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  1. Ibini yeboah earnt the points last outing, earnt their start. Now for Cox and duke to prove they're worth. Perhaps ibini off for mutch and give Muller 10 up front. I prefer odoherty at am.
  2. I dont like the look of his knees 😬😬😬😬
  3. EIbini, please move. Good if you move, even just a little bit. Bad first touches today. Offside in build up to their corner to score ? Looked it to me. Balls to the forwards or into the box have been shite. Troisi more like a 3rd dm. Too much space in the middle for them. Need a big game from someone on the bench as I can't see it changing much in 2nd half
  4. Agree, but the players reactions to a string of decisions against was bad. That's ultimately what cost us in previous seasons. We seem to dwell on the decision instead of moving on with it. Puts everyone in that boat a yard or 2 off the pace
  5. I think against jets last out heads dropped over what we deemed as multiple poor decisions. There is a big mental barrier there that last seasons squad are still trying to get over.
  6. I disagree. His work off the ball has been fantastic. Linking up with the team hasn't been the best but his defence at the front has been great imo.
  7. Absolutely. Saved an argument with the other kids and wife too.
  8. I think you may be right... I clicked through on our date and it changed to today's. Not on sale yet ?
  9. Does any1 know how "actively" they will check id for active area against the cotton wool bulls ? Only place i can get 2 seats together is in active area
  10. Didnt we sign yo a scholarship Nikolic? Was moving to Celtic but renegged Because of all the vovid business (fair call). Should give him a spot on the bench.
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