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  1. Good result. Defence still yet to concede in open lay but better yet we didn't concede a set piece!! woooooo. Still very rusty going forward but it does seem our forward players have had the least football in their legs and it shows with their rusty play. Huge shame for Troisi, and i hope he will be ok to play on the weekend because hes finally starting to hit his straps after some worryingly below par performances in his first 5 games. We really need to get him on the ball more in deeper positions. Wilmering had a very positive cameo and boy does he have a nice left foot that could
  2. Yeah i know. Just wondering if they are potential first teamers or all youngins
  3. also who are these lads? For our npl team? "Michael Di Maria, Andre Parkes, Kallen Utan, Joey Banza, Antonio Arena, Zoran Botic and Thomas Lopez will join the Western Sydney Wanderers in 2021."
  4. Not to sound so negative but does anyone even know if pre injury Ziegler was actually much better?
  5. I would not get scared... Tass is good. He is a slow burn prospect and for a CB has had good steady opportunities. If he really is good enough he will earn a fulltime spot but otherwise if were going to lose him we definitely have not seen anything to cry over yet.
  6. F Ziegler off. How and why he is about to have a third season shows how awful our recruitment has been.
  7. Need to stop shoe-horning Muller into that number 10 position. Just because he has pedigree doesn't mean he can play anywhere over here. Hes an absolute waste there and throws away so much possession due to it being so un-natural to his game. In that system he plays up front with Cox. The cons of that are we lose alot of pace but then again Yeboah is pretty much false pace and everything else.....
  8. Good signing. Obviously been a while since i've watched him in the prem but he was an all round midfielder if not abit attacking in his younger years with a decent bullet of a strike in his locker. Could work alright in a midfield trio in the 532 (352 whatever it is) formation with Baccus and either JOD or the new victory boy. However we line up just get Muller out of the midfield!!
  9. We currently have nowhere near the best youth in the league.... We have a better claim to letting go of the best youth though...... Silvera.... sobs.. Grozos is not a-league quality. Baccus has ability but no a-league smarts to sit in midfield, grossly overated.
  10. Ziegler really should be staying where ever he is... Wrong type of player that shouldnt be taking up a a potential aussie's spot.
  11. George would be a great signing. Get it done peeps! 3 year contract so we can sell him back to europe when ready. And ditch ziegler.... Regarding formation. Carl does seem to tweak things to suit the squad he gets. So just because he played 3 at the back at newcastle does not mean it will happen here. Although I would not rule it out. However as is evident we simply dont have good enough wing backs currently.
  12. So have we got confirmation on Muller's situation? Is he done? Can't help but hope so. Simply put, hes not what we need. Let bring Ben Arfa over at last!
  13. Were so flat footed. But theres defi itely goals in this game. That lack of attack out of cordier and russel is gonna hurt us
  14. DeeDee

    Andrew Redmayne

    Id say every player in the squad pre start of 2019/20 season needs to see a sports psychologist. They have been through a torrid time.
  15. I don't see Kwame being a force anywhere else. Honeslty the guy needs to take stock on his career, see his limitations and look at what basics he has and focus on improving that. He is potentially a great athlete, but currently has no speed or sharpness. A comparison that comes to mind is the resurgence of Wolve's Adama Traore. IMO Kwame needs to go home, do a million squats, become a speed demon and take his game from there.
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