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  1. The jersey on page 10 with the bars on page 13 would look good I reckon. I've always liked a nice old school collar. Round necks are boring.
  2. This is the official 2020/21 catalogue: https://issuu.com/17sport/docs/kappa_catalogue_low_res So the design will most likely come from here. I personally like the design on pages 10-11.
  3. What's everyone's thoughts on this proposed territorial divide? I reckon we cover much more than what is shown.
  4. I'd be happy with this: https://mobile.twitter.com/villareport/status/1228710631693586435
  5. They should put Kappa underneath the logo. Take it back to that old school logo.
  6. Kappa has that ethnic feel to it which will suit our club great. I'd rather Kappa than Macron.
  7. Caltex Australian football fans facebook page and True Australian football fans facebook page. Looks like we have some non wsw fans in here.
  8. This has been screen shotted and shared on multiple aussie football pages to have the piss taken out of it unfortunately.
  9. It's nice to know that we taught them how to do active support properly.
  10. Judging by Adelaide and Perths Macron kits I'm not expecting anything exciting.
  11. So we didn't sign a 5 year deal with Nike a couple of years back?
  12. Any word on when the 2020/21 merch will be released?
  13. Looks like Shwegler is back. https://twitter.com/wswanderersfc/status/1273409328247013376?s=19
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