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  1. I didn't see us advancing to next stage with this group of death.
  2. Comes to sh*t goalkeeping coach.
  3. Can't blame them. The fans are making the effort but the players/management aren't.
  4. Can't blame or take it out on officials, we been playing really bad. We have have to make our chances count.
  5. jetlee75

    Redmayne Hands Jets Point

    When is the coach going to realise that this keeper has had his chance and not proved himself.
  6. jetlee75

    Record Loss For Record Crowd

    I have so much negative stuff to write but a lot of people have covered this in earlier posts.
  7. Anyone know or want to sell tickets for the derby? I need 3 tickets in the general admin area category D. Message me.
  8. NTS should have been released last season.
  9. The fans showed up not the players. Very disappointing performance it was like they didn't want to be there.
  10. Tough game this coming round as victory needs a win to stay in top 6. But I can see wsw win by 1 with santalab scoring.
  11. jetlee75

    Santa Snaps Perth Streak

    cause toppa is good at sending long balls.
  12. jetlee75

    Santa Snaps Perth Streak

    Toppa's great tackle was the highlight of the game.