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  1. Were so flat footed. But theres defi itely goals in this game. That lack of attack out of cordier and russel is gonna hurt us
  2. DeeDee

    Andrew Redmayne

    Id say every player in the squad pre start of 2019/20 season needs to see a sports psychologist. They have been through a torrid time.
  3. I don't see Kwame being a force anywhere else. Honeslty the guy needs to take stock on his career, see his limitations and look at what basics he has and focus on improving that. He is potentially a great athlete, but currently has no speed or sharpness. A comparison that comes to mind is the resurgence of Wolve's Adama Traore. IMO Kwame needs to go home, do a million squats, become a speed demon and take his game from there.
  4. In no way shape or form am i about to say that Tass is crap. But let's not let some transfer links exaggerate his potential. He has had several chances and has underwhelmed, and has pretty much found himself where he ought to be at this stage and that's in the squad getting a sniff here and there on the bench. With the Olyroos he was very much guilty of his similar failings here, which are giving the ball away cheaply, miss-placing passes and lacking pace.
  5. Awful squad balance. Last season we had 50 crap wingers. this season we have no actual wingers bar Muller whos been in the mids and Kamau whos been god knows. And we have Duke, Yeboah, Adam and now Cox for ST, who supposedly is more of a AM. Which i hope he is by all means. Duke would do the job IMO. We need more goals and goal scorers in general rather then one dude scoring all 20 of our goals whilst we win the spoon.
  6. Very intrigued by this. Only got to listen to the intro where he described his as a clever ST that comes deep alot/AM style. Had a quick look at his last 3 seasons and hes been listed playing CF the majority of the time. A very rare start or 2 at AM. lets see how it goes i guess! Im sure he is still not a natural AM as coming deep from forward positions to link up and play smart isn’t exactly the same. But hopefully he can make it work and more importantly shift Muller out of the role!
  7. Better. Duke has lost his mojo on the wing though. BUT, I'd give him another few chances to gel with Cox up front and Muller correctly placed on the wing. You'd think Cox will be ready to start from the get go. Got lots of minutes until mid december. SO should be fresh and fit enough by next week for 60 minutes. Duke can then switch to Striker.
  8. It was once again interesting to see our few penetrating attacks stem from Muller in wide starting positions. Almost as if he would offer more from the wing.... because he's a winger.......
  9. I wouldn't put it beyond this club to make another dumb decision and do that. But i would hope it is because Meier is goooneski
  10. Not a bad signing. If you've ever watched Ashley Barnes for Burnley play he is in that mould. Like others have said though it does not exactly balance our squad out. Duke is a more then capable striker, and certainly a better one then he is a winger. But Cox (should, i **** i hope he does!) bring some proper centre forward know how, smarts and yes... goals. I can bang on about it till the cows come home but it is still essential we start playing players in natural positions. MULLER TO THE WING!!! O'doherty could not return any sooner, he can fill that AMC role. But I would much rather ditch the AMC role in favour of Schwegler at DM and BACCUS with Sullivan/O'Doherty ahead of him. Muller's creativity and goals would come to the fore more so from the wing.
  11. Yeah but not the point. muller is a winger, Duke a striker. Just make sure they frigen play there for once!
  12. Hope im wrong but another stupid line up. Sullivan on bench? and got i hope Duke actually starts at Striker. id have Sullivan in midfield, Muller on the wing, Yeboah on the bench for impact.
  13. Also would hardly say Merrick is past it. His past 2 clubs were train wrecks and he managed a GF (screwed over), Took wellington on their best ever ride and did his thang at Victory. Given the lack of options id honestly sound him out for a deal until the end of the season with an option of renewing or him becoming a director or coach and finding a successor. ....... if he agrees to play Duke up front and Muller on the wing offcourse.
  14. I Would hire the first man/woman and their dog that agreed to just do the right thing and play Duke up front and Muller on the wing.....
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