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  1. For those who wanted, I translate my article into English with the link of it. Australia: the fall of the Wanderers Created by its supporters in 2012 and the only Australian club to have won the Champions League, the West Sydney franchise will end another season in anonymity and will not participate in the final phase of the championship. A slow drift from a forgotten history. January 25, 2019, the Western Sydney Wanderers publishes on its website the signature of the Australian international forward, Mitchell Duke. The latter declares: "I am twenty-eight years old, I want to be
  2. Yes, I will do! It was in French, but I will translate it here for all of us. Haha, yes I write all of your opinions. I hope write all of it in my article.
  3. Thank you all! I've taken almost all your opinions and included them in my article. It was very interesting for me and for my article to bring in the voices of the fans of one of Australia's biggest clubs.
  4. Hi everyone, I am writing an article for the website of Lucarne-Opposée and I wanted to raise the subject of the descent into hell of the Western Sydney Wanderers. I came here to collect your feelings and explanations on this issue: what are the reasons that brought the club so low in the rankings? One could mention the poor management of recruitment and the coaches chosen after Popovic, but from your point of view, what would you point out? I know that many of you mention Lederer and Tsatsimas and I would like to know why, they seem to be the main culprits. Thanks
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