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  1. Yeah of course. Always want to beat those cnuts. And agree it would give a massive boost in the way you say. My point was that if we lose I wouldn’t go back to being all gloomy again. The games that follow will give us a better indication of where we are.
  2. It’s nice - and a little strange - to feel optimistic. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what happens over the next 2-3 games to see if we can sustain whatever the hell this is. Does not even matter if we lose to the smurfs given how far ahead they are of the pack. But if we can win the next couple then I will put my gloomy coat in the closet. At this stage it’s still by my side.
  3. Wow Bruce Kamau.... but DG on the other wing was also ace. Cox held up the ball real well and pulled their defenders out of place. Duke monstered them. What, what is this strange feeling... is it confidence, optimism.... victory??!! Next week we might get a reality check, but tonight comrades we celebrate.
  4. Entirely possible. Following week they struggle to even get their socks on and half the team come out with their kit on backwards.
  5. On the basis that our good passages of play are getting progressively shorter I predict the boys will come out, nail the warmup and then fall into a heap at the opening whistle.
  6. JPM has said they have made some “tweaks”. Dunno about you guys but I’m pumped.
  7. Amazing to think we had better football journalists when the sport was more marginal. Now you mostly get know-nothing flogs like Bossi or knuckle-headed formers like Slater.
  8. One he should have put away... tool an extra touch which someone of his pedigree shouldn’t (although he was probably not expecting an A-League defender to be so crap that the ball would go through their legs like that). I also would not be passing to DG in goal scoring situations.... ever. Better to try yourself. Having said all that, we gotta give him time (see N. Muller).
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