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  1. Heard on the *shudders* f-f-fox commentary last night that urena was "playing for a contract next season". Has been a big part of mariners resurgence this season.
  2. On calibre of player. Easy to see the guy had great vision and knew how to control the game. Can't comment on what happens behind the scenes because I don't know, but when mutch and dorrans were together in the derby they bossed it
  3. Didn't seem to gel or get along with anyone in the team either. I base that on the lack of comradery between him and the team after goals were scored. Still think he is/Was a good signing.
  4. I rate mutch. Minimal minutes, couple of goals. Looks calm and controlled on the ball. He and dirt and were immense against Whitney a month or so ago. The guy hasn't been given the opportunity. He also has knobbly knees which look worrisome.
  5. Proud as punch for this. I think it's a great opportunity and a deserved one. Yes he makes silly errors and gives away a token yellow most games, but he works hard and has been one of our better performers in the many **** years we've had. Hard work pays off. Keep it up Keanu. Interested to know if we are getting a fee.
  6. Wouldn't call it a slump, more of an inconsistency. I dunno what happens training or behind closed doors but I'm sure being king **** in one environment then returning to a completely different one in the same walls may have caused some ruffled feathers. I dunno, just speculating. I do think ibini was trash and actually started playing better when paired with duke
  7. When he signed for us, didn't care too much, yes he had done well in his few days at Newcastle, but didn't k is much about him. It was a pleasing surprise to see players actually wanting to come here, and to miss off half the league for their players coming here. We are scoring goals, should be more goals than we have, but we have scored plenty. The defense was mostly unchanged. With younger players being the better option. The one defender he brought in has been immense. I'm happy to give him the off season, up until half way into next season. Hopefully we can attract so good
  8. I think his love of ugarkovic changed our tactics from last derby. Yes he is a quality player, but when chasing the finals, you can't put on a player in the heart if midfield and expect miracles. Takes time to gel. I think this has cost us a couple of times in recent weeks.
  9. Sturridge is without a club, and probs at the top end end of what we would/could pay. Jozo simunovic is a free agent aswell. There's quality players there, and the way we've handled covid would be enticing aswell. If all clubs can splash some cash there's realistic potential for multiple higher profile players in the competition next season.
  10. Why wait ? We're in our transfer window and he's a free agent.
  11. The guy is all class imo. I love the Cox. Shane he couldn't score more to have a longer Thank you highlights package
  12. **** rudan is a sooky little biatch.
  13. I'd base that on game time. Hasn't had mutch. (Heehee). I think he was great with dorrans last week. If he can keep his fitness I'd be happy to keep him. I think it would have to be at the expense of Müller though. Which saddens me but can't say he's been great since his head knock.
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