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  1. My final point on this , a product of the times , not excusing anything. Young white women who had babies out of wedlock had their babies taken off them without seeing the child and adopted out , ever considered them ? Even today if your baby is at risk or you can't support it DOCS ( or whatever they are called this Saturday) will take it off you. Reluctant to mention this as well Welcome is a nice little earner , what about $450 a pop.
  2. Do we have to have it at every event though. Don't need reminding .Heard it once and starting to irritate instead of appreciate. I believe in one country , one people and one flag not us and them , that's divisive. Don't know of any other country who has this or for that matter three flags. Walk into government offices and there is three flags , the Australian flag , the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Islander flag. Again which other country has this. Indigenous people didn't have flags , that was a copied from the British who came here. Look with the Australian flag I wouldn't care if the aboriginal flag was inserted where the Union Jack is , even though that's part of our history. But then what about the Torres Islander flag. Can't insert that as well the flag would look like a dropped bowl of fruit salad. As for the different story telling there are/ were 200 different Aboriginal languages but with dialect difference the number swells to about 500 I believe. For me one country , one people , one flag.
  3. Couple of things am perplexed about the first is this ever spreading "Welcome to Country" thing which seems to be performed at everything from Grand Finals to the opening of an envelope , to some government websites. Do I need to be welcomed in the country I was born in. I understand there needs to be respect for indigenous people in fact for everyone but this is getting over the top and surely the overuse will render it totally meaningless or just plain resentment - get on with the bloody game ! Oh and feel sorry for the poor bastard who forgot the words at the NRL grand final. The other is the haka performed by NZ's and some Pacific Islanders. Apart from the psychological advantage it gives and holds up the game , the opposition team is required to stand there like numbnuts with a blank look on their face whilst apparently being ritually threaten with having their throat cut , torn to pieces or being emasculated. Ban the farking thing and have a level playing field for all teams. Either that or let the Aussies stage a corroboree , the Argies a tango , the Italians a tarantella , the Scots a highland fling for example to even things up.
  4. No you have totally misunderstood what I said , never said there shouldn't be a Federal ICAC and am happy to be shafted. Just stating my opinion that ANY Federal government would not bring it in because it might blow back on some like it has in NSW. And Ian McDonald was jailed but then released and is awaiting retrial so the whole ICAC NSW experience would have put the Feds off I think. Don't jump in so quick without understanding what I said. Not like you ( maybe ?)
  5. Are you that naïve to think that any Federal government would create its own ICAC. What so Federal Labor heavies might be jailed just like their State counterparts Obeid and Ian McDonald, Again , former Labor numbers man Graham Richardson's book " Whatever It Takes " comes to mind.
  6. No my fandom of him is not over the top and of course nobody's perfect , even Prime Ministers. The irrational hatred for him is over the top and that's what I'm reacting to. Look there will be a chance to vote him out in a couple of years or sooner. In the meantime accept the situation , live with it don't be consumed and blinded by hatred ( and undoubtedly that's what it is ) of what he does.Like I said it's self destructive.
  7. So he is hopeless as a Prime Minister can't achieve anything but you scream when he is not here ? You miss him do you ,Oh Scott is not here i'm so stressed , can't sleep , who is running the country ! Just looking for any hook to criticize the guy because you hate him. Told you before don't hate , it's self destructive. As if noone would notice - what a stupid statement , of course journalists and others in political circles would have been aware.It was low key because of security concerns . You or I don't know the security advice or threats that may have been in play. Anyway Scott is here now , relax. And he's bought the rain. Lastly , when can he go on holidays , there is always some crisis according to you with this guy. Not a problem for some professions they get , what about 10 weeks a year holiday.
  8. Desperate stunt by the Democrat rabble. Two election security bills passed unanimously by the Senate mid last year. How many bites at the cherry do these Democrat turkeys want.
  9. No your wrong again. Can't stand McCartney and Wings " Mary Had A Little Lamb" for farks sake .Plus other shyte.
  10. Oh god , I had a feeling that bullshyte dirge would come up somewhere. Feel sorry for John Lennon easily the most talented of the Beatles bit that song was foolish crap. And someone called Mark Chapman callously shot Lennon so there goes the brotherhood of man !
  11. Hooray , Australia need more convicted criminals to be kept here. Maybe if one of them bashed you up you would have a different opion but then maybe not , your hatred of Dutton would override your smashed up face.
  12. Ok I 'll take your word for it. As for the rest of the post it's just incredibly naive , politics all over the world is just not like that in a game where there are no bigger stakes. From Machiavelli 's book " The Prince " put out in 1532 which stated that in politics " the end justify the means " to Graham Richardson's " Whatever It Takes" written in 1994 you will see it's just unrealistic and hypocrisy in what some posters put on here. Your progressive utopian view of politics is just a pipe dream. Get real.
  13. So using a football analogy. Massively important game with huge prize at stake. One team is allowed to hack , headbutt , elbow the other team at will . But the other team playing for the same big prize is not even allowed to tackle or multiple red cards are will be issued. But that's all ok because it's an advantage to my team. Different rules for the other team. And you haven't denied being a hypocrite.
  14. Oh that's where I heard it. Ok will acknowledge your copyright on the very apt term and refrain from any more legal infringements. I hope legal action is not pending ?
  15. You should have been banned years ago Riddler. Don't know what you are talking about. But you think I care about a ban ? Ban away if you wish.
  16. I really don't need to keep fighting Labor lost. Yea but jihads have been known to travel. Canberra and Hawaii ? Auburn , Punchbowl , Bankstown , Granville . Merrylands , Guildford ? And remember the Parramatta jihadi murder ?
  17. At the risk of this becoming boring. He didn't sneak off , this was done quietly for security purposes. You want some jihadi terrorist to try and blow up him and his family on departure or in Hawaii ? Secondly Morrison is not a sole supreme being. When he went on holiday there would have been a Deputy Prime Minister to look after the ship , all the Ministers were still in place as was the bureaucracy.And as I have said before constitutionally bushfires are a States responsibility and they guard their rights jealously. He was constrained in what he could do.
  18. This is all just fabulous stuff Wendy but so what, Scott Morrison will say yes let's have a re run of the election ? Labor lost the election because partly because they believed the polls and were arrogant. Like Chris Bowen saying if you don't like the policies don't vote for us , and they didn't. Bill Shorten overheard telling some heavyweight " I'm going to be the next Prime Minister of Australia. And Morrisons holiday , he went on holiday before it was a crisis and the States were looking after it. Came back as soon as it escalated. Entitled to a short holiday with his family. Unlike some professions that get about ten weeks a year holiday.
  19. Agree that in this day and age , with player safety etc the game couldn't go ahead. But how did they get the cricket on. Have zero interest in the cricket but how long did the match go on for ? So Baumjohann is likely to be available for the game when it's rescheduled. Can;t understand the hate towards the guy. Was mismanaged by Babbel , but then again which player wasn't ( apart from Lopar). He wasn't retained or was given the arse by the club he has to earn a living and he was snapped up by the unmentionables. Didn't do much in the first derby but when former players of the calibre of Sot and Appiah score against us have a feeling that our " Team Without a Midfield " will be cut to pieces by him. JP can try and neutralize him but they have some many other quality midfilelders will be difficult in the overall scheme of things, But i suppose JP might be a genius and get the win.
  20. Can understand the decision in this day and age. Would have been played in the NSL days. Individual games a bit hazy but recall that some of the most magnificent games I have ever seen were played in such conditions. Spectators in a bad and abusive mood , desperation and aggro of the players , goal mouth incidents aplenty because of the conditions and difficulties for the keepers made the passion and excitement levels sky high. There was something gritty about the NSL that I miss in the A league.
  21. ha ha RWNJS and populists. You know when I first started posting I found the name Stringer Bellend a bit strange. But now I see it fits perfectly. But maybe you could change it to something nicer like " Stringer Pearls" or Stringer Along"
  22. Just picking flyshit out of pepper. Bottom line all faarking lefties !
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