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  1. It seems we can't solve the problem of a decent consistent attacker. This is up to the coach. We can have all the possession in the world but if you can't score then we aren't a good team yet. I think we need to give Babbel till the end of the season. First season he was getting to know Australian football and in a different stadium. This season he is building his team. I think he has made some poor recruitment decision but be needs a season to prove people he can build a team, style, a philosophy. If by seasons end we are outside the 6 then that's two seasons of un
  2. We also need to think long an hard before bringing 37 year old marquees to our team. Del Piero worked but let's face it he was at another level. Our game in Australia is played at a relatively quick tempo and in summer! Players well into their 30s will struggle with it particularly of they are use to playing in cooler climates.
  3. It makes sense doesn't it? I mean we lack a coherent playing style. Almost one and a half seasons in and I still can't work out what sort of playing style we are trying to play. Forget the fact we can't score (that's a problem we seem to have most seasons) the players don't seem to know what they are suppose to be doing, where they are suppose to be and often seem to have trouble just putting their foot on the ball to build momentum.
  4. Out of respect for the club I won't go into too much detail and it is only now years later I will talk about it but I had the unfortunate experience of seeing the Wanderers downward slide on the cards before it happened. I was involved with the club working on a project just before the new club ownership took over. This particular project had the full support of Gormans team would have benefited the youth and first team and had the most knowledgeable people in their area on board as well as suppport from local council and it would probably have been the only area of the Wanderers op
  5. Wanderers have had a toxic culture with juniors for a while now. I believe Babbel needs at least to the end of the season. First season was a write off with players he didn't want, playing in Homebush and the time he needed to understand the game in Australia. This season he needs time to build. If by the end of the season there is no improvement or we are staring at a full-scale player revolt them action needs to be taken. But sadly the Wanderers problems are much bigger than Babbel
  6. Never a good sign when players and employees go to the media https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/wanderers-freefall-compounded-by-rift-around-assistant-coach-20191216-p53kdk.html
  7. I think there is something to this article. Either disgruntled players or people within the club who want Babbel out going to the media. I don't think Babbel should go. Yes we have serious concerns around lack of playing style and our ability to out our foot on the ball -control the game and complete passes. But Babbel needs at least 2 - 3 seasons before he is judged. He inherited a squad that wasn't his during a disrupted season. This season he can start to build and next season we should be challenging. As long as we improve on last season there is no rea
  8. What was the crowd guys? Looked like only 5 or 6 thousand on TV? Thanks in advance. Also to state the obvious the standard of referring is dire. I am also a little concerned for Georgievski. He seems to be giving off the impression that he is more a public entertainer and joker with his tv appearances. This may hurt him in terms of perception of him being a serious footballer. It may also make him a target if the teams results start tanking (more so than now lol) as he may be viewed as not taking he game seriously enough.
  9. I mean just look at a practice that is common place today. Club players visiting sick children in hospital. Would they visit if the cameras weren't there? I know for a fact most of the players don't like it cos it is exploitation. They go to a hospital and chat with poor sick Kids who have no idea who they are just so the cameras can be stuck in their face to make the news. These players would rather be out in the community amongst fans who knoe who they are. But that doesn't fit into the "branding" of the club.
  10. You know what you guys are right. I grew up in an era where if fans protested it actually meant something. Clubs were community based and players bled for the shirt. If the community was upset the players would react. It was an era where players could walk down the street and be treated to free lunches by grateful fans from the community they represented. Now as people rightly pointed out the best way to protest is not to renew membership or to put pressure through the media cos the only thing the suits will listen to these days is anything that impacts the bottom line or
  11. I wonder if it is time for either a fan protest at club headquarters. I am dissapointed the players don't seem to care. western Sydney is footballs heartland it has produced more socceroos than any other region in the country. These players are pissing on the legacy and spitting in thr face of the fans.
  12. Some very good discussion here. OK the chop and change Popa, Gombaos, Babbel, very different styles with no overiding football philosophy from top to bottom means we are like a jenga puzzle waiting to fall over. Gombao was a coach with a very particular style that takes a while to adopt under a club management woth very little patience and players not willing to adapt. A similar thing is been played out now with Babbel. Certain players are digging in. Will manaegemt support Babbel? Look at SFC. There is a football philosophy that is consistent from the top all the w
  13. With the new make up of the FFA board and things going to sh*t on so many metrics across the league maybe it is time for the fans to stand up and get the 51% community owned model going.
  14. There is locker room unrest. It just hasn't come out yet. That of course isn't our only problem. I find it interesting to observe that this far into Gombao's tenure people were calling for his head. Not so much for Babbel. I think fans are starting to understand its rotten from top to bottom. It's a problem bigger than the coach.
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