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  1. You basically have two options: a) get rid of VAR and accept that linesmen are human and make mistakes, but the pro is you get rid off all the VAR stop-start, is it, isn’t it, can I celebrate yet, bullshit. b) or try to fine tune the offside rule even more (Wenger proposal et al) and become even more reliant on VAR and all the bullshit that comes with it. I vote for a)
  2. Maybe we watched from different angles... Pass for the winner is a generous description. It was a deflection. And a couple of time when we were trying to hold the lead (and hold onto the ball) and he was out into space out wide he just looked slow and lethargic. Don’t get me wrong. I think he is a great player. But not for 90mins anymore. And probably not starting (lobs grenade and jumps into foxhole)
  3. Muller looked disinterested and slow when he came on. Spent half the time arguing with Mutch.
  4. Big crowd..... free ticket scheme seems to have worked well wtf is wrong with people. Beautiful night. Great stadium. We doing ok. COVID mostly gone.
  5. Watching our guys warm up taking shots on goal I now understand why we struggle to kill off games...
  6. We might lose. Or win. Or maybe draw. Who we playing again....
  7. Crazy schedule does us no favours.
  8. Duke Cox Troisi Baccus Dorrans Aquillina. Russell Natta. Tass. Gordon Margush ok controversial opinions: 1) I like our current formation. Aquillana and Russell are getting better and better as high-playing wing backs. 2) I don’t think Troisi is bad as everyone says. I reckon he is better starting than Muller with Muller on as an impact player. He is great but I think his body is starting to fail so we need to manage him carefully. 3) I’m no
  9. Not behd...but he has not played any serious football for a while. On the brighter side surely this is goodbye Sideshow Yeboah!
  10. Bullshit penalty but as others have said we had plenty of chances to kill off the game. Teams better than Newcastle (basically everyone) will punish us. We have basically told Georgevski to piss off so why are we persisting with Calamity Ziegler and Sideshow Yeboah? At half time I thought the Cox was up for it tonight but it turned out to be premature speculation.
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