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  1. No Lopar... ...we are stuffed. But Fox about to walk away from the A-League, so the whole League is stuffed.. If a football game takes place in an empty stadium and is not even televised did it really even happen?
  2. We should have played out the rest of the season on FIFA19 with the actual players playing their virtual selves.... Otherwise #voidtheseason At least we weren’t beaten by the smurfs when footbal.... sorry I mean, the season, ended.
  3. Sad thing is we will cancel the rest of the season and no one in the MSM will notice.
  4. Don’t understand why Mack is being so tough.... it’s like he wasn’t even at the game.
  5. Not behd when you consider Shwegs and Muller out and Kamau’s rusty return from injury. Cox was a bit limp though... (There I said it..)
  6. Yay we drew. The ******* haven’t beaten us all season. Now we just need FFA to void the season.
  7. Games will go ahead this weekend because ban does not come into effect till Monday. Beyond that who knows but I reckon they will still go on behind closed doors to honour Fox commitment. (Although A-League teams may complain that the ban gives an unfair advantage to the Mariners and Western United) RBB should record some chants for the Derby which Fox can play. Or what if they allowed 499 fans to turn up (or does the limit also include coaches, ball boys etc?)
  8. Rarely do you get excellent footballers who are excellent human beings. For mine I would rather take the excellent footballer. Sure Duke is not the most elegant player but there is a place for direct, hard charging strikers in our league. These things are also relative given our record of buying duds up fronht. (See Piovocarri the human offside trap, Meier the traffic cone and Bulut the walking graffiti wall).
  9. Yeah but many of our marquee’s haven’t even been able to do that
  10. Totally agree. We have wasted so much money looking for the next Ono and it usually ends up ‘oh no’. I would pay Duke Marquee money.
  11. Bossi claiming Jurman and Duke on the way out. Jurman meh but to lose Duke would be a damn shame. According to Bossi (so who the hell really knows) club is reluctant to offer Duke a contract because they would need to pay marquee money.
  12. Surely it’s time to replace the dunny seat with a golden roll...
  13. Ok now this feeling is more familiar... Normal service has resumed.
  14. Every time I see a photo of Jurman, including latest Wanderers tweet of training, he looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Is that just the kind of guy he is or does he feel he made a terrible mistake signing for us, one he won’t repeat next season? I know there has been a bit of discussion on here of this already but would be interested to hear from anyone with some inside goss.
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