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  1. It is a typical CEO letter and I'm sure he wrote it with the purpose of not trying to piss off any one party. His job is not to be popular with supporters, sponsors or authorities. His job is to ensure there is a happy medium between all 3 parties and we are able to grow within all these areas. That the sponsors are happy and keep pumping money into the club, that the fans are happy and keep coming to games and that the authorites are happy enough with us not to issue any suspensions or put on extra security. If he finds this happy medium then he is doing his job. He is not dumb enough to bare his soul and speak out on all issues and set himself up for a fall. I'm sure he "gets it" in terms of the supporter culture. I'm sure he understands the club as well considering he has been here from the beginning. Let's hope things go well next season as it is another tough season ahead. This time we are all on our own and the jibes about being owned by the FFA will finally be gone as the monkey is off our back.
  2. The bidding process is a farce and is designed to line people's pockets up. The amount of infrastructure required to host a World Cup is also crazy and we are getting to the stage where countries are going broke and people are rioting on the streets due to the amount of money governments are meant to spend. I'd be happy if they just hosted the World Cup in England every four years. It is the home of Football after all and they have the infrastructure in place to deal with it. The number of FIFA delegates also needs to be cut down as there are too many pigs who have their noses in the trough at the moment. The whole situation is becoming a comedy.
  3. I swear it, and I'll happily sign any declaration and contract, but even if someone offered me $1 BILLION to stop supporting WSW, I would reject them. I think for some of you, football is just a game. It's just this fun little thing you do on the weekend, and if you lose, you think nothing more of it. For some of us, it's our religion. It's in our blood. We don't just support a club, we live for it. AND I'M GOING TO WRITE THIS IN CAPS LOCK FOR EVERYONE WHO INSISTS I HAVE IT IN FOR LYALL GORMAN. I DO NOT. I HAVE STATED REPEATEDLY HE HAS DONE A GOOD JOB AND I'M GRATEFUL FOR THAT. NONETHELESS, THAT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT HE IS A BUSINESSMAN FIRST AND FOREMOST. EVERYONE, JUST TAKE THE ROSE TINTED GLASSES OFF AND YOU'LL SEE THAT HIS NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IS NOT THE FANS OR PLAYERS; HIS COMMITMENT IS TO RUN THE CLUB AS BUSINESS. ALL HIS DECISIONS CIRCULATE AROUND HOW MUCH MONEY IT WILL MAKE, AND IF YOU ARE ALL BEING NAIVE TO THINK OTHERWISE, THEN THAT'S ON YOU. IT DOESN'T MEAN I HATE THE GUY ANYWAY WHATSOEVER. You do realise that sporting clubs are run as businesses in this day and age. If the club becomes insolvent and isn't able to pay its debts then it folds. Therefore not wanting your club to be financially responsible and be able to generate enough income to survive is not exactly supporting it. Aren't Jerome Polenz and Youssuf Hersi also businessmen. They left the club because they didn't get the money they wanted. Not much different to Lyall really in their outlook of wanting to achieve a certain financial target. Everything survives on money these days. That's what keeps it going. Religions take money of the masses so they can build large places of worship to remain relevant. Same as football clubs. Everybody wants to make money. Yes it's a shallow world we live in. I admire your sentiment if you really say what you mean. But I'm just wondering why Lyall to you is so much different to any other individual who makes money out of the WSW organisation including investors, players or the coaches? Can you explain that one to me?
  4. Source: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/western-sydney-wanderers-sold-20140529-zrrmx.html#ixzz335Shk2yk HHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH Remember when people tried saying Gorman wasn't in it for the money? And he wouldn't ever cause WSW any inconvenience at his desire to make money? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH He was good for the club, but that doesn't change he is a businessman first and foremost, and his number one passion is NOT Western Sydney Wanderers; it is money. You really have it in for Gorman too much. He ran the club well and that is all I care about. I wonder if it all starts to fall apart with the new CEO. How will people feel then? Gorman was pretty moderate in my opinion. Yeah Gorman is a businessman. So are you. So am I. I wonder if someone offered you two million dollars and told you to forget about WSW for the next couple of years. What would your passion be then? You would probably forget about WSW and go travelling around Europe watching some of the great clubs. The reason we are so passionate about this club is because in a sense it is all we have. You shouldn't make yourself appear ethically superior or less corrupted than others when in reality you are probably not.
  5. Zip I never said you were brainwashed. In fact it is the least brainwashed ones like you that suffer the most out of this. Anyway good luck with your club and all. Maybe they'll win a game sometime soon
  6. I often think that we should refer to the name of our region as Cumberland Plains. That way ESFC supporters will know their place and who they represent. Get rid of the 'Sydney' out of our name so they can really represent all of Sydney .
  7. This scouse guy is a comic genius. Try going to a place like Cabramatta or Bankstown and spewing out fascist or racist ideologies? Good luck with that. While I realise some people might see themselves as fascists (in some kind of way) it certainly doesn't represent Western Sydney as a region or WSW as a club. It is a bit like saying every Brisbane Roar supporter wants 'Mulvey Out' because a few years ago a group of supporters held up a 'Mulvey Out' sign at Suncorp Stadium. People really have to stop taking so much notice of what someone writes on Facebook or what a small group of supporters decide to do to attract some attention. As for cop killers meh. Don't we all have a favourite band or something that sings about killing cops.
  8. .......unless you follow the giants. ----------------------- P.S, tongue sticky outie smiley means joking. Carry on with whacking day gentlemen. I think in NSW we can all tolerate the fact that one guy might follow and prefer Football, RL, RU or even AFL. There is an acceptance that we all have different tastes. Sydney Swans don't cop it simply unlike GWS because they blend into the envirnonment well. One thing I like about Sydney is that they don't shove RL down the throat of any people who visit or immigrate into this country despite it being culturally the strongest sport for the last 100 years. Meanwhile in little old Melbourne town you are expected to immediately pick an AFL team to follow, get used to constant AFL conversation everywhere you go and we get to see cringeworthy stuff like have the likes of Robert De Niro holding a Sherrin and being asked by an AFL flog "What do you think about our game"? I like the little sub cultures Sydney has and the fact that every suburb differs to the next one. You can pick and choose where you want to live based on your lifestyle choice. That is what I mean by we are more 'free'. Melbourne to me is very generic and pretty much the same everywhere you go. Even the landscape is pretty much all flat just about everywhere you go. Although what I call 'generic' some people might refer to as 'culture' lol.
  9. It's a 20 year plan because they have the money to make it a 20 year plan. The question is can they in 20 years time turn us into a bunch of brainwashed Victards (which is what they really want)? I don't think so. Enjoy living in the free Northern states people where personal choice and preference is embraced.
  10. Zip I blame the AFL administration in general who were so arrogant in the way they set them up. They thought that we would all just fall over and be so honoured to follow this team they were giving us. There goal was always to 'take over West a Sydney' and not 'integrate into West Sydney'. Whether you like it or not a lot of the failings are to do with the way they were set up. Should have stayed in Blacktown for at least a few years, should have never bought Falou and should have not played games in Canberra. The AFL don't see what what they are doing is just so wrong and out of character with what this region is about. They still have time to fix things but I still don't think they have a clue about the region at all. Maybe the reason they are still copping floggings is because the players and club are dejected about the way they are perceived in the area they are meant to represent. I already hear one of their better players wants out of the club.
  11. I think it is well known that Western Sydney has larger South American, Southern/Eastern European and Arabic communities than Eastern Sydney. Our support shows in his way. It is more fanatical and more organised like the groups from these respective cultures. I actually think SFC's support is a more relaxed style of support based on (you are right) Pommy culture. More taking the mickey out of things and ad lib stuff. They probably throw some other things in but it really it is a mish mash of things. Sometimes sound ok, but don't really sustain it. I don't think we will have a problem with people adopting the way we support. I am just worried about a few things and I have echoed my sentiments several times on this forum about certain things. I think sometimes things can be too extreme and we just need to tone it down a little. I think deep down inside people like the rebellious look and all. But things need to be done within context. Give the people a taste of Europe or South America but just don't scare them half to death
  12. Australia is a country which hangs on to its strong colonial roots. Association Football has been around as long as any other sports here however it was always seen as more of a minority sport with large participation base. Played a lot by kids at a young age but not taken seriously by most Australians as they grew older. The traditional Aussie would prefer to play the more rugged and manly games rather than appreciate the sublime skill Football has to offer. With immigration and globalisation this has changed a lot however. The last 10 years has seen Football go into the mainstream and the a-league now gets compared against the AFL and NRL, and the Socceroos get compared to the Wallabies and Australian Cricket team. This was never the case before as 'soccer' as we all knew it was a sport for wogs only (or even worse). I think you have to accept that the traditional white Anglo Aussie won't support like a South American or European. So the support has to develop on its own organically. It will probably me more closer to the way the US or Scandinavians support their national teams. A-league is a different story as there are more strong core members who run active groups and make things happen. People from different cultures come into the fray and are able to have more of an influence. The fact that it is done on a weekly basis means it is entrenched in all the clubs. You can't get this with country as matches are scarcely played . Also with a more mainstream following the national team support will always differ to club support in Australia.
  13. I actually thought with the combinations it was the best Australia has looked in a while (at least for the first 30 mins anyway). Postecoglou is a better coach than Holger or Verbeek and it showed. Problem is that he has limited players. Still I thought we created around 5 to 10 good chances in that first half. The chances also came through crips passing and using the wide men. Leckie and Franjic were good on the right and we exposed Sth Africa there a lot. We also threatened on the left. I just think as good as Cahill is, he is not a striker who buries all his chances. I also think some of the crossing could be a lot better. But here is the problem. The centre of defence. We were really exposed when we pushed forward and South Africa countered. I also thought the central midfield in Milligan and Holland needed to a better job of plugging the holes. Maybe when Jedinak and Bresciano come back it will be a more solid midfield but it is a worry. But Wilkinson and Mc Gowan were horrid in central defence and you can just imagine what Spain, Chile and Holland will do to them if they get a sniff. The problem of parking the bus is that if any of the teams in our group get a sense of us doing this they will camp themselves in our half and terrorise our goal. It will be 4 or 6 nil anyway. We have to provide some threat to keep them on their toes and force them back a little. Either way we are farked as we just don't have the players. But I really worry about the centre of defence (even if Spiranovic plays there). Curtis Good was really a big loss as I think he would have een at least half respectable. Still I think we can offer something aginst Chile or the Netherlands. It is just a matter of playing with the heart and doing whatever it takes to be competitive.
  14. Since when did one centre back have to be left footed and the other one right footed? Centre backs should be using both feet and who we pick on game day as our centre backs shouldn't be determined by whether they prefer their right or left foot.
  15. In that case if I was Anthony Golec I would spend less time on Twitter and more time focusing on my game. I think he got a 1 year contract to see how much he applies himself this year.I thought it was more a fact that there was no room in the squad for the aleague which is why he was signed for acl.... Are you saying he has already signed on for 2014/15 season?Apparently he has thar sort of funny man/comedian personality which may have led to issues at Adelaide. There was another thread on this forum where Golec on Twitter has confirmed that he has been offered a 1 year contract and he is going to accept it. Forgot which one.
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