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  1. Nugent? The rest that are off-contract have interest still in the championship, or are complete trash.
  2. Liking the look of Maja alot! And Championship pom?... Can only think its one of David Nugent or Gary Hooper who is being linked to china.
  3. I believe its 4 visas including Ziegler at this stage. So potentially if Ziggy gets his citizenship we have 2 more spots open
  4. Sounds like a good signing. Appears to have a great football brain and the smarts to anchor our midfield, good technique and tackling. However from all the info i have he strikes me as a role player / glue player, and if we don't get the team around him right his pedigree will mean nada. We need to partner him with some quality, and i don't think Baccus jnr will cut it just yet. We will need someone who can distribute the ball forward and add abit of explosiveness from the cm and or cam position. Baccus jnr off the bench.
  5. Looks like another Ziegler. Had plenty of soft tissue injuries in the last 2-3 years.
  6. Barbarouses as a Marquee??? The lad has never been signed as a marquee and now at the age of 29 were going to be the ones flog of a valuable slot? Under the cap or nothing. And only for a wing spot for mine. Im very cautious of keeping ABJ and Riera. Riera finding the right attitude at the end of his deal is dangerous. ABJ only ever adding value from the bench in open, zero pressure situations. If 1 or both are re-signed it must be under the cap. IMO. Offer ABJ a reduced "prove your self" 1 year deal under the cap again. Offer Riera 300-400k under the cap. Otherwise see ya, he wont even get that in spain. If we keep one great. If not move on.
  7. I'm happy for the cap to go as much as anyone, to bring more talent in, align ourselves with the football world ect ect. But your points make little sense, and their points that a few people make, that make no sense. And its just nonsense to deflect from the reality of big fish dominate in football, so don't deny it. How has the salary cap worked? CCM have been bottom 2 for 5 years. - And you honestly think no cap would have saved them, the other 9 teams would have gotten 2,3 maybe 4x better whilst ccm remained a rabble. If your a rabble in a capped league to that extent nothing will change. With no cap they probably wouldn't even exist... SFC and MV have been consistently in the top 4 for the past 5 years. - Once again, they have been that consistent with a cap, imagine if they kept all their best players and added more, theyd have more titles without a cap, and good on them. But the cap worked in equalizing the comp wether you like it or not. its supposed to be an "equaliser" and keep "clubs sustainable" - both have failed. How many players have had to leave their successful team because there is no room in the cap for them? Champsionship winning teams are gutted every 2 years because player values go up and the cap can't keep them. It decimated us. Its decimated other Champion teams in the past. - sustainability with vs without a cap could very much be anything, but once again, the cap is so players do move around hence the equaliser, hence decimating other champion teams as an attempt to equalize the comp. Which is why thus far 60% have won, and should be 70% (lets not talk about it) Salary cap works for sports that are only played in 1 country (NRL, AFL, NFL) but football is global and we're competing with the entire world for players. People are sick of the turnover of players at HAL clubs. Salary cap causes this. - Agreed, but it will always be natural for players to move on, as all clubs will only pay to a certain limit and players naturally want to progress. But it would be good to stop players leaving for last pay days in nuffie middle east and china leagues. The current system is broken. I don't care if SFC win every year. It means the other teams need to step up and do something to topple them. It means when they lose a match its a real upset not these fabricated "upsets" that happen now. How is it an upset in today's HAL when everyone effectively has the same wage bill? - This is just a weird statement. But i get it, we want clubs to reach for the stars, and everyone loves an underdog. But in our market, everyone also wants a shot at the title, and its deemed risky to keep a club afloat with zero success for years and years. You complain about Juve winning every year. That's because they've invested in their backroom. They built and own their own stadium. Their revenue streams have jumped significantly. Its up to the other clubs to catch up now. Its why many Serie A clubs are now looking at building and owning their own stadiums. Its forcing other Serie A clubs to invest properly to compete with them. - makes little sense. Juve dominate because they are rich, monopolize and have their whole machine working to perfection through heavy investment. The other top teams can try to invest properly and compete again, but the rest of the comp is hopeing for a) a dream leicester run and couple of years before decimated by big clubs, b) a billionaire take over, or c) a big club to make mistakes. Otherwise they are content because they have grown up and lived for years with this culture of always being a small club and celebrating the little victories and reaching a dream maybe one day. And that is the greatest thing about football. At the end of the day this is a young country, with a minority who understand this culture and tribalism. The majority struggle to attend when their club is ****, or play in a **** stadium. But without a cap we would hope the big clubs can sustain the league with big fan bases and big players, and the smaller clubs can find ways to continue attracting their current and new fans with exciting players or other initiatives. But all in all, the salary cap has worked, but we want the shackles off, we don't want the league equalized. We want clubs, and more importantly our cliub to be the best it can, and take football in this country as far as it can.
  8. So is the first tier rake definitely steeper/higher viewing then the old parra?
  9. Genuine question. Have proven foreign goal scorers ever kicked on here in the a-league? When i ask this i am more so referring to cases like the above when a player is an absolute poacher and has a high goals to games ratio. Because i have always felt here in the a-league it is more so ability, movement, touch and class that kicks on. And those with abit of end product find their feet more so then "proven regular goal scorers"
  10. Havn't paid attention to Daniel Georgeveski this season. But at the beginning of the year everyone was willing to give their left nut for him. I dont mind the signing, hes an upgrade on Elrich. I would however be hoping both are never in the same 11 at the same time.
  11. He had the potential. Came through good systems, had the physique. Just never bared any fruit and his club choices were weird. BUT if anything hes experienced a fair bit, should be a young hardened pro now. But yeah he struggled at victory, more so the speed of the game. Otherwise id happily welcome a good no-nonsense CB. Over lads over playing their hand from the back.
  12. On the Connor Chapman front, since his release ive been following twitter news on him. And gees there some weird **** going on haha. Seems to be getting into some kind of "parasite-gate" stuff. Weird accusations being thrown around which he is simply enough rubbishing. Sounds like things were getting a little toxic over there. I hope we bring him home.
  13. Interesting from Roly. I think alot of our front third would benefit from having more confidence in their defenders. But by the same token i think with ABJ would have done miles better then Roly in a stable side. For me Roly would have to hit some exceptional form consistantly till the end of the season to show he can me our AMC going forward. And even then i would only be throwing a rather affordable 1 year deal his way. Otherwise we onow there are simply better players out there, not to mention ABJ could be a better player given the chance.
  14. No thanks. Rather bank on someone new
  15. Looks like his distribution qualities as a young lad have finally translated to first grade football. Looks to be playing as a DM shielding the back 4 alot too. Hell he may be the right priced defensive minded mid we need allowing us to marquee our attack up! come on home Chapman!