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  1. The middle of the field is where Baccus struggles, lacking the smarts and tactical side of the game to make the right decisions. Perhaps Ziegler can have a go at dm.
  2. I think Wilmering has been kept in there as reward for form and team results. Agreed hes due a spell now and will be better for it. Its good to do this when there on a relative high also rather then getting dropped after a shocker. always good give our youth a taste here and there. I think Russel or Kamau are due a go at right back next match.
  3. Im not going to bother reading back to see what has been said. But if its just analysis and criticism of the brisbane performance then what the hells the problem?? This is not nursery football. Several things were poor from us in that match and people like to discuss it, And players need to know it too. hell im sure the players can't wait for thier video session to see how they can improve and break down a team like brisbane in the future. Constructive criticism creates pressure and better players. Handbags on this forum....
  4. Lol its just funny how people are “typing” on egg shells in here. Loosen up. Even when you somehow know were going to come good and win the league, theres plenty to assess in the present.
  5. Frustrating. Was really looking forward to enjoying 90 minutes of football. Was just dissapointing to see Brisbane look a more cohesive unit then our selves at home. BUT! Once again a point gained, and some incredible fight and scrambling in defence. My thoughts on just the poor performances. Yeboah - Simply not enough in attack and on the ball from him. In fairness ive never seen him as a winger but Mo needs to be in the side. Yeboah lacks touch and quality, and it hurts our attack with Meier playing bit part roles. Meier - Ineffective but with little chances. Just expecting abit more class in the occasions he does receive the ball. I think he needs to swap with Duke occasionally and take up a wing spot, drag defenders around, get dangerous flick on in different zones. Grozos - shits me to peices when i see young lads given a chance and they don’t bust their nut to impress. Not a fan of this kid yet. Duke - im being harsh but he just looked tired and slow on the ball. Babbel always speaks about playing with confidence, trying things and not being afraid to fail. Our youngsters still suffer from this. Muller grew very frustrated whilst the likes of Baccus and Tass failed to play in simple 5m early balls to him when he peeled off. These kids need to grow a football brain and step up.
  6. Grozos is doing well to not get another call up. Gees kid grab the chance by the horns!
  7. Duke is the first player on the team sheet. Yeboah is on the chopping block.
  8. Might have to agree that this game is weirdly a good time to chance 3 at the back. Brisbane may go for Roy and Holloway up front. That means long balls, and LOTS of physicality, also means we will face a **** load of flick ons. With no Sullivan it makes sense also. Play Baccus and Schwegler at the base of midfield. Duke behind Meier and Mo. Muller off the bench. If it works then we know it's a formation we can work with. If it doesn't well then... it never will.
  9. Has Muller started training? If so how is he looking?
  10. I think he really challenged the guys on the park in the second half to close the match out and make no further subs, even if it risked being a draw, the benefits of them holding out would be too good of a valuable lesson for those players. Especially the likes of Baccus and Willmering and a youngster trying to break through in Sullivan. All they have ever known is how to collapse until then.
  11. That was the most enjoyable wanderers performance to watch for years. Only Baccus played from our cursed squads of old, and it showed. Loved watching us defend for a win more then the goals tbh. We scored, we fought, and we did not get bullied. So risky from Babbel not to make subs in the last few minutes but he tested and pushed that line up and now they will reaps the rewards of their effort. My thoughts: Lopar - Goalkuupur-Gott! Georgevski - Solid, classy but also a little rusty. Good signs as he will only get better. McGowan - A natural cb in a back 4. Was tremendous. Jurman - ****erbuck-Gott! Willmering - Solid if not good considering his match up with nabbout. Schwegler - Mudfield-Gott! Baccus - first 20 minutes or so i sighed, and sighed... looked at my mate and said baccus NEEDS to be better this year or hes potentially done. That second half is exactly what we wanna see! Sullivan - Soooo much better. Really suited him playing in a midfield with a single dm and as one of the 2 mids in front. Showed off his attacking qualities but what impressed me most was his work rate, his touch and his attitude to defence. That chase on Nabbout was beautiful. Duke - Duke Adam - coming on leaps and bounds. Loving this kid. Meier - Fussball-Gott! Yeboah - Rusty but lively. Somehow capable of touches of class, rustyness and amateurness. All in 3 touches of control. All in all: 433 worked a treat, Babbel utilised what we have. We have no attacking mids, so playing a lone cdm and 2 box to box mids along with a back 4 just looked so natural for the team as a whole and the result showed.
  12. Surelly 433. Victory play 1 up top so we would want to match up
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