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  1. That project was design and construct so Cox had to produce what the principal contractor wanted for the price the contractor wanted. The new North Qld Stadium is a Cox design and looks pretty good.
  2. The top tier both sides is all that is retained and all but a couple of thousand seats there are inside FIFA's maximum viewing distance. The new tiers at the side and ends have good rakes.
  3. I know the Stadium Australia upgrade doesn't have a lot of support on here but it's interesting to see how they are planning to turn it from an oval bowl format to a rectangular bowl format. I've linked the Architectural and Urban Design Report which along with a lot of other stuff shows what is to be demolished and what goes in each replacement level together with some nice cutaways and both internal and external perspective views. It looks pretty good. https://majorprojects.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/prweb/PRRestService/mp/01/getContent?AttachRef=SSD-10342!20190919T214747.018 GMT
  4. Sydney FC fan questioning why the new stadium isn't 30,000 seats instead of 45,000 seats. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/a-league/teams/sydney/sydney-fc-fans-question-sfs-rebuild-to-hold-45000-fans/news-story/f39a13b9eea4752699bc65f9076d22aa
  5. If you are wanting the ball in the back of the net then Duke 1 goal every 7 games, Kamau 1 every 12, Yeboah 1 every 6 aren't who we need trying to put the ball there.
  6. The only reason whiskey Frank is involved is the Charlie Perkins Academy.
  7. THU, DEC 12 AT 6:30 PM Q&A Session with Ante Milicic & Frank Farina
  8. Anyone want a financial controllers job? We are hiring! We're looking for a top-class financial controller to join our growing admin team. Read more and apply here https://bit.ly/34T08Yi
  9. Maybe I should post the figures I put up on 442 that details the way he revolutionised the FFA's finances. cya
  10. Macarthur passed 2,000 Foundation Members yesterday.
  11. That link didn't work for me. We are up 3-1 at half time.
  12. link for u23 v China at 10:30 pm tonight. http://sports.pptv.com/sportslive/pg_h5live?sectionid=171113&matchid=284921&_ga=2.61838052.937245148.1573809361-661574605.1572215124 Hopefully the FFA have got it right this time.
  13. In NSW initially it was 24 May and it was called Empire Day which was changed in 1959 to Commonwealth Day. In 1966 it was changed to 11 June. It was also referred to as Bonfire Night or Cracker Night. 24 May was Queen Victoria's birthday and after she died in 1901 the name of the celebration was changed.
  14. The numbers were in the Deloitte report and quoted by Bonita M, see below. My recollection is that there were other figures that showed significantly lower impact on Wanderers when adjustments were made in the northern half of the SDSFA area. "Impact on existing clubs Perhaps the most telling set of numbers in the Deloitte data are those that look at the impact of the six shortlisted bids on the existing A-League clubs. The Deloitte data looked at the number of existing A-League clubs members in each of the expansion bid geographic regions. https://footballtoday.news/features/long-read-unpacking-the-metrics-in-the-a-league-expansion-decision
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