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  1. Korean Fried Chicken at Lidcombe makes sense
  2. Yeah, this is a ****ed up game to watch.
  3. It’s just harsh cost Vedran thought he was in the box and it’s a keeper doing it...
  4. ABJ probably only has 60mins in him anyway. Makes sense
  5. Competition is good. Don’t complain about “moving in our territory” bs. If they have enough fans to support themselves, good for them.
  6. The key is to score more goals than the other side.
  7. Expect the worst. We’re gonna be playing them back into form
  8. Inb4 dodgy offside call. Odds of VAR involvement high.
  9. Burztur

    Why can't we score?

    It’s the Westie way Jukes
  10. Probably should have solar panels but then it might make the structure taller than some trees at Parra Park or some ****
  11. Burztur

    Why can't we score?

    We should go for quantity not quality. More shots on goal. Three times more in fact
  12. No reason why one of the bars shouldn’t retain the name
  13. According to them, anyone whose is a wsw fan too
  14. It’s fashion. Everything is cyclical. So does S Lowy have a son? Should start making him a football person while he’s young
  15. Burztur

    Two Points Ditched In Mudgee

    I’m amazed we’re having an international break!
  16. Small venue because they all work hard to try and get there but fail to reach the destination.
  17. That’s because we don’t recruit to sell shirts
  18. Actually, isn’t Herbalife one of our sponsors too? That was the connection!
  19. Quoting in full due to quality of post
  20. Burztur

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    Does that mean Perth Glory are wildlings? Also think Sith jinxed us with that comment.