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  1. Cox Duke Muller Mutch Dorrans Aquilina Tass McGowan Gordon Tass Margush Res Ibini, Troisi, Georgevski, Kamau, Baccus, Natta, Keeper
  2. But if they release him its not a transfer, u can sign a free player anytime
  3. we are already seeing muller and ibini starting to run the ball,, that works well with a hold up striker like Cox. He has never been a prolific scorer but a physical presence and with the other two running his presence allows them the room to do this, add the fact they both want to shoot, the rest is about on target!
  4. What's happening with Ziegler and Kamau, unsighted of late?
  5. does anyone know of any footage of yesterdays goals?
  6. They key problem was that with a back 3 you need a dm who can slot into become the 4th at the back. We had 2 dm and neither of them did that role, baccus never back and schwegler more a holder
  7. No swap, Mariners clearing visa spot as they signed a polish CM
  8. https://twitter.com/AleagueHub/status/1338963652985016320?s=20
  9. Reason he left perth was to go home to family in croatia
  10. Would take these free agents https://www.transfermarkt.com/daryl-janmaat/profil/spieler/60744 https://www.transfermarkt.com/jozo-simunovic/profil/spieler/131327 and in midfield irvine still available
  11. are they? Maybe Zieglar is finally Aussie Cox, Mueller, Dorrans, Lopar, Sanchez
  12. Just read this article, needs to use translator suggesting we are signing Victor Sanchez https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/rcd-espanyol/20201124/49679801877/javi-lopez-cerca-de-jugar-en-australia.html
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