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  1. You're assuming we considered them athletes.
  2. Given that its SFC, we (as fans) need to expect a fluke goal to begin with.
  3. Grit and Menality. The players had it and you can see it when they were under the pump and dug in to get out of it. Sometimes, you can’t ask for too much more than that and it paid off. Positives from every player on the pitch.
  4. I think we were lucky to get all 3 points - The VAR was slow but made the right decision imo. Something needs to be done about our midfield. We're gonna get crushed by better teams if we don't respond quickly.
  5. Burztur

    Shinji Ono

    Broich definitely stuck around and was great for Brisbane but he dived too much and the refs fell for it more often than not - imo
  6. Good. Competition drives improvement.
  7. Burztur

    Shinji Ono

    Best 'marquee' for any HAL team imo
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