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  1. This brings me much frustration. Was looking forward to it.
  2. Adds a left foot to the front line. Might have him left wing with duke up front.
  3. With the exception of meier I think the players added to this squad by babbel have been improvements. I am skeptical about cox but hope I'm proven wrong.
  4. I don't see him as an improvement to meier. But he should have a bit more grit about him playing in the English lower leagues.
  5. Raddo has been improving. Any idea how far away he is ? Possible to push meier out (sorry big guy) have müller as marky if raddo is anywhere near coming back.
  6. I thought early on it was said if the young players were main stays in their respective teams he wouldn't take them. Is an important few games coming up for the young guys though so that may take precedence.
  7. Western union bus already sighted in front of goals at wanderland... we have lacked some creativity and will be hard to crack the blanket over the goals. Good time for meier to step up with his good touches in tight spaces. I don't think speed up front is the answer in this one
  8. I'd keep mb. Sack jp. Give mb the rest of the season if no finals (semis at least) flick him. We do have a good squad, and alot of that has been from mbs connections. If jp wants the job of course he'd make babs look ****.
  9. Elrich did nothing to back everyone wanting him in over young wilmering. Sullivan has to start, positive player. I know müller scored last week but he is still off the mark for me. The guy has all the ability but has inherited our Edward scissorhands touch. We encountered a perth team that has found some form, while we gave none. There was discipline to hold our shape, but once beaten 1 v 1 they gave up. Schwegler wasn't tracking back, a few times you could see Castro preparing what looked like a beautiful baked lime and honey glazed Christmas ham in between the lines while he waited for the ball. It's easy to point out any players failings, but as a team I feel as though they are not in it together anymore. The desperation in defence that was there in the first three rounds isn't there anymore.
  10. Must be a niggle or exhausted from traveling. Bit different to Europe. Nothing against suman, I think he's great... But youd have to have lopar given current form. The 2 Germans at the back should be good
  11. From 3rd down most seasons the teams do not win half of their matches. If we lose 4 more in a row then I think it's time to go. I don't believe that this is likely though. We have a good squad. The guys starting Every week need to be benched to show that their spot is not garranteed. He wants competition for position a but sticks with the same lineups. Mix it up. Drop duke and yeboah, start Adam müller meier. Put Schwegler at cb with Sullivan and Baccus in front. Change something because atm it's not working. Despite us dominating the teams, it's not working.
  12. Start to season isn't bad. In fact close to one of our best. Newcastle game we didn't take chances... happens, that's football. Melb city game we were great but again unlucky. Can't sack coach because he got some bad luck. That's a bit ****. Funny how this comes up after 2 games where refs credentials are questioned and media asked if they are blind. Once the press starts against him the sheep will follow and he will be moved on. After the last 3 years at homebush you would hope they would stay with him for at least the season for some stability. If 10 games to go we are bottom 3, yeah sack him. But in a close competition, which it appears to be this year, sacking the coach when coming 4th is stupid.
  13. And people are still talking about them. Must be a goodun
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