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  1. Sorry, my mistake, it was actually Dorrans instagram. I got them mixed up 😅
  2. I just checked Jordan's Instagram and his story shows that he is in Australia at one of the Coffee Club branches. Doesn't appear to be in quarantine.
  3. I wonder if they are already here in quarantine or not.
  4. Would have liked to have him this season but ah well. I don't rate O'Doherty tbh.
  5. On tv or do you have a link to it?
  6. I hope they don't 😅
  7. That can be said for any team.
  8. I wish they made the RBB end one big stand like at AAMI. Would have looked so much better for active. I'm pretty sure they had it in the original plans but scrapped it unfortunately. The outside of the stadium is very, very basic and too open which can lead to the noise escaping. But they had to save the funds for the top end of the town at Moore Park and the now failed ANZ refurbishment unfortunately.
  9. Seems very suss to me. All 3 have the same reason for leaving and all leave at the same time just before the first game? They've either gotten offers at other clubs or Robbo doesn't rate them and is happy to move them on early.
  10. I disagree with the part about the RBB not being for our entertainment. They are one of the main reasons why many people attend our games, especially in the earlier years because they create pretty much all the atmosphere. I agree with and understand everything else you said. I wasn't having a dig at them. I'm apart of the RBB and I'm simply stating I hope we can get at least some turn out to stick it to our new rivals. Ill definitely be there on Wednesday night.
  11. I don't think 50% capacity should be an excuse for them not showing up. The grand final only had 7.5k and the cove had good numbers. I'm hoping they make a late post because it'll be a damn shame if they can't even show up for the new derby.
  12. I was wondering that as well. They still haven't posted a status on their social media.
  13. Can they get exemption to leave isolation for round 1? Obviously if they have been tested and found negative.
  14. It definitely does. Complements the white collar.
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