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  1. Dimi is a fantastic signing. We are looking great. Some polish would be the icing. We are not going to get any more centre backs. How many do people want? Koutroumbis would have been the last of that sort. My only concerns or improvement positions would be. RWB - An accomplished wing man that is very capable in possesion with a good delivery for Hemed is key to this position. As much as it pains me but someone like Frantic wouldn't be the worst idea. Midfield - We are very light. Id like to see Ugarkovic hit top form and be that player that sets the tempo like we have see
  2. Why not just find a foreign right wing back instead then?
  3. Yeah to an extent. But I thought he retains that class touch and got us out of trouble earning free kicks, but didn't settle on what he wanted to do with the ball. Set up that great chance for a sweaty goal with McGree. But anyway think hed be a great shout. Never make a decision of one performance, against a good side too might we add. Otherwise youd never sign a player.
  4. How about a sneaky loan play for Daniel Arzani. He would thrive in that free role Kamau had this season passed. Any new news on Mo Toure?
  5. Has it occurred to anyone that no deal is done yet for Ikon?
  6. This. And not even wing, hes a wide forward. I think his body is done now also, and his attitude stunk a little on the pitch tbh, no fight or confidence. Seems a great dude off it but just my opinion.
  7. When he hit form in our little run he was great. Najjarine will be that guy to usurp him aswell if he comes into form. It's more critical that we get that central midfield sorted and some help out wide from our wing backs. We have Traore sorted. We have Hemed, hopefully Ikon. Russel can be improved.
  8. Finding the stamina for it is one thing. Being useful is the other.......
  9. Starting side thus far. ---------------Margush-------------- -----Gordon---Wiliams---Natta/Tass------- Russel------------------------Traore -------Ugargovich-----?------------ ------------------Troisi---------------- ----------Hemed----------?--------- Key subs: 1. Ibini 2. Najjarine 3. Wilmering 4. Aqualina Based on the squad we don't need another CB. However sure grab one, but he needs to be a beast and we need to ditch Tass then. If Mutch is staying, great, I assume he is a starter then, if not hes gotta go. Baccus nee
  10. Right wing back?? Sure in a back 4 but big no at wing back.
  11. You don't need cover for injuries, in the A-league all you do is get injury replacements.
  12. I think Williams, Natta, Gordon, Tass, Cancar and Traore at a stretch has us well covered. If need be we will always have the option of switching to a back 4 with 2 cb's.
  13. Yeah. He later was all primed for Socceroos 2014 world cup campaign, selected and everything. Mooted for a big transfer to Swansea in the premier league. Being called a "Rolls Royce" of a centre back hha. Then he did his Achilles..... Miss the whole boat. Then he Ruptured it again 2 weeks after his return.
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