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  1. A video from St Agnes CHS Rooty Hill: https://youtu.be/dgBX2ROASHc
  2. Who is coming for us…. Juric ? Saba ? or no changes till 60 minutes?
  3. To all my fellow wanderers from Blacktown, Im still in North Carolina USA but I wish to be in Parra. Still wearing my shirt and watching the game with my familia.
  4. I'm in North Carolina USA, go Wanderers… I wish to be in Parra !
  5. today's game was my first this year, Newcastle guys won but it was good to see that our team it is a much better unit than last years.Alex, congratulations to you and your mates.
  6. http://www.theage.com.au/sport/soccer/western-sydney-wanderers-battle-through-to-acl-semifinals-after-away-goals-win-over-guangzhou-evergrande-20140828-1099o7.html Interesting to read how our players were treated .... They had good reasons to afraid.
  7. Wedding celebratiion Wanderers' style (celebrating semi final win against Central Coast Mariners) . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8KQz6Y5jQ8
  8. Sorry, this is the link forZulu War Chants, maybe we could use them . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4ozAB3SsdI
  9. What about Zulu war chants ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4ozAB3SsdI
  10. Santalab thanks for the equaliser and better during our Poznan time
  11. victor

    Jerrad Tyson

    Happy to see Tyson having a good game, great save, crucial and from there or second goal.
  12. Was ... OK Probably around 20 people. Only a few odd looks but then was only a few other people in there lol. Can't be sure if the bar staff looked bemused, cautious or put out there was anyone in there on a Sunday arvo, I will go with looks of polite bemusement and curiosity. On a positive note a couple of randoms who very clearly were NOT football people came up to me and asked who we were playing and how we were going. Seemed the fact we were 'Western Sydney' was at least 'something' to them, which was nice. Was a bit dark and sleepy like and without anyone breaking int
  13. yer club house ideology a place to socialise watch matches store equipment, flags, do workshops. Be fantastic and all cash would have to be donations from our fans. Not an investment opportunity to make money but an investment into our future for our club I just googled " how to start a club".... shiit loads of info! Gives ideas on fund raising, insurances,rules n regs, everything.We need a place away from houses , so noise isn't an issue, whereby cheering n chanting during a game isn't posing a problem.Unfortunately there aren't any pubs or clubs that are Football friendly.I guess places like
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