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  1. Time for this hermaphrodite and DeBohun the bug to be removed! #Boycott #GallopOut #HatamotoOUT #PeoplePower #FootballUnited #COYW
  2. CEO STATEMENT John Tsatsimas, the CEO of the Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club wishes to address some misconceptions relating to the active support area on match days to the Members: The Western Sydney Wanderers since the end of last season has attempted to mediate the relationship between NSW Police and our active supporter group, the RBB. The Club can confirm that it has received correspondence with a list of proposed implementations on match days. For the past five months we have met with the Police and nominated representatives of the RBB in attempts to arrive at a position
  3. Flights booked... Barossa Thursday, WsW Friday! Ale.. COYW!
  4. Very tempting with UFC 193 on the Sunday...
  5. I got a medium but its a little tight. If anybody has a large and is willing to swap please PM me. Cheers.
  6. Fairfield to Liverpool takes 10 mins to drive... Not a massive span.
  7. Congrats on a difficult job well done Shaun!
  8. Good to see Bankstown Makedonia & Rockdale Illinden still in it!
  9. This is not the case And why? How come you can cheat and still be above the bottom 3 teams instead of last where you belong? If you watch the full press conference, reporter asks him why a few times and his answer "because we feel this is the best way of dealing with this" or something along those lines. http://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/perth-glory-salary-cap-team-banned-from-finals-and-fined-269000-for-multiple-salary-cap-breaches/story-e6frf4gl-1227298706668 gallop = cancer! de boofhead = gallops puppet!
  10. Sent my email in @ 9:18, got a reply saying sale period yet to start. WTF..?? lol
  11. Yesterday was painful, we showed nothing! it was crap!
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