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  1. As of this afternoon I saw reports of 160+. Yeh the risk of reintroduction is high, thus no matter what happens in the near future a strong border quarantine policy is a must. We must take advantage of our isolation.
  2. I know we've found evidence of community transmission, but a low number of test kits until recently has prevented proactive testing for it. South Korea didn't have the advantage of time or proximity and also had the added hindrance of purposeful spread of the virus by a cult. Yes it will be interesting to see whether we can follow their path, I really hope we can, but the cruise ship debacle has thrown a spanner in the works at this crucial time.
  3. This has not been happening until very recently. We have approximately 30 cases in our community and until today only people meeting the strict criteria have been tested. China would be your best example but in general it would seem our Asian neighbours in general have taken a stronger approach towards the virus. Perhaps we could hope to emulate the South Koreans but I don't think our populace has the sensibility.
  4. The problem with this data is it ignores the fact we've only just begun testing for community transmission. All testing was of people belonging to this group so of course the data supported that hypothesis. It's extremely disappointing that the government is willing to use us as a sick science experiment in herd immunity when every other developed nation has taken a stronger approach more considerate of its peoples welfare and the general scientific consensus. Evidence is there that you can knock the ass out of this virus in weeks and we're gonna piss fast around gradually letting e
  5. Considering our proximity to the original outbreak and time to plan we should have been considerably better placed to combat the outbreak. Instead we currently could go either way but with half arsed government measures and a public spurred on by business as usual rhetoric leads us down a very dangerous path. Treating this as an economic emergency as opposed to a health emergency is seriously flawed and ignores the fact that defeating this outbreak earlier would result in significant economic advantages as opposed to dragging this out and risking lives and truly essential services.
  6. A **** mix of both with some Trumpian thinking for some extra spice.
  7. I've been hearing from family in China that the reported numbers are way off. Approximately 80000 dead so God knows how many infected. The virus has not been contained as they're in Guangzhou city and have had buildings quarantined on the same street. The low reporting is designed to inspire confidence in the workforce as the govt is starting to force people back to work due to the impacts on the economy. You'd have to have rocks in your head to believe the reported numbers in comparison to the rest of the world.
  8. JP seems to have really got the boys revved up for the second half ffs. And agreed where is Sullivan? He's been a rare shining light this season.
  9. Fitness still seems like a big issue for us. Hopefully we don't fall away late in the second half as we did in the first. Show us the desire to win boys!
  10. It's not common practise for Prime Ministers to disappear during National emergencies, though I will agree the lack of accountability from ministers is not uncommon. That being said the huge threat of Jihadi terrorists must surely have been at the forefront of Scomo's concerns considering Canberra and Hawaii are hotbeds of jihadist extremists. Also I must've missed when the national firefighting fleet fund became a state responsibility. That's obviously why Scomo ignored requests for more funding, it's just not his job. Oh and on Scomo and his mandate, you'd think if everyone suppor
  11. $100m is a pittance yet the government crows about an $11m boost to the National Air Firefighting Fleet, wow a total of $22m. The government is obviously taking this national emergency thing seriously. Totally agree about the overfunding of the private school system. Another rort of this government.
  12. I heard the Wind Turbines generated eddy currents which contributed to the intensity of the recent bushfires. Considering all those other issues stated surely there's a better way.
  13. Say what you like about Scomo but at least he looks after his mates.
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