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  1. Anyone know/heard anything Kamau related ?
  2. Phillip cancer https://www.facebook.com/108683457751/posts/10158604241202752/
  3. Yeah lederer not us. If everyone is hurting and you have the capability to make your product stand out above the rest you should do it. Otherwise he should pack his bags and **** off
  4. Its a shame that the players are forced to benefits. Now is exactly the time to put the extra cash in and look after the players. Theres a reason why higher quality players don't want to come here.
  5. Re Georgies red. Guy is on his back trying to get up after tackle, player between his legs, leg in the air. I challenge anyone to get up from this position without extending the leg forward. Id like to see pics of the kids face to see just how much contact had been made. Didn't look like there was even a scratch there on the night. Which may be why we kept falling over as we forgot to wear studs.
  6. Yeboah in a time out ? Happy to see Sullivan start. Kid has potential
  7. This brings me much frustration. Was looking forward to it.
  8. Adds a left foot to the front line. Might have him left wing with duke up front.
  9. With the exception of meier I think the players added to this squad by babbel have been improvements. I am skeptical about cox but hope I'm proven wrong.
  10. I don't see him as an improvement to meier. But he should have a bit more grit about him playing in the English lower leagues.
  11. Raddo has been improving. Any idea how far away he is ? Possible to push meier out (sorry big guy) have müller as marky if raddo is anywhere near coming back.
  12. I thought early on it was said if the young players were main stays in their respective teams he wouldn't take them. Is an important few games coming up for the young guys though so that may take precedence.
  13. Western union bus already sighted in front of goals at wanderland... we have lacked some creativity and will be hard to crack the blanket over the goals. Good time for meier to step up with his good touches in tight spaces. I don't think speed up front is the answer in this one
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