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  1. Roly Bonevacia is a free agent.. would anyone want him back here? Possibly as a replacement for Baccus?
  2. Bobo is also off contract at seasons end. So probably between ESFC and the cows to get him
  3. Would love the idea of the club signing a player of that calibre. 47 goals in his last 52 games for LAFC speaks for itself. The club have saved money recently on not getting marquees so theres not really any excuses but I still can't see us getting him
  4. Leeds announced tonight that Pablo Hernandez would be leaving at seasons end. I honestly think he would be a machine in the A-League and would probably tear it up. He's made 15 EPL appearances this season, and at 36 it's the perfect time for him to come down under. His injury record is pretty clean as well and he spent 3 years earlier in his career playing in Saudi Arabia which could indicate that he might be well equipped to handle our summer football. Can't forget how he ran the show and scored the winner in the exhibition match against us 2 years ago. What do you guys think?
  5. Funny to look back at how we were holding onto that record of not conceding from open play for so long. We've now conceded 2+ goals in 11 out of 22 games this season... Oh and we've also officially got a worse defensive record that Newcastle who are dead bottom, so yeah theres that..
  6. So who wants to try and explain how we start the game with 5 at the back (a formation which clearly does not work), then after going 4-1 down switch to 4 at the back, then concede again for 5-1, before scoring the penalty to make it 5-2 as Carl proceeds to change back to 5 at the back???? The man has no idea what he's doing. 19 games in and he doesn't know what his best formation or starting XI is. Starting to think he was just fooling people during his stint at Newcastle, and of course we took the bait
  7. Only we could make Joey Champness look like Neymar
  8. I would certainly hope so. Really wish the club wouldn't keep us in the dark about these things
  9. 13 games and we already have the same amount of clean sheets as we did in the entirety of last season. Just goes to show how much we've improved defensively
  10. Its amazing how an attack involving Duke, Cox, Troisi, Ibini, Yeboah, Kamau and Muller can only muster one shot on target in 90 mins. Regardless of how little or long they had on the field, that is so so poor
  11. Our squad has so much depth i don't even know who would get omitted for matchday. I'm thinking probably Georgievski for one but i have no idea who the other would be. Plus theres no Ziegler or Tass, this is unreal
  12. Not sure if this is the right thread for this question, but is the fixture on 2nd March v City the rescheduled one from a couple weeks back? I had bought tickets for the original date and after the postponement ticketek said that they would honour the tickets for the new date of the game but heard nothing from the club about this
  13. According to transfermarkt, Duke has 0 goals and 0 assists in 13 appearances for his Saudi club so its understandable why he's been dropped from the squad in the last 3 games. He did start in 8 out of his 12 appearances in the league so the manager did show faith in him, theres only so many games you can play a striker when his not getting any goal contributions. His contract expires on June 30 next year and i cant see him staying that long if his situation doesn't get any better so I would say that it would make sense to push for an exit now, grab the early payout and come back home. Would lo
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