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  1. From 3rd down most seasons the teams do not win half of their matches. If we lose 4 more in a row then I think it's time to go. I don't believe that this is likely though. We have a good squad. The guys starting Every week need to be benched to show that their spot is not garranteed. He wants competition for position a but sticks with the same lineups. Mix it up. Drop duke and yeboah, start Adam müller meier. Put Schwegler at cb with Sullivan and Baccus in front. Change something because atm it's not working. Despite us dominating the teams, it's not working.
  2. Start to season isn't bad. In fact close to one of our best. Newcastle game we didn't take chances... happens, that's football. Melb city game we were great but again unlucky. Can't sack coach because he got some bad luck. That's a bit ****. Funny how this comes up after 2 games where refs credentials are questioned and media asked if they are blind. Once the press starts against him the sheep will follow and he will be moved on. After the last 3 years at homebush you would hope they would stay with him for at least the season for some stability. If 10 games to go we are bottom 3, yeah sack him. But in a close competition, which it appears to be this year, sacking the coach when coming 4th is stupid.
  3. And people are still talking about them. Must be a goodun
  4. Did Schwegler come off ? I must have missed that. Meier looked good for me, not fast but glides across the pitch. Squeezed a shot off balance but on target. His first dozen touches were good then match fitness got the better of him.
  5. Looks like raddo definitely having surgery, rules out any slim hope of seeing him in action this season
  6. I waited for my memberships as my wife got them as a birthday gift. Instead of being one of the first at cook park to sign up, we did it on the first home game against mariners and I got in the 4100s
  7. Hasnt played much lately... pretty much since a knee injury a couple years back. I feel as though this is a risk. The type where you'll **** yourself every time he goes down. But I would be happy with him. Sick of waiting... tell me now. I'm not getting any work done
  8. https://www.transfermarkt.com/fabian-klos/leistungsdatenverein/spieler/78147 31, played 2nd tier germany forever. Good goals to games ratio. Never been outside germany... Just want our striker to be announced already
  9. If I win powerball on Thursday I'll fund it myself
  10. https://www.90min.com/posts/6454875-juventus-striker-mario-mandzukic-heading-to-qatar-after-rejecting-offers-from-mls Says Mario rejected and accepted in Qatar. So who knows ? If ffa want to get on board and chip in a chunk of salary I'm sure we could fit him in somewhere 🤪
  11. Just a guess. Just popped up on the free agent list yesterday.
  12. https://www.transfermarkt.com/jari-oosterwijk/profil/spieler/250471
  13. Weren't we linked with holtby a while back ? Could be a holtby there and graham here situation...
  14. Playing with 2 up front, and wanting competition for spots I'd take him under the cap no question. He may be older and slower but still capable and may teach the younger guys a few things . Still need to chase the marquee but to me looks like only 3 players for 2 spots up front atm. 5 would be better for genuine competition and injury coverage.
  15. https://twitter.com/AleagueHub/status/1170160410973966336?s=20
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