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  1. Stoked to have another sydney team. I also really don't care if it seems Sydney's wishes were granted. The fact is sydney has a population of 5.5 million. More then enough to future plan for 4 sydney teams. The Southern Bid was atrocious. And our catchment is still massive even if you draw the line from Liverpool / Casula, heck even if they claimed Liverpool its still a massive catchment area for us. South West Sydney represents a great large area. The only downside is the location of Cambeltown stadium, good stadium but needs some serious work on its surrounds, but hopefully some investment goes into the area with more food and beverage coming to life along with transport solutions for locals with buses and parking. I actually always envisioned a South West team being in liverpool, directly across the river from Liverpool station on the industrial land, with a footbridge built. Seems perfect, creates a bigger split in our catchment but could see it really brew into something special but i think the good thing about this bid is no team would really ever engage the cambeltown / MacArthur area and the more rural parts unless it was based closer as it this bid will be.
  2. Yaya toure just became a free agent.....
  3. Well don't get me wrong with a completely fit squad we hands down play alot better then we have dished up in the last 2 games. It doesnt make us contenders but were definitely competing with the rest of the pack behind possibly a top 3 clubs. We are just very unlucky on not being able to see it all yet. We have had crappy combos all year bar 2 games in which we saw our most promising performances. 1. Roly (positive) with Sotirio (****). We had this twice. 2. Roly (positive) with Kamau (positive). We had this v Wellington and it was a good mix of wide running and abit of outside inside creativity from Roly on the left. 3. Fitzgeral (positive) with Kamau (positive). We had this against roar and played the most fluid 30 minutes seen in red and black in years. BUT they and the rest of the side ran out of legs and didnt go on with it. A few missed chances too to make it 3-0. Riera whilst not to blame but wasn't exactly icing the cake in that spell. But the wing combo was good, yet perhaps abit flimsy. 4. Majok (mixed bag) with Kamau (mixed bag). Here we just had way too much inexperience where the "kids" just lacked that final product. against newy. And against Victory just totally went into their shell like the rest of the team. I think our best balanced combo especially against the top sides is Roly and Kamau, with Fitzgerald off the bench. Fitzgerald and Kamau can do the job against sides in that bottom 4 with all their running.
  4. In no way a Riera hater, and i can't wait for him to start banging in the goals again, but i would be for moving on from him next season if he is a marquee. Riera has some of his best touches when he comes deep, and can pin some of the best switches and diagonal passes in the team. Works hard, can finish a header. BUT for me hes not a marquee level player, and his off the ball runs aren't good enough. He rarely figures out a way to change it up and make a run in behind his cb. Same with crossing situations, unless its a static defence with him running onto a lofted ball. He is strong but hes not THAT big and strong so is often dominated or hacked by his defender. You need a finisher in the a-league upfront. Yes you need support but you need clever running and finishing. Something we never seem to have had.
  5. Would take 1 only. Brattan first, Caceres as a consolation prize. Never seen them click all that well together and just seems an unstable midfield with the 2. Brattan brings more ticker, and more of a voice to the midfield. Caceres seems to have the talent but lacks consistency. Hed flourish more when used in a DM + 2 wide midfielders system. I do wonder how anyone in the a-league would prize any of those 2 off Manchester City's hands though without a fee. No idea when they are offcontract.
  6. Wingback. They play a 3 man defence with wing backs. Still more then capable at LB. True but with the squad they have their salaries will be very tough to keep under the cap.
  7. So i had loads of time on my hand so thought id put together my thoughts on how to attack next seasons squad. I think iv'e thrown in abit of realistic ideas and a bit of fantasy but take from it what you will. Whatever we do quality and balance needs to be at the forefront of next seasons squad assembly with maximizing the first 11 quality on the park the priority. As we have seen the succesful sides are not necessarily those with amazing depth, but instead have a stacked and experienced first 11 setting a quality and stable platform for cheaper younger players to come in and flourish when needed. What we have locked in is the below. 12 out of 23 spots. In Bold is how i'd recruit. GK: 1. Danijel Nizic 2. Vedran Janjetovic 3. Nicholas Suman (u20) - Obviously no more signings to come CBs: 4. Patrick Ziegler (F) 5. Ruon Tongyik, 6. Tass Mourdoukoutas (u20) 7. NEW SIGNING - Rhys Williams / Ryan Mcgowan - With 1 established and 2 youngsters our 4th CB has to be a quality starter. When Zielger is fit and playing that will be Hammil's final "trial" to show he can be the man for it. Otherwise the experience and culture of our spine nees a revamp and we need to improve and with one visa CB already i would go for an aussie. Rhys Williams would be ideal, hes experienced, quality and also has lots of versatility if we need a right back or midfielder. Otherwise Ryan Mcgowan, Thomas Deng and Shane Lowry are certain upgrades. FBs: 8. Tarek Elrich, 9. Tate Russel (u20) 10. NEW SIGNING - Jason Davidson? - Its rare that a club has more then 3 options at right and left back, instead relying on versatility from utility players or promoting from within. I would target a very good a-league affordable left back as we already have Elrich who by all means doesn't fill us with confidence but can still be usefull on the right at a fraction of Risdons price yet be better then our usual left back in Llorente. Id go for Davidson or go foreign. A loan for Brad Smith would also be crazy good. MIDs: 11. Jordan O'Doherty, 12. Kosta Grozos (u20) 13. RE-SIGN - Baccus JNR 14. RE-SIGN - Baumjohan (F) 15. NEW SIGNING - Foreign GUN 16. NEW SIGNING - Foreigner or Aussie - Baccus jnr has enough going for him with a high potential ceiling to warrant another deal, my view would be he may even get releagted to the bench as first choice backup so he can learn his craft more for a season after being thrown in the deep end. Therefore we have more then enough young talent so Tokich is gooone. Baumjohan is a must keep, we will only see his very best when he surrounded by more quality and the fact he may fit under the cap again is great. We then need an experienced leader in midfield as a priority. A player in the Isaias or Brattan mould would be perfect. Someone with ticker and tenacity yet able to dictate and create from deep. Mile Jedinak also has a wonderful ring to it but offcourse would only contribute a year realistically. I would get 1 or 2 new STARTING mids. So the other spot could be a sneaky foreigner under the cap. WINGS: 17. Bruce Kamau 18. Nick Fitzgerald 19. John Roberts (u20) 20. RE-SIGN - Abraham Majok 21. NEW SIGNING - Foreign GUN Potential Marquee - Wings is an interesting one. There is no doubt we need a TOP NOTCH contributor on the wing. Kamau and Fitzgerald both have that (a-league starter reputation) but in all honesty your never going to win anything starting them both. To move forward i would go with the idea that only one is seen as a starter and it has to be earned. John Roberts has potential and would replace Majok in the (u20) position. Abraham Majok himself is a tough one, i like him, hes only going to get stronger and would be bumping up into the Sotirio role but damn i do not want him to become a Sotirio. Only deciding to resign with the hope for improvement and because hes dirt cheap, i also have the view he could fill in as a third choice striker if ever needed desperately. Our new top notch winger has to be gun. Everyone hated him but i remember that Harry Novillo bloke tore the league to shreds at city. Looking past the arrogance i would love that type of class and power on the wing with the eye for goal that he had. He would mix well with Baumjohan. STs: N/A - 22. NEW SIGNING - Foreign GUN Marquee 23. NEW SIGNING - Nathan Burns? - Pretty simple here. Sign a finisher. Someone with pace and quality. If hes another hold up striker he ought to be a beast, non of this sub standard **** or you get no where in the a-league. SO essentially Ibra or just a straight out finisher who can make good off the ball runs, or quite simply can run. As backup i reckon Nathan Burns is a sneaky pick up. His value has plummeted. But he brings experience and can even play on the wing or as a second striker if he elevates his game again. So on matchday we see: --------------------Vedran------------------- Elrich---*Williams--Ziegler---*Davidson ---------*Jedinak/(f)Gun--*Brattan------------ --Kamau-------Baumjohan-------*Novillo-esque-- ---------*15 goals a season.. minimum*----------- Bench: Nizic, Fitzgerald, Burns, Baccus Jnr, Tongiyk
  8. Were 2 spine players off being competitive this season. Ziegler is one. A new central midfielder is the other and we need the owners to pony up and get that position shored up. We then desperately need consistency with the few experienced players that we do have being on the park. We need Roly, Bridge, Fitzgerald back and on the park more. We had 2 players in central midfield under the age of 21 and a 20 year old winger with a 23 year old. Our central defence had RB/LB in the heart next to a bloke who desperately needs a consistent partner. Youd have to be a magician to get a result against Victories mob with that much inexperience.
  9. I can usually look past a player's frustratingly bad end product when the effort is there and they cause general problems for the opposition. So far this season has been some of the worst shite iv'e seen from Sotirio. Besides 10 minutes before he got subbed in the perth game where he actually looked like a competent winger, he has been trash. I can sometimes see the logic in playing Sotirio, adds pace, runs non stop, helps defend at the sacrifice of attack. BUT damn he has lost so much general possession in the last 3 games that the sacrific in attack has been for nothing. For every ball he has lost, we may as well play a less defensive minded attacker and simply retain the ball better.
  10. Just talked to the membership team. They are definitely under instructions to recommend that people upgrade to red to nab red seats for the next season. But can't confirm or deny how the process of upgrading will be. ie. - I assume there is almost double the amount of red seats now as there are members this season. If not a fair few people will be upgrading to red this season to nab them. But i fail to see there being enough "current" red members to fill all seats so the next in line would be current black members as per my logic. However they can't confirm this and recommend upgrading to red to be safe. ANyone in the know actually have a figure on the amount of red seats? and then black?
  11. DeeDee

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    My guess knowing Kosmina is that he just went the wrong way about expressing his argument. The point is, technically they have deemed it the right decision, but technically there are ALOT of indiscretions in a game especially under a multi cam, slow mo system that can distort the reality of the event into subjectivity. Technically Brosque was in the vacinity when offside for the Le Fondre goal, Baccus even slightly shaved him and lost balance whilst turning. They VAR'd this and well we know what happened. You can't be technical half the time, and i'd argue the reason why the game is not officiated to the exact letter of the law or "technically" during regular play is because it is impossible. IMO the current system only makes decision making harder for the ref. What should he do? If in doubt play on and let the VAR intervene, or officiate knowing his interpretation can be clarified. The system can never be perfect because not ALL the right decisions can be made all game, only in these key moments. So why have a separate technical analysis only then. Make it simple I just think it should be completely ref'd by the central referee, and when a decision is made, goal or similar is scored and their is confusion from the referee he can ask for help (send it up). As it stands the VAR "intervenes". It is Video ASSISTANT referee for a reason, to assist the main ref i don't believe it should be intervening. Even the NRL sends its calls with a clear question. And they cannot intervene if it was not a try scoring play, even if the indiscretion occurred the tackle before. For example: a) Sotirio should have been judged by the linesman or Ref to have been offside and within play. Whistle blown end of story. Ball doesn't even get to Roly. If 2 on-field officials have not deemed this a technical offense during play, and the video evidence has to be scrutinized so much that it becomes subjective, it is no longer a clear and obvious error, it is now a third interpretation, and in no way an assistant anymore. b) Baumjohann is fouled, ref blows freekick or pen, where is it exactly, video ref checks its actually outside of the box. OR it may be a clean tackle mistake fixed. In this case there was no clear evidence to suggest Jop wins the ball. But the system in place currently is that the VAR can intervene, so there is less reason for the Ref to make the call, and i would say the ref's decision could have been different on the spot because lets be honest, it looked a foul 9 times out of 10. Instead an un-natural halt to the game would have to occur to fix that decision. All in all, let VAR fix a "decision" that has been whistled by the ref. Is it a clear offside that the video evidence portrays? Clear hand ball? Was that actually a dive? Was that inside the box? Did you just red card a guy for no contact? Thats where the assistance was needed, clear and crucial mistakes where there is evidence, so nations like Ireland can actually play in the world cup they rightly qualified for. Not this ****.
  12. Watch him leave and kill it for some Lithuanian club and get a socceroo call up
  13. Maybe my definition of being a member is different to others. Im just responding to your comment but in no way directing this at you your self. But i became a member to watch football and support my club. And i selected seats or a category based on where i wanted to do that for that particular season and got what i paid for. Ive been white and black since the start. Sure i, and we all expect to be acknowledged for being foundation members but i find it abit rich and entitled to think based on what membership type you have kept or your decisions to keep renewing that you should be “looked after” in the rare scenario of a conpletely new stadium. IMO you sign up to support your team, not for the stadium, and certainly not to shotgun a spot in the new sparkly stadium. And as current members in this rare scenario we will in time see the complete seating plan and be able to change to what we want when and where available. In other words, i don't get why people have ants in thier pants over this....
  14. Interesting to see if Ziegler plays. I'd trust he wouldnt be in the match day squad unless he was 99% ready.
  15. The way i see it is all those who had premium seats got what they paid for at the time. That was your reward. im all for new seat selection being prioritised by foundation members and their member numbers!