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  1. Messi? Meh... did you see him in the Champion’s League quarters. He is a hasbeen. We should aim higher...
  2. We just lost our top scorer so yeah I think we need another striker. Although a real number 10 (and a back up) would be even better.
  3. Yeah wait till we are three down before making subs - JP is dumb as a stick.
  4. Our season starts next season. Here I was thinking that Adelaide would put us out of our misery last night, but instead they give us the cruelest gift of all - slim hope. Now I have to watch the stupid game....
  5. This: “Putting Kamau on as left wing back, when he struggles at right back, was one of the key moments that cost us this game.” Exactly right. Kamau’s poor defending led to the second goal. After that we were always at risk of copping a third as we pressed harder for the equalizer. But I don’t blame Kamau. I blame JP. As Stokz and other said, Kamau to left back when he struggled defensively at right back?? Really. And you take off the wing back who until that point in the game was the more threatening of the two??? How wise was it to give JP the job permanently before we finished this season? Now we are already on the back foot for next season when we will almost inevitably see a string of losses leading to him being sacked mid-season followed by another rebuild. You can only demolish and rebuild your house so many times before everyone - fans, members, sponsors and even owners (although that might be a good thing) just walk away.
  6. Hope, belief, disappointment, repeat. That’s what it is to be a football fan in Australia.
  7. Showed more grit, but we still s***. Can we graft our way to the final?
  8. So where does it say which seat you have or can you sit anywhere in the row?
  9. So last week when I was getting tickets for the game (wanted 2) I couldn’t work out why ticketek would only give me the option of choosing “1” or “0” tickets when the club said I could get up to 10. I chose “1” and did the whole thing a second time to get a second ticket. Today my tickets became available and it to turns out I have 20 tickets for me and the lad. Two whole rows of 30 seats in each. I guess social distancing won’t be a problem. It will be like being back at spotless.
  10. You need to check your facts bud. Babbel never lost 7-8 in a row this season. And as JP was part of the coaching group YES he does bear some responsibility for the past failure. As for his current record, a few wins against easy beat teams (with the exception of The smurfs which Babbel also managed) is not a season turn around. There is a reason we are 9th and JP is part of it.
  11. I would agree with you if he was some new coach. I agree they need to be given time. But Its not like he just turned up. He was Babbel’s assistant. He was involved in some of the player purchases, team prep, tactics etc. this is why not much has changed. We simply went from the organ grinder to the monkey. But hey if we make it to the final I will very happily eat my words. Will be the best meal I’ve had all year.
  12. Starts most of their games and there is lots of competition in their midfield. And the difference is they have creative depth. We have converted wingers. My point is simply that as much of a dick as he is, our season might have looked different if he had still been around. Better one dick, than none (he says waiting for the obvious Cox jokes to come flying in...)
  13. We looked like we looked before the break. One dimensional (or just lucky) in attack. We still lack creativity in midfield because we let one of our creative midfielders go (and yes I know he was a ‘c***’ but wouldn’t it be handy if abj were still around today) and his replacement got injured (begging the question why we did not recruit a couple of creative players rather than 457 wingers). The club has also given the main Coaching gig to a guy who is a clueless career assistant-coach at best. I wish things were different. I really do. That’s not negativity, that’s just the reality.
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