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  1. This is true. But i guess with the club making a clear youth policy stance we will be more proactive in retaining and or selling for profit. And thats an issue we want to have. We want young Aussie talent with bags of potential lighting it up on the field for us. We want these guys to be top 5 or so players in our squad and demand moves overseas. Thus far we are not there yet. But we still get the benefit of young lads that know the system, play for a decent price under the cap and love the club. But its make or break time for a player like K.Baccus this season. Otherwise he becomes a squadie and the next man gets a chance.
  2. Ben Arfa is still free, the dream is alive.... Just need to trump Sampdoria for him.
  3. I think we need to settle on the "we will be a force". We are showing good signs of improvement. But we still rely on alot of youth who have proven to be inconsistent week in week out. If we can keep our experienced players fit and the youth keep on improving we may find our groove this season but i think we will be looking at next season when we are complete. Duke makes our attack much better. A classy CF or goal scoring wide man would be wonderfull. But the question marks still surround the likes of Majewski who is in a pivotal position for us, still plenty of time to find his feet though. In defence the like of Tass, Kamau and Elrich are still weak links due to inexperience or pace. And Baccus jnr is still a diamond in the rough.
  4. Good finish to that half. Lopar so far our best new signing. Schwegler and Georgevski really add some class and polish. Majewski for me just can’t seem to find a way to get involved and make a mark. Maybe its the formation but i see the same issues i saw in the leeds game from him.
  5. We still definitely play out the back without any real conviction. When schwegler is on the ball i feel at ease. Very good pass selection. Pretty much just the usual instability in our defensive third. And some sloppy passing in the attacking third.
  6. Really? I missed 5 mins of the match, from what ive seen hes done nothing of note
  7. If he can stay on the park yes. Problem is he has like a 95% strike rate at getting little knocks and leaving the field every match.
  8. Good standards at the very least. He had a very quite game and didn't really put his mark on the match so good to know he felt that way too. Early stages though.
  9. If we are indeed locking in the 3 at the back, we need to make our wing backs our priority. We simply cannot overlook those positions. They are essential to all this working. Adama Traoré is without a club after coming off an acl rupture. Would love to see him given a trial and fitness test here in australia as he would fit like a glove on the left with Georgievski on the right. If we can get good possesion based attacking wing backs it will suit our inverted attackers like Duke and Yeboah to a tee. Russel and Wimmering/Cordier can learn a lot from another season as back ups and with surely get a few runs with 5 needed to cover our backline. Add a striker up front and a taller more physical presence along side Schwegler in the middle and we are set.
  10. So whats the deal with this match? Theres this eerie sense of negativity going around. Is it struggling for sales? Is the rbb still on hiatus? Got a desperado feel to it
  11. it hasn't been mentioned. And its kinda a no brainer as a possibility. Ross McCormack?
  12. Ben Arfa looking like he may become a free agent again. No real links but damn i would love him here. with he and Raddy we could afford to deploy Yeboah or Duke up front.
  13. do people realize that Spira is held together by pva glue? I would never offer anything more then a 1 year deal to him till the day he retires.
  14. Nugent? The rest that are off-contract have interest still in the championship, or are complete trash.
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