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  1. Another fool. That was my final word for yesterday. Anyway I couldn't give a twopenny stuff about what you think about my credibility because I think you have no credibility. But glad you follow my posts so intensely.
  2. Come out from under your rock. Victorian Health authorities have confirmed the link you fool. Link to 242 cases they admit to. Actual number probably be many more knowing how the Peoples Socialist Republic of Victoria operates.
  3. Yeah , well my final word on this. It was like organizing an orgy in the middle of a venereal disease epidemic.
  4. Both (a) and (b). In a crowd of 10,000 there MUST have been people with covid who probably didn't care , or more likely demonstrators who were asymptomatic. How anyone can defend these demos in a pandemic situation is just madness.
  5. As usual have trouble understanding your posts. What's this month garbage ? The Victorian outbreaks started earlier than that.
  6. yeah , so all let's get together and have some more demos. I'm sure your are not worried and will be there. Won't you ?
  7. Geez I'm glad you are not a Wanderers defender. Never seen anyone score so many own goals. The article you quote dated 22/6 , first sentence in bold type says no mass outbreaks. What a joke , do you hear the news or read the papers about what's happening in Victoria and now NSW is getting worrying. The demos should have been stopped , what did they achieve ? It's the same old crowd preaching to the converted. Julia Gillard has been getting a mention. Remember the Australia Day aboriginal demo when she was attacked by demonstrators , had to be cuddled by security and lost her shoe. The pictures were flashed all over the world. One of the most humiliating things a politician could endure and she was a Labor Prime Minister ! The demonstrators would have been part of the selfish bastards who took part in the BLM demos.
  8. Speaking of Greg Hunt he has made the point that the BLM demos have contributed to the virus spike. Of course they did , people thought if its ok for thousands of people to gather closely together in a demo , well why is it not ok for me go to a pub with a few mates. Complacency set in. Thanks you selfish bastard demonstrators !
  9. Yes actually came across that when I was learning the Daniel Goleman five elements of Emotional Intelligence.
  10. Well thanks for that information. Something is learned almost every day.
  11. Well i might.........if I knew what the f$ck it meant. I'm not into this lefty trendoid speak.
  12. But , but.......I thought the Trumpster was accused of being a Muslim hating Islamaphobe by the Lefties. Last I checked the Saudis are Muslims. Depends which way the wind is blowing for the Lefties.
  13. I was talking to the butcher not the (self proclaimed lefty wanker) block !
  14. Can you tell me why then China , with their massive 2nd biggest world economy is still building coal fired power stations , and at a great rate allegedly ?
  15. " Clutching " followed by " Tit " ...............really ,there may be children reading ???? !!!!!!
  16. Yes exactly , regulations are just regulations , NOT LEGISLATION , and can be rolled back. He knew that . Why didn't he legislate when he had the numbers and which requires the numbers in Congress to repeal. As for the Ohbummer thing. Honestly lighten up ! It's a miserable grey day as it is.
  17. Can't recall Yeswecan Ohbummer doing much about USA climate change initiatives in his 8 years.
  18. Sorry Cynth , honestly know nothing about or even heard of these cases. But will have a look on the internet.
  19. Regarding item 1. Inexcusable meant inexcusable. Nowhere was that contradicted , although I don't agree with the sainthood status surrounding him.
  20. That's a very light sentence for murder. Wonder why.
  21. I'm having trouble following your post , it's a bit rambling and confusing for me so I'll try and keep it simple. But on your first sentence , if you have been convicted of a crime in the past (or present) that automatically designates you a criminal for ever, no if or buts about it. I repeat this , if you commit a crime you are taking a known risk that rightly or wrongly you could get hurt or worse and you must accept that risk. It's on the criminal nobody else. I doubt the cops that got killed were committing a crime , they were just guys going to work who didn't come home. Numerically more whites are killed by police than Afro-Americans , but proportionally it's the other way round. But could that be due the fact there is a higher level of crime , for whatever reason, for the Afro-American population ?
  22. Well it will be interesting to see if you are right , if in my lifetime. ...........and Cynth , I don't know if the Trumpster will be there much longer. It may then be a question of " new boss , same as the old boss" ?
  23. You leftys like putting words in people's mouths including mine. See when you decide to commit a crime there are two risks - one is that you will kill someone and go to jail for life and the other is the criminal will get killed. Criminals are well aware of the risks. The moral is don't commit crimes you budding criminals and everyone will benefit. All lives do matter , doesn't yours ? and everyone's who posts on here and I am assuming you are not Afro - American.
  24. Lucky you didn't become a cop , you'd probably be dead by now.
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