him pulling these stunts
  7. Daily Oz Football are saying that it's actually Western United that are negotiating with Victor Sanchez and Mundo Deportivo have got them mixed up with us. Would be disappointed if this was true
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