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  1. How good is our defence. Kept the Jets out and then scored both goals.
  2. Given that we are now part owners of the Jets, does that mean that even if we lose tonight we win?
  3. Lol... Rams beaten by the Mariners. (Nothing to see hear, move along...)
  4. Two things from the post-match interview: A) Nice to have an articulate coach. B) How bad is Australian football journalism at the moment - even by its already poor standards. Stupid questions but also a couple of these flogs struggled to string a coherent sentence together to the point where Robbo is asking them what they meant (which I am sure they did not know).
  5. Not much that was encouraging, but I agree with those who rightly point out it’s only the first game. On the plus side I thought we were better defensively. McGowan played pretty well as did Tass. Tate was great and Ziggy is a very handy pick up. I thought Baccus had a pretty good game, but Dorrans is no Schwegler. Troisi was ok without cutting up their defence. Cox may end up rivalling the Italian git as our least effective forward and Ibini just proved how much we miss Duke. But boys and girls wasn’t it great to be back at the football....
  6. Rumours that we are circling Ugarkovic. That would be a very good get.
  7. It’s a good appointment and not just because they got rid of JP. There is at least some logic in appointing a coach with a record of developing youth talent given the investment made in the academy. The inability to turn youth talent into a bigger stable of A-League starters has been one of our bigger failures in recent years. Also makes sense give the growing likelihood of a transfer system. I know the way it was done makes us appear a shambles. But sometimes you just gotta be decisive and act. I will, however, concede I may be giving the owners and managers more credit than they de
  8. Yes let’s not crack open any champagne till we see what we get, but JP leaving/ being forced out is not a negative. I actually give the club management props for realising he was never going to cut it and acting before the season started - if that’s what happened. Although this would also beg the question of why he was given a permanent contract before the season ended in the first place.
  9. I reckon we are also about to appoint a Director of Football (Merrick?)
  10. I reckon it’s Aloisi and I reckon this has been in the oven for a while.
  11. Maybe the reason we haven’t been buying new players is because someone figured out JP would not cut it next season and started quietly looking for another coach (who would then be able to pick his own recruits). If they do indeed announce a new coach in the next few days it would suggest this has been in the works for a while and was not the result of some recent dummy spit.
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