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  1. Dagustinno, Jamie young, topor standley, and young Noah botic are apparently going to western united.
  2. I think his wife loves it here. Happy wife happy life....
  3. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/football/news/melbourne-victory-linked-wilfried-bony-confirms-a-league-offers-as-he-considers-australia-move/ttnauksyneua1eouwt2ioi907 Sounds like a bit of a stretch after reading the article.
  4. Could really use some left field awesome signing today to help me forget about yesterdays disappointment
  5. If it's over 3 I'd be cranky the club didn't push more money at him. Over 2, I can accept if future signings are of great quality.
  6. He still doesn't follow them on Instagram so I'll hold onto what ever little hope I have left
  7. He doesn't follow victory on Insta, and he does follow us so if that's not definitive I don't know what is 🤷‍♂️
  8. With the salary cap, there are certain amount of scholarship players and percentages not included for young players/players who have been at the club for multiple years is there not ?
  9. https://www.transfermarkt.com/rhys-williams/profil/spieler/503679 Thought we needs some experience 😜
  10. Still think mutch was/Is a class above. He puts some left field **** on his Insta so perhaps he is a difficult individual to work with. I never noticed any1 in the team celebrate with him after a goal.
  11. Gotta fit Austin in there somewhere as well
  12. Can't wait to see ruka and Austin in action down both flanks.
  13. Firm pass on bumyahand. Was super glad to see him gone. We've got other players we can whinge about now, don't need him.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/352172228180118/posts/4270071749723460/ Dorrans gone
  15. This doesn't surprise me. Very different approaches by coaching staff from when duke left to when he came back on loan. He left as king **** and probs wasn't treated as such upon his return. I know duke is an attacker, but our defense was solid first few rounds, I dunno if it was the introduction of duke causing disruption within the squad or a shift in tactics and focus on scoring the goals that we couldn't early on but something changed at that time
  16. I really hope this is not the case. The guy worked extremely hard, especially when his mistake caused a loss of possession. Always tried to get it back, and did 95% of the time. 4 goals from dm is a decent return aswell.
  17. If it is duke, and "One of the 6", I think that's really disappointing.
  18. Duke heading to Japan for Olympics, which is why he's leaving his family.
  19. Wow, he's keen. Big commute for training.
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