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  1. The great man has spoken. Will you be making an appearance?
  2. Personally they seem too far apart. Don't know if its just me or if they're usually like that.
  3. Whilst Gladys and friends created the ****ed situation by being influenced by Jones. Most Politicians are ****ed but the party who supports workers and the environment is getting my vote this election.
  4. Definitely, ABJ has it all over him in that regard. He just seems to be bringing out the best of everyone else.
  5. What a breath of fresh air Duke has been. I swear his confidence and enthusiasm have rubbed off on the squad. Feels really good for the Wanderers to be putting a smile on my face the last few weeks.
  6. Anyone else trying to watch on kayo? App won't work for me.
  7. I think it's more like the bullets are in flight and we need to pull off some Agent Smith bullet time.
  8. Wasn't it a heritage dispute with the park? Either way disappointing.
  9. Good work Elrich! Deserved result, the boys have really picked up their game defensively in the last few weeks.
  10. Tardotz is on the money. Banger of a first half.
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