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  1. Park the Bus and play for a draw away until we get the troops back!
  2. What number will Muller be, he usually plays 27 but that is Yeboah's number
  3. Disappointed that the return to Wanderland hasnt seen the return of the Primo Wanderdog
  4. Looking at his highlights, most of his goals are scored centrally so will probably be fine at CAM
  5. niocolai muller! I'll take that, a spine who have played together in Germany. Schwegler, Muller and AMFG
  6. Interesting that it looked like back us started as 10 but very quickly got switched with sullivan
  7. Just read that Ziegler’s citizenship is being held up due to German policies of duel citizenship and complicated red tape on their side rather than here.
  8. I like, we also have Yeboah, but this leaves us a bit light on the bench, would love to have kamau on the bench to fill the utility options with elrich
  9. more likely to happen now because of no others offers
  10. A bit quiet on the squad development, we need some rumours, even ludicrous ones will do at this stage!
  11. I have 2 bad knees, does that make me a walk in!
  12. or https://www.transfermarkt.com/andrea-bertolacci/profil/spieler/99227
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