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  1. It’s just depressing that a country like ours has air quality issues now. Don’t blame anyone - just depressing.
  2. Burztur

    Tarek Elrich

    Interesting. Did MB rate him to keep him?
  3. Thanks. The article shows both parties are doing it at a large scale and both should be held to account.
  4. I wouldn’t say overfunded. I’d say inefficient or ineffective. I’d hazard a guess and say that no public institution is sufficiently funded. But I agree that our system needs to lift because we are falling behind the rest of the world.
  5. Can you source the 40% and six times please? I want to read into it. Also agree that it’s wrong to allocate funds like this.
  6. Exactly guys! The title was really the friends we made along the way
  7. "The club, located in the Coalition-held marginal seat of Sturt, was awarded the maximum available grant under the scandal-ridden $100m community sport infrastructure fund just weeks before the 19 May election." All this government funding should cease and go into caretaker mode once an election is announced. Not sure why we don't have that safeguard.
  8. Apart from the dollars involved, there is a difference between the Pink Batts issue and the Sports Grant issue. With Pink Batts, it was an execution problem (something that a politician can't really directly control). With the Sports Grant, it was the decision making itself (exactly within the realm of the Minister). If Rudd had only allocated funding for Pink Batts to marginal ALP seats, then the same drama would arise as what has happened to the Sports Grant issue.
  9. Yup. Assuming conservatively, 40% of the car market will be EV by 2030, the economy needs to evolve to meet that demand.
  10. Didn't realise we were forming a partnership with PSV
  11. I find it funny that Americans are the most obsessed with the British Royal family yet they fought a war for independence.
  12. I've noticed a lot of service stations are converting to have other services as well (cafes, car servicing, groceries, etc). They are also sitting on some valuable real estate which will no doubt be converted into apartments (if in Sydney).
  13. Good read. Call it what you want but we need to take action to restore our environment (with appropriate safeguards) and there is no time like the present to begin this work.
  14. We investigated ourselves and found nothing wrong. It was a perfect sports grant. Honestly, she should step down as minister as a minimum.
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