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  1. Is there anything more satisfying than watching Baumjohann get dumped on his backside a dozen times every derby and get up flailing his little midget arms around having a cry while we all laugh at him? Never gets old that.
  2. Brings on Kamau and Aquilina, leaves Mutch, Troisi and Ibini off. Ummm. Anyone? Anyone?
  3. Just really really poor. No movement, no interest. Shades of last year. Hope this all star bench can give some life.
  4. I don’t disagree, I think the main frustration (certainly for me) is that we would never get a decision like that. It’s borderline at best but it’s just impossible to imagine a universe where the ref would give that to us against ESFC.
  5. Ibini looked like a drunk giraffe for the first 5 mins and then after that... hello, have we got ourselves a bit of a bargain here? Ran right over the top of a few of their defenders. And Baccus was really really good. Great noise (considering it is now forbidden to speak at a game).
  6. ‘Yeboah’ and ‘lose control’ in the same sentence. Sounds about right....
  7. Without Muller and Cox on, we’ve completely lost the ability to make it stick up top. Long 10 mins ahead.
  8. We look alright. Famous last words, but yeah. Not bad at all. If Ibini has anything left and Mutch can stay fit we won’t be far away. Did anyone else forget just how punchable Abbas is until they showed him warming up?
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