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  1. He wants his kids to see him play in EPL if he can.
  2. Still want Mile, fits both CB, DM. Trying to persuade him shouldnt be hard, but trying to persuade the club, I dont have that much influence
  3. Will probably end up at FC due to Wilkshire link
  4. My intel is Berisha will go back to a previous club
  5. Hate the mascots, my son loves putting his hand out for a high five only to pull it away mocking them! but back to the thread if we are signing an older player then they really don't need the stress of a long off season and the 27 rounds compared to the long european seasons might help them
  6. i would be happy if we banned that name from this thread, expel all who dare to mention he shall not be named
  7. doesn't look like a bad signing, they also signed donachie
  8. After the release of membership prices, surely since we are one of the highest paying and have one of the highest membership numbers we should be able to afford a marquee
  9. I don't want Berisha either, rather keep the dogs away!
  10. Oezil is from the Nord Rhein Westfalen area
  11. Can't see any players with K in the available list?
  12. Do you think maybe we have stitched up one of the big names but it isn't announced so they don't have to train the whole off season?
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