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  1. Such a frustrating season. We were 1st for majority of the season only to be run down by the team who were last nearly half way through the season. Having no marquee striker (after the wasted signing and early departure of Piovicari) cost us dearly again.
  2. Arnie took sfc to 2nd place and grand final appearance in his first season. Second season they missed the finals but than went to the top the next two seasons.
  3. NRL 360 reported that they are confident the game will remain in Melbourne.
  4. Fair enough. Parra done themselves no favours being absolute **** house between 2012-2016 whilst the wanderers were flying high. But I'll always love both of them equally. Still waiting to see Parra win a comp though. May be a while 😅
  5. Can't you be both a Parra and Wanderers fan? I definitely am.
  6. I only caught the highlights. Did Dukes injury look serious or just a stinger?
  7. I was in the RBB for this game. Probably the best game I've ever been to.
  8. They would be mad not to go for him.
  9. I think he finishes today or tomorrow.
  10. He's been playing and training for a while in Saudi, I don't think 2 weeks quarantine will put him off that much.
  11. Coach said in the interview that after talking to Kamau and Troisi, they may not be injured and took them off as a precaution. Fingers crossed they are ok. We can't afford anymore injuries.
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