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  1. Yeah of course. Always want to beat those cnuts. And agree it would give a massive boost in the way you say. My point was that if we lose I wouldn’t go back to being all gloomy again. The games that follow will give us a better indication of where we are.
  2. It’s nice - and a little strange - to feel optimistic. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what happens over the next 2-3 games to see if we can sustain whatever the hell this is. Does not even matter if we lose to the smurfs given how far ahead they are of the pack. But if we can win the next couple then I will put my gloomy coat in the closet. At this stage it’s still by my side.
  3. Wow Bruce Kamau.... but DG on the other wing was also ace. Cox held up the ball real well and pulled their defenders out of place. Duke monstered them. What, what is this strange feeling... is it confidence, optimism.... victory??!! Next week we might get a reality check, but tonight comrades we celebrate.
  4. Entirely possible. Following week they struggle to even get their socks on and half the team come out with their kit on backwards.
  5. On the basis that our good passages of play are getting progressively shorter I predict the boys will come out, nail the warmup and then fall into a heap at the opening whistle.
  6. JPM has said they have made some “tweaks”. Dunno about you guys but I’m pumped.
  7. Amazing to think we had better football journalists when the sport was more marginal. Now you mostly get know-nothing flogs like Bossi or knuckle-headed formers like Slater.
  8. One he should have put away... tool an extra touch which someone of his pedigree shouldn’t (although he was probably not expecting an A-League defender to be so crap that the ball would go through their legs like that). I also would not be passing to DG in goal scoring situations.... ever. Better to try yourself. Having said all that, we gotta give him time (see N. Muller).
  9. I think we gotta give him a chance.... 4-5 games if not more. (Although I have started saving pie jokes.)
  10. This. Remember JT at the presser after Babbel was sacked saying everything else was going well for the club except for the A-League team.... lol On every metric that matters we are in decline and I genuinely believe the shmucks in charge don’t see it (“We have a new stadium, training facilities...”) I still remember the early days walking to Parra after parking the car overhearing NRL folk going to the game saying how they loved the atmosphere and why wasn’t NRL like this. This happened to me more than once. It takes real managerial ‘talent’ to throw that and the rest away.
  11. As The Who once memorably sang, “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” There were large periods of that game, especially when we were attacking, that you would swear our guys were playing together for the first time. Our season starts next season. (I was also really glad tonight the derby was washed out last weekend and will be praying for more rain on the 28th)
  12. Lol music at Bankwest: first Purple Rain, now It’s Raining Men...
  13. With all this cox-humor imagine if we had a player called dolores...
  14. I get it, but after Babbel (and the generally poor record of foreign coaches in Australia) it’s not tenable. I am also convinced he really meant Austria. I would rather spend the money on players
  15. Sounds like it would end well. “Ex-Barcelona coach can’t understand why A-League players can’t pass from here to there under pressure....” Shop local.
  16. ”Baumjohann who has hit good form will now get to play for them and all their injured players will most likely be fine to play as well.“ No, no... do not lament. We want the cnut there when we beat them.
  17. There are very few reasons to be optimistic. Certainly not because of last week’s win in which shyte beat shyter. But, but..... The Smurfs were really irritated by the last loss. My enduring image of that game was of the EFSC players standing around after the full time whistle, hands on hips, dazed and being like WTF just happened. Ninković has said in the press a couple times since that it still annoys him. So maybe, just maybe they will want it a little too much and will over-egg it and force it and get frustrated when it is not working especially in the wet.... Wait, stop. You are right. I am reaching....
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