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  1. I think the 5000 cap is a joke, especially at 70% fully vaxed. UK has unlimited capacity at over 70%. Should be at least 50% capacity for every stadium, and then unlimited when we get 80% fully vaxed.
  2. Well, NSW will definitely be out of lock down by mid October, so that should help.
  3. I should add that the extra air fares shouldn't be an issue for our billionaire owner.
  4. It's a shame that the international borders for Sydney and Melbourne open up just a few weeks after the season starts. A month or 2 earlier would have made it easier to sign players because they wouldn't have to do the 2 weeks quarantine and cheaper air fares.
  5. Yeah, I thought so. We definitely need to be aiming higher than this.
  6. You reckon these 2 guys are the possible 'up front' signings that CR mentioned last week?
  7. Timed it well. Quarantine is abolished in NSW and VIC from December if coming from the UK.
  8. Great. I thought they hadn't even arrived in the country yet. Must have started quarantine 2-3 weeks ago.
  9. Now that we have a confirmed date for the end of lock down, possibly 2-4 weeks before the season starts, I think we can give some comfort to potential foreign signings knowing that they will be able to go out all around the city and state and live some what normally without being locked up in a certain area.
  10. I'm assuming that we won't do it 🤣
  11. The two designated players slots are going to be abused by city and sfc
  12. Sounds like we have a striker or 2 on the way.
  13. Carl Robinson speaking on the ESPN Beyond The Lead Podcast: "We will bring, ideally, 1 or 2 attacking players still in that front area of the pitch. We've got to see how something else plays out. We're dealing with one scenario at the moment in the team, which is a positive one. We'll see how that one plays out." Doesn't want to rush to complete the squad now due to uncertainty of when the season will start.
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