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  1. I saw it as Simon just barging into people like he usually does.
  2. That was the moment we overtook CCM for the plate.
  3. Be thankful we have the longest offseason then.
  4. Wedding without alcohol? Are they just telling people not to come?
  5. If Vedran gets a payout, does that go against the cap? I think it does and it’s stupid if that’s the case.
  6. Like most organisations, people are the best asset and the FFA fail to consider its people (the fans).
  7. They need it to replace the Allianz Tifo.
  8. Depends on the wording on the contract too. Introduce a 100m fine for coming last and see those at the bottom of the table hand back the license Tinkler style.
  9. Question - Is there a way to stop the hoarding of Aussie players without a cap? I don’t think hoarding will be that big of an issue since any Aussie player worth their salt would want to make it in Europe. If the cap was gone, City aren’t going to buy Mooy, Rogic and Ryan for example.
  10. I’m being deliberately naive but the current cap system which is in place is broken. It doesn’t balance out the league. You already see SFC and MV exploiting it and CCM scraping the bottom of the barrel. This is already when we have a cap floor of 10%. If City wanted to spent more money within the current cap system to win the league they could. They even tried with the Cahill rule where they essentially had 3 marquees. Frankly, the HAL is much lower in their pecking order and they would rather spend on their MLS, JLeague or CSL investments first before us. I get the need to provide some balance so clubs can’t simply buy out the comp but this is when transfer fees and foreign player restrictions come in. If CCM unearthed a great young player and City wanted to buy them out for next year, having to pay a transfer fee will help CCM financially and it would a fair trade for both clubs. You can even introduce a tax so the FFA get a cut. I just don’t like the cap because it isn’t doing what it is intended and it perpetuates a falsehood that the HAL is balanced.
  11. Too fiddly. Why do we need it in the first place?