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  1. A video from St Agnes CHS Rooty Hill: https://youtu.be/dgBX2ROASHc
  2. Who is coming for us…. Juric ? Saba ? or no changes till 60 minutes?
  3. To all my fellow wanderers from Blacktown, Im still in North Carolina USA but I wish to be in Parra. Still wearing my shirt and watching the game with my familia.
  4. I'm in North Carolina USA, go Wanderers… I wish to be in Parra !
  5. today's game was my first this year, Newcastle guys won but it was good to see that our team it is a much better unit than last years.Alex, congratulations to you and your mates.
  6. http://www.theage.com.au/sport/soccer/western-sydney-wanderers-battle-through-to-acl-semifinals-after-away-goals-win-over-guangzhou-evergrande-20140828-1099o7.html Interesting to read how our players were treated .... They had good reasons to afraid.
  7. Wedding celebratiion Wanderers' style (celebrating semi final win against Central Coast Mariners) . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8KQz6Y5jQ8
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