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  1. Burztur

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Yeah, my question was going to be about pitch conditions and whether we get to assess the quality and if it is deemed unacceptable, we don't pay rent. Something to that effect.
  2. Burztur

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Manfred, is there an agenda we can tack things to?
  3. I think that's the heart of the problem. Anyone remotely capable isn't going to touch this pile of shite of our admin.
  4. He owns a dairy company now. Got bored sitting with cash only...
  5. Burztur

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    But in typical FFA wisdom its backfired...
  6. Makes sense for South Sydney to be based out of Parra! This is messed up.
  7. By overseas, he means ACL with us!
  8. Yes, Gallop gets passed a **** sandwich from time to time but as Mack said, he is paid 1.3m a year to make the FFA run smoothly. If the Board made a compromised decision (which he knows - refer to the article about him and Stajcic talking about the new Board), then he needs to do his job and smooth things over and not just pass the message on. If his job is just to pass the message on, then I don't think he should be paid 1.3m.
  9. I’m glad the public aren’t letting this stuff go. Expect full fury to come out post WWC.
  10. May as well scrap the cap...
  11. Burztur

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    If all teams got involved, that would be even stronger but I doubt the PFAs are that coordinated. This is probably the best bang for buck they can get in terms of visibility over the issue. No one will care post WWC or even a month beforehand. Agree that it can be double edged and backfire.
  12. Shinji is so good that he is practically a local
  13. Burztur

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    This is when their bargaining position is strongest.