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  1. Looks like Shwegler is back. https://twitter.com/wswanderersfc/status/1273409328247013376?s=19
  2. Disappointed about losing Schwegler.
  3. That's quality. I've always loved collard jerseys. The white trimmings really bring it to life.
  4. Probably a long shot but does anyone here have the Nike backpack from 2017/2018 that they would be willing to sell? I can't even find a picture of it anymore.
  5. It's a shame we never got to really see how good he could have been. I don't think the ffa cup games were enough to judge him on.
  6. Does Majewski still have another season left on his contract?
  7. Shwegler got his 9th yellow, right? So he misses next game or does he have to get 10?
  8. What's up with Kamau? I know he got hurt a couple of weeks back but he ain't on the unavailable list.
  9. Not good. Could be out between 4-8 weeks
  10. How many yellows is Shwegler on?
  11. Does anyone know if we will be retaining Nike beyond this season? As long as we don’t end up with Macron or Kappa I’m happy.
  12. Any update on Shwegler and Jurmans injuries?
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