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  1. This is basically the risk that the government is willing to take. Understandable and this is why we need to be absolutely on top of testing.
  2. Speak for yourself but Kitchen is a major transit point for me.
  3. Look forward to when he says old people don't count too.
  4. I would like to see our search criteria expand so we can test the community transmissions figures since it is skewed toward international travellers. Its only until we have a true grasp of those numbers before we can consider relaxing the restrictions. I think we’re in this for up to 6 months though...
  5. I’m half your age and agree with you. Yes it is infringing on our rights but people are effectively being paid to watch Netflix at home for a few months.
  6. How about non Christians?
  7. Tell them to try the Canadian embassy. When I was in Morocco (a long time ago), I remember DFAT saying the Canadians were the backup when the Australian embassy was unavailable.
  8. You got shortchanged! Saw someone being taken to the Intercontinental! At least it wasn’t Rydges
  9. This is sad but kinda nice that they went together.
  10. Woolies said they’re doing the same but a slower roll out. Some of the line managers there are also getting their bonuses to reflect the danger money.
  11. It's the whole hammer and dance analogy.
  12. We only logged 3000 tests yesterday. I think we need to compare it against the total tests as well.
  13. We went to Burwood Westfields to go to Coles and Woolies. They still don’t have any cleaning products though like hand wash.
  14. What an age we live in. Needing to buy TP to mail home. Most shops in Sydney seem to have enough now too and with rationing of 1 or 2 packs each, we should be okay.
  15. https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/news/Pages/2020-nsw-health.aspx I look at this page every day like some mad man. Currently we have over 77k tests in NSW (as of yesterday). The day before was 74k.
  16. This is the thing. Every business considers themselves essential...
  17. I look forward to your complaints to the teacher when you only get 7/10.
  18. This is inevitable with Amazon and what not.
  19. I agree. The economy is going under. We need a lot of stimulus to ride this one out.
  20. It's an interesting tension between "individual freedom" and public health. Hope everyone gets out of this okay but I fear you might be right.
  21. The winning feeling seems so foreign.
  22. Just hoping we can ride this high into getting a result next week.
  23. Yeboah isn’t an option unfortunately...
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