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  1. That's the same day people are going to raid Area 51. Coincidence?
  2. "The review will involve face-to-face interviews with FFA senior management and national team staff, as well as a review of documentation, information and correspondence." Why? They are all jumping ship anyway.
  3. Is Keegan an ethnic name? \o/
  4. Inde HAL wants to get to 16 teams by 2023.
  5. Didn’t they use the wanted to be closer to home excuse?
  6. A 22 round season is rather disappointing when players need more game time. Need to push to a 14 team comp then 16 team comp quickly.
  7. Agree. Mack should build a paywall and let the journos pay for it.
  8. So with the Jets result, did we cough up silly goals again like last season or is this something else?
  9. Has Kamau really our converted RB now? Doesn’t feel right.
  10. We were playing Yokohama though. He probably thought it worthwhile to have a look in to see.
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