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  1. On the Connor Chapman front, since his release ive been following twitter news on him. And gees there some weird **** going on haha. Seems to be getting into some kind of "parasite-gate" stuff. Weird accusations being thrown around which he is simply enough rubbishing. Sounds like things were getting a little toxic over there. I hope we bring him home.
  2. Interesting from Roly. I think alot of our front third would benefit from having more confidence in their defenders. But by the same token i think with ABJ would have done miles better then Roly in a stable side. For me Roly would have to hit some exceptional form consistantly till the end of the season to show he can me our AMC going forward. And even then i would only be throwing a rather affordable 1 year deal his way. Otherwise we onow there are simply better players out there, not to mention ABJ could be a better player given the chance.
  3. No thanks. Rather bank on someone new
  4. Looks like his distribution qualities as a young lad have finally translated to first grade football. Looks to be playing as a DM shielding the back 4 alot too. Hell he may be the right priced defensive minded mid we need allowing us to marquee our attack up! come on home Chapman!
  5. Ideally youd hope that he would be happy with a high wage under the cap.
  6. Yeah, i would be using that money elsewhere. An AMC, a Winger, or a dictator in the middle of the park with some go forward. Otherwise if we want a role playing DM we can find that for a good price if we look.
  7. You don't need a marquee DM. You can find the right guy under the cap.
  8. Sign Holtby and Ben Arfa as Marques. Nab Rhys Williams, Brad Smith and Marrone for defence. Get James Holland and Brattan. Get Gol Gol as back up and give Yeboah a red hot crack at striker. ---------------------Janjetovic-------------------- Marrone----Williams-----Ziegler----Smith --------------Brattan-----Holland-------------- Mileusnic----------Holtby----------Ben Arfa ------------------Yeboah---------------------- BENCH: Suman, Duke, Gol Gol, Russel / Tass, Baccus jnr bye bye, Kamau, Elrich, Hammil, Odoherty, Fitz and the rest of the offcontracters bar some youngsters. Where will our parade be?
  9. I don't get why there is a witch hunt against Arzani, I think its well premature to judge Arzani's move........ The moment he was about to crack through he did his acl. He was already becoming very usefull for the socceroos which is why we care about player development to begin with so whats the issue here?
  10. I don't think its as black and white as players hitting landmarks in the league before they should move. Its different in every case. You have to consider a) just how good the player is, and b) what club and league is he going to, mixed with how they intend to use the player. Now im also a believer that the A-league is a developmental league AKA a selling league. But the young talent must be mixed with men, quality visas and remaining competitive for trophies first and foremost. No player learns enough in just clocking first grade steps. They need to experience pressure, gain confidence and play with the best available. Alot of the talent returning have taken very high failure path ways in this day and age. Going from first grader in the A-league to youth teams (ie. Yeboah, Amini, Pasquali ect) and others simply leave for very similar development clubs such as lower placed eredivisie clubs which just becomes a linear move, and sometimes simply offers the benefit of a new lifestyle for the player. All i will say is if you are good enough you are ready. Arzani looked absolute class in every aspect, and made the step up to Celtic via City with good chances of playing. Alot of players get hyped up simply because they make the grade at a young age, settle relatively well, and we automatically believe due to being 16 or 19 they they will get better and better as they age. But this rarely happens. Allessi did this, Aspro could very well do this. So many players have not improved because they never really dominated, or showed true class. Tate Russel is another, alot of people are gifting him the right back spot for future seasons. But he has along way to go now. He's made the grade, but now he needs to push on. He needs to stop clocking off after the 80th minute. Offer more in attack ect. Otherwise we are faced with another 19 year old who is either showing promise, or showing all he has to offer...
  11. for all those pumping Redmayne's tyres, ask any smurf and hed be the first out the door. He is still average as hell. He simply ha a good defence in front of him and a team that can control the ball.
  12. I must say, as much as Vedran has once again let us down. So has the rest of our defence. that first goal was just a horror show. 4 guys all on one guy, and Russel just waltzing over in cover. I mean don’t you guys wanna win? second, Vedran invites all the pressure. We could have easily got a foul for Youngs involvement on Riera but damn were just hopeless. My biggest fear isnt where we finish this year. Its that this group may forget to win, and get ingrained in our culture woth an over bearing oressure to close a game out now.
  13. Bridge should be 100% let go. Would be another dumb move to resign him. is yeboah due back this weekend?
  14. If true i don’t mind the signing of Duke. Works hard, has speed and power with a bigger frame. Has a shot on him (not the goals) but he has played a mixture of positions. He wont save our current season but would make a good squadie for next season and hopeully at a good price.