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  1. Weren't the mariners rumoured to be signing 2 Germans before the müller announcement? Could Be there. If he is a marquee I'd be a bit meh about it.
  2. YES !! HOW GOOD !! Please tell me it's true
  3. Hopefully we are getting a fee, and not him leaving once his contract has expired.
  4. I thought I saw somewhere that maclaren may be linked with Birmingham city. Just speculation though I think. Can't see ruka going to city to sit on the bench.
  5. Besart still a free agent ? Perhaps RoD and Bes should have a cage match for a contract ?
  6. Would be better than a kick in the face.
  7. I would think troisi would probs be pushed up. Be the scamperer up front for hemed to pick up the strays
  8. It's a stacked midfield with no real heavy goal threat other than hemed. Ibini has the potential, but for some reason can't pull 30 mins together let alone a season. Hope that changes. Would like another foreign center back and a forward. I think formation should change to 4 - 2 - 2 (or 3) - 2 (or 1), but we know it won't.
  9. Dagustinno, Jamie young, topor standley, and young Noah botic are apparently going to western united.
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