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  1. You leftys like putting words in people's mouths including mine. See when you decide to commit a crime there are two risks - one is that you will kill someone and go to jail for life and the other is the criminal will get killed. Criminals are well aware of the risks. The moral is don't commit crimes you budding criminals and everyone will benefit. All lives do matter , doesn't yours ? and everyone's who posts on here and I am assuming you are not Afro - American.
  2. Lucky you didn't become a cop , you'd probably be dead by now.
  3. Yea who'd be a cop in America. An average of about over 100 cops die on the job each year. In one incident four cops were ambushed and slaughtered in Tacoma. What happened to Floyd was inexcusable but he was a a person with a violent criminal history who is now being elevated to sainthood. If I was a cop in America my number one aim would be to make it home alive each day. And remember a black cop killed that Aussie woman in the USA. No demos ? Defund the the cops ? I'm reminded of the Rolling Stones song " Gimme Shelter " lyrics - " **** , murder it's just a shot away"
  4. Hey , don't feel sorry for me i'm not the one building the coal fired stations. It's just an opinion. I'm like a cork in the ocean with this , i just get taken along for the ride.
  5. Coal is proven medium and some of the stuff talked about on here will never be able to supply the required amount of power for heavy industry. It's Mickey Mouse stuff. I understand around 30 countries around the world are building new coal fired power stations.
  6. You guys have scored a classic Wanderers own goal here. This article acknowledges the 33 billion figure. Indigenous People / Indigenous Affairs , same thing. Just picking flyshit out of pepper.
  7. Yea well , that's what it is. Take it or leave it. If anyone else can get a lower figure lets have it.
  8. Multiple different sources. In fact 33 billion is a bit historical , probably much more now. Best bet type into your search engine " Aboriginal spending jumps to 33 billion"
  9. Those inner city trendoids couldn't care about any alleged inequality. Too busy comparing the inequality of the strength of the dope they're smoking.
  10. And the senate committee was chaired by ......... Senator Rachel Siewert from ? Yes the Watermelon Greens. Surprise , surprise. The Watermelons haven't read the newsflash that Communism died in 1991.
  11. Russell Crowe owned an alsatian in the movie Gladiator it was running along biting German barbarians. Is that what you mean because your post is confusing.
  12. .......well nobody's absolutely perfect. But the indigenous do ok , just over 3% of the Australian population and 33 billion in annual Govt . funding not counting other sources of income. Extrapolate that out by the other 97% and that figure more than meets the equality test.
  13. Not an independent assessment , written by the activist ACOSS crowd. Social security is extremely generous , there are a plethora of Anti-Discrimination Boards , Human Rights Commissioner , Equal Opportunity Commissioners , Administrative Appeals Tribunals , Land Rights for Gay Whales Commissioner ......the list is endless. All staffed by highly paid public servants mostly sitting around twiddling their thumbs because the phone doesn't ring. Got so bad a few years ago that one agency was touting for complaints. In addition you have the Smith Family , Salvos , Vinnies , Bill Cruisers free restaurant and again a plethora of assistance givers. One final point , if there is such much inequality why is the Labor Party , the equality party , not permanently in power ?
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