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  1. Maybe your onto to something here….WSW won’t start winning again until the Parra light rail is completed.
  2. Apart from money players sign to win stuff. If you were Ikonomidis would you judge that more likely at Victory under Popa or us under CR (or indeed almost anyone, given our track record in recent years).
  3. Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but while I though Antonis was great when he played for us a few seasons ago, he is increasingly a journeyman footballer - which might be fine if our team wasn’t already full of journeymen.
  4. If he scores us 20 goals next season he can wrap himself in any flag he wants.
  5. Good. Looks too much like Ronald McDonald. We already have enough clowns in our team.
  6. Zidane is free. Bit of a temper, but….
  7. Technically Lederer is Chairman of two clubs that won’t make the six. Quite an achievement.
  8. After yet another season of failure it’s time for radical action. Here is what I propose: 1) Sack CR 2) Appoint one of the forumites as coach on a one week contract 3) If the team wins, contract gets extended for another week 4) If team loses or draws another forumite takes over Think of the advantages. It will be cheap. We finally get to see if five at the back is the real problem. But mostly it couldn’t be worse - and will be a whole lot more entertaining - than the crap the club has served up for the last few seasons.
  9. Look if I can find a way to sneak in without giving ‘em any of my hard-earned I will come....
  10. Nothing. Being from the Balkans means I have a deeper understanding of passionate hatred.
  11. Yes. ( I’m not a Boro fan. ) I would go to every other away games. Except east Sydney. You are not from. The balkans so you don’t understand.
  12. Three reason I am not going: a) We are gonna lose b) SCG is a crappy venue to watch us lose (might as well be cheering from home for all the atmosphere it has) c) I am not giving those pricks my money (especially to watch them beat us and end our final hopes). And even if I am wrong about a), b) and c) would still be true.
  13. Being a Wanderers fan is like riding a yo yo. Up, down, up down but in the end you are left spinning at the end of a string with nothing left to show for it but burnt thighs.
  14. Didn’t score the goals we all hoped he would, but a class player and a class character.
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