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  1. StillWandering

    Sotirio Secures 1st WSW Win In 2019

    I think the problem is they've been hearing it in the dressing room but not responded. On the difference of opinion I totally agree. Im just happy to be able to discuss these issues with people who care as much as I do about our team.
  2. StillWandering

    Sotirio Secures 1st WSW Win In 2019

    They deserved it. The performance they put in against the Jets was disgusting. Babbel could've had them park the bus and we would've lost by just as many. This isn't preschool, they are grown men who should be able to be judged as such. For the most part I don't think that the terrible performances are due to a lack of confidence but more due to lack of care amongst the older players. The younger players have generally stood up and shown great confidence given the challenge that's confronted them. Oh and good on Roly. He's been a shining light in an otherwise dire season.
  3. StillWandering

    Vedran Brainfade Costs Wanderers. Again.

    Its love mate. This **** is killing me but im not going anywhere.
  4. StillWandering

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    I just chundered
  5. Hopefully all the pea hearts who haven't been attending can find it within themselves to come support the boys. They've been putting in the effort lately and no matter the results its about time people show their support. 17000 members and last few games have looked like 4000.
  6. Poor Danny, hes generally had a pretty good relationship with lots of nsw police. Someone attached to the current nsw govt with a relationship with the barangaroo casino rort had a word in the nswpol ear. Good bloke with a harmless message, poor form by all involved.
  7. StillWandering

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Bastards. Im on myrepublic and have no complaints. Great connection never had to deal with them so cant comment on their service.
  8. StillWandering

    Football Media Discussion 2

    I did the same mate but I had no issues so probably just a dodgy connection on your end.
  9. StillWandering

    Unhappy New Year

    Hehe I'd generally agree, not a betting man but I put $10 on the Melbourne cup several years ago and im still using the money I won from that on random fun bets on things like the World Cup. Im still up by $100. Hopefully the Wanderers can part this fool of his money.
  10. StillWandering

    Unhappy New Year

    Thanks for that, free money
  11. Yeh im with you. Its the new year, we need more flair and passion. I hope its not a sign of things to come.
  12. I was actually thoroughly disappointed by his get up tonight. Played it far too safe.
  13. You're ignoring our Elrich, Llorente, Hamill backline. Hamills captain ffs and he wouldn't make any other teams roster. Oh and Rieras lost the plot. I don't think with his current scorers block many teams would be eager for his services.
  14. Cant agree. We have the worst backline in the league and not much better in front of them. Llorente would struggle against 7div prospect u14s.
  15. Wanderers flags in the concept pictures, very cool. It goes by Cumberland Hospital too so a majority of our fans should be satisfied.