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  1. Pro tip: Its $35 for students Wink wink nudge nudge
  2. Didn't get the result but playing a **** load better then last year. Give the coach and players a chance. RBB was great fun. Hasn't been that good in a long time and the stand in capo can take the credit becuase his enthusiam really made a difference. I'm disappointed with the result but the teams actually showing potential so lets not start crying like little bitches just yet.
  3. That was slick. Good job boys!
  4. StillWandering

    VAR & FFA Must Go After Derby Disgrace

    Pissed about the VAR result but more pissed that it took that to fire people up enough to give chanting a go. Ffs after two rounds off each chant most of the rbb was non existent. Fire up people, even some of the regulars up front were too busy being pissed and not getting behind the team. I know its been a lean few years but who gives a ****. Scream your ass off at the game and complain later otherwise your part of the problem.
  5. I'd rather dine in hell than in the SCG
  6. Looks awesome Wanderboy. Very imposing. Took a few pics myself Today. Geeze shes looking good, buildings on the concourse are coming together quickly. https://ibb.co/nw9wxK https://ibb.co/gWJBWe
  7. You're all on drugs. All the links you keep posting require payment. You've already paid you Pelicans.
  8. Free stream says its for Telstra customers unless I'm doing it wrong.
  9. StillWandering

    Unpopular Opinions

    Watch your back, mark my words. The ladies of 55 are militant and work won't take this lightly.
  10. StillWandering

    Unpopular Opinions

    You try to let ppl know he's not hanging around and they get pissy, all because he understands how to suck arse. PR 101
  11. StillWandering

    Youssouf Hersi

    Polenz is gone
  12. StillWandering

    Unpopular Opinions

    Yeh Goat, **** biology!
  13. StillWandering

    Brisbane Away Trip Planning Sunday 4th May

    Room booked at the grand chancellor, supporting macks bank account