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  1. There was supposed to be 1,000 capacity safe standing in the centre of the bottom tier.. Bluecube won the contract for the seating and they have a product called Fast-latch that is a system that allows you to quickly remove seating and replace it using the same fixings with safety rails. That might be what has been used.
  2. OK. We know now to take no notice of you.
  3. My jocks have a better feel for the ball.
  4. Their first community forum is being moved to a larger venue. Final details to be announced on Monday.
  5. I was referring to the very first statement by Gallop on behalf of the FFA. The surveys and the subsequent interviews with players and staff were mentioned in the one sentence as the major elements of the reasons to sack Stajcic. The bit of your post that I have highlighted below is not correct in my view. Maybe I have misunderstood it. "The way that the language changed from the FFA. First it was the surveys, then it was the surveys that led to the FFA doing interviews & other factors." There may well have been a change in language used by the FFA since Stajcic was sacked but the interviews were not a latter development in their language. They were there as part of the initial statement. It is not necessary for the PFA survey to have highlighted issues that warrant a sacking for them to be used as evidence of a situation that does warrant a sacking. Normally these surveys bring up both positive and negative views and provide fairly low level information but sometimes contain views that wave a flag to the reader that warrants further investigation. The same goes for the Our Watch survey. In this case the further investigation seems to be interviews of players and staff by management. It appears that it is the follow up interviews that provided the information that was used for Gallop to put a range of options up to the Board and it was the Board that decided that sacking was the best thing to do in the current circumstances.
  6. I think the interviews are the crucial part of the "process". The surveys may have indicated "issues" but it is the interviews that should have tested whether the issues actually existed to the point where the environment was negatively affected and the culture impaired to the point of being unhealthy. I got the impression from one of the thousands of posts/articles etc that the Board may have had its own sources of information. If that was the case it is my view that this information should also have been tested by the same process before it was taken into consideration.
  7. Prydz, In Gallop's initial statement at the press conference it was the two surveys and interviews with players and staff that were mentioned. It is wrong to cite the interviews as part of a developing narrative.
  8. I'm still waiting for the two late goals...
  9. Not only does it fit a pitch better but the reduced distances significantly increase both the aural and visual experience for the spectator thereby making the atmosphere much better for the same size crowd.
  10. Flytox

    Babbel Out?

    Of the players you list in my view only Risdon, Ziegler, Roly, Duke and Yeboah are starter quality for the A-League.
  11. I did a quick add up of our attendances last season and this season for our first 8 home games and we are down a total of 38k on last season. Also for our first 8 away games attendance is down 14k. Total attendance for the league is down 42k after 16 rounds so we are basically the cause of the bad figures. Will moving to our permanent home next season make much difference unless we do a major rebuild of our squad?
  12. So with the Women's team just wrapping up a 4-1 win against Adelaide that gives us a 5-3 win for the weekend.
  13. So all the young players have been given a run to see which of them should be retained?