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  1. Only Resolution now is for Gallop and DeBohun to resign. They've done to much damage to change anything and still stay on. Time to go.
  2. Drogba, Yakubu, Pazzini, Berbatov, Ameobi,Kuranyi... plenty to choose from, and if a CM is needed Lassana diary is out of contract.
  3. Now all we need is Rogic or Amini and a foreign top #9 and we got this season under control.
  4. WanderersFC

    Seyi Adeleke

    Apart from Castelen probably our best player last night. Im sure he will be one of the better LB's in aleague this season. Reminds me alot of Traore from MV, just with alot more skill.
  5. Cahill will be ours once RBNY season is over. Im fairly confident.
  6. Quick, yes he is. A proven Goal scorer Noooo.
  7. booked this already for round 6. around 500$ for flights and hotel pp
  8. They done it coz Arnold wanted 3x3o min periods. Dont think Popa will want the same.
  9. Heard we are signing ex-Argentina International. Not sure how true, but the only one that comes to mind is Saviola.
  10. Agree, that's why would have been good to keep Tyson and get Bouzanis next season.
  11. Heard from a person inside the club that we have 99% got Cahil as Marquee, and he is supposed to sign after the world cup. Not sure if International or Australian Marquee, but if he does sign, it will definitely be a big boost to the squad.
  12. WanderersFC

    Jerrad Tyson

    He's 99.9% gone, most likely to Perth Glory. Heard that Dean Bouzanis has signed for next season.
  13. Anyone interested in going by bus. I can get a 55 seater coach leaving saturday 5pm and coming back after the game around 9pm. 50 + ppl = $120 40 + ppl = $140 30 + ppl = $170 If anyone is interested let me know.
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