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  1. " Evil Chinese Communist infiltrator" is that Covid ?
  2. Will Dreyfus' bill exclude billing taxpayers for private ski trips to Perisher ?
  3. You wanted facts , gave them to you in the first paragraph ( in a round about sort of way). How do you know Carlo got what he wanted and not what he eventually got. You a mind reader or something. Three big signings and 2 " pretty decent". Needed 5 big signings.
  4. Been CEO since 2014 to date , a period of a bulging trophy cabinet , wonderful player and coach signings and supporter contentment. Oh wait...… Hopefully , it comes right this year as it would be about time ! " No excuses " , that's an excuse in itself.
  5. Yea bloody genius on the basis of one signing.
  6. Look it's crazy stuff. Don't know about "patriots". We had a well know indigenous role model boxer at the demo who it is alleged is a serial non-compliance offender wearing a " Property of Allah " blue t-shirt. Could be a problem for at-riskers. What will happen to the demo offenders , slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce. ? The police , legal systems and jails are overburdened as it is.
  7. Massive development …maybe sell the club and concentrate on Newcastle. Hooray.
  8. Just saw the demo on the TV. Pretty shocking and deeply disturbing civil disobedience. Don't know that a sterner police response is the answer , will it just inflame the situation ? The cops cop enough shite from the civil libertarians as it is for doing their job in normal circumstances , let alone this crisis , copping the brunt of this disobedience and violence. Fines ? Who is going to collect all the fines when people have their backside hanging out of their trousers because they have no income and can't pay their mortgages or rent.
  9. Yea effing corrupt , money hungry Libs only helping their mates make money. Young people need political role models … let's see who , so they can change this in the future. Um um trying to think , well McDonald and the Obeids have been in the news this week.
  10. You guys are hilarious , where is my violin. Due to waste ,overquoting and unnecessary expenditure on the so called Education Revolution has by any evaluation been a disaster. What academic standards have demonstrably increased to the slash up against the wall. Australia ranked 39 out of 41 high and middle income countries in achieving quality education according to UNICEF. Keeping work hard guys and paying those high Labor taxes and they'll keep splashing it up against the wall.
  11. NBN late , over budget , slow , expensive , 62nd place in global rankings for download speeds. Maybe the coaster the Labor plan was written on wasn't readable properly because of the whiskey stains on the coaster.
  12. Wasn't the match interrupted by a Viking raid ?
  13. Not quite the end. Mr. Smoggy has forgotten a much bigger upset in 29/6/50 when the USA beat England 1-0 in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. Was believed to be a reporting error when news was first received. England had worn a new blue jersey in that game. Never worn again.
  14. You didn't have the misfortune of living in the backstabbing Rudd Gillard years ? Where to start -border protection failure , hundreds perish at sea because of Labor inaction. Pink batts botched by Rudd and Mr. Midnight Oil , deaths of young installers , millions if not billions rorted by every spiv and rort merchant around. Houses catching on fire. Gillards education revolution billions rorted and wasted on unnecessary and unwanted buildings. ETS and carbon tax stuff up. White elephant NBN worked out on the back of a coaster on a plane. Computers for every schoo
  15. Overlooking there is 10 outfield players and one goalkeeper - makes a difference. Anyway , the original post was to draw attention that the goalkeeping position needs shoring up - don't care if they come from Australia , anywhere else on earth or outer space.
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