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  1. Are you wanting us to disagree?
  2. If the structure is "too tall" then it can be seen 4,380 hours per year from the viewing points that are considered to be of heritage value. i.e., 50% of the time. If the lights are on for games then their effect can be seen for less than 100 hours a year from those points and then when the view is unlikely to be viewed. Even so potential impact on the view occurs less than 1% of the time.
  3. The FFA only get the extra cash from Fox if the expansion clubs are in Sydney or Melbourne which would count against Canberra. By the way there is no Campbelltown bid. Its Macarthur South West Sydney United. The territory it purports to cover is that of the Southern Districts and the Macarthur FA's which were the two organisations that combined in starting the original South West Sydney bid that joined with the Campbelltown Council led Macarthur United bid a couple of months ago. That a territory overlaps another territory is quite normal. Its only in Australia that people want to draw lines on maps instead of allowing for normal human behaviour in deciding allegiances. With their home ground being 31km away from Wanderland there is plenty of space for everyone. I'm not sure why the FFA would want to feed the Chinese funds into the MSWSU. I would have thought that Lang Walker being worth $3.47b in the 2018 AFR rich list would satisfy them. Maybe he has put limits in the bid on his commitment. If I was making the selection I'd go with MSWSU and Canberra first up but announce both Team 11 and West Melbourne to enter in 2 years having shown progress on the construction of their venues.
  4. Flytox

    A-league 18/19 Rd 7

    Where are we in the VAR error race?
  5. Brazil is really worth looking at for us. Because of poor national transport systems and long distances they worked with state leagues only for decades and when national transport improved they started up a system of national leagues that link well with P/R through the two season system from the state leagues. They don't have a "full pyramid" or follow the "global" or "FIFA" model that people rave on about here. P/R is only available to professional clubs within the professional leagues. Within the states I understand that P/R happens within the amateur leagues but there is a ceiling between the amateur and the professional leagues.
  6. CLUB-BY-CLUB ADELAIDE UNITED: Lachlan Brook, Papa Baba Diawara, Scott Galloway, Kristin Konstandopoulos, Ken Ilso, Vince Lia, Michael Marrone, Nikola Mileusnic, Taylor Regan BRISBANE ROAR: Bryce Bafford, Jay Barnett, Eric Bautheac, Daniel Bowles, Shannon Brady, Joe Caletti, Henrique, Luke De Vere, Brett Holman, Thomas Kristensen, Alex Lopez, Matthew McKay, Tobias Mikkelsen, Stefan Nigro, Avram Papadopoulos, Jacob Pepper, Dylan Wenzel Halls, Brendan White CENTRAL COAST: Adam Berry, Kalifa Cisse, Jack Clisby, Corey Gameiro, Joe Gauci, Antony Golec, Tom Hiariej, Andrew Hoole, Peter Kekeris, Ben Kennedy, Joshua MacDonald, Matthew Millar, Jordan Murray, Connor Pain, Adam Pearce, Kye Rowles, Mario Shabow MELBOURNE CITY: Joshua Cavallo, James Delianov, Bruno Fornaroli, Eugene Galekovic, Curtis Good, Iacopo La Rocca, Osama Malik, Ramy Najjarine, Dylan Pierias, Bart Schenkeveld, Dario Vidosic MELBOURNE VICTORY: Rahmat Akbari, Kosta Barbarouses, Leigh Broxham, Keisuke Honda, Joshua Hope, Jai Ingham, Georg Niedermeier, Nicholas Sette, James Troisi, Carl Valeri NEWCASTLE JETS: Jake Adelson, Mitchell Austin, Jair, Nicholas Cowburn, Daniel Georgievski, Lewis Italiano, Lachlan Jackson, Noah James, John Koutroumbis, Patrick Langlois, Glen Moss, Roy O’Donovan, Kaine Sheppard, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Ronald Vargas PERTH GLORY: Jake Brimmer, Diego Castro, Joel Chianese, Jason Davidson, Dino Djulbic, Fabio Ferreira, Andrew Keogh, Liam Reddy, Brendon Santalab, Walter Scott, Matthew Spiranovic, Callum Timmins, Tando Velaphi SYDNEY FC: Joshua Brillante, Alex Brosque, Aaron Calver, Alex Cisak, Cameron Devlin, Rhyan Grant, Joel King, Charles Lokoli Ngoy, Brandon O’Neill, Jerry Skotadis, Ryan Teague, Marco Tilio, Jop Van Der Linden, Christopher Zuvela WELLINGTON PHOENIX: Max Burgess, Nathan Burns, Thomas Doyle, Andrew Durante, Callan Elliot, Louis Fenton, Dylan Fox, Roy Krishna, Filip Kurto, Ryan Lowry, Mitchell Nichols, Alex Rufer, Oliver Sail, Sarpreet Singh, Armando Sosa Pena, Steven Taylor, Reuben Way, David Williams WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS: Keanu Baccus, Alexander Baumjohann, Roly Bonevacia, Mark Bridge, Brendan Hamill, Raul Llorente, Rashid Mahazi, Manyiel Riel Majok, Oriol Riera, Joshua Risdon, John Roberts, Lachlan Scott, Jaushua Sotirio, Marc Tokich
  7. List of all A-League players coming off contract. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/a-league/david-davutovic-names-his-top-30-aleague-players-coming-out-of-contract/news-story/261f23ee6cb46155bfe2fdcdce24acac
  8. New Opposition Leader will force SCG Trust to borrow the $700m to pay for new Sydney Football Stadium. Daily Telegraph today.
  9. As I understand it 5 games into his tenure Gombau had already lost the dressing room.
  10. Its standard dress for the Babbel out crew.
  11. "When FFA’s roof literally caved in at Monday’s AGM it amused this column that the seat directly beneath the accident zone belonged to none other than the governing body’s nemesis, Greg Griffin. Griffin had left the building minutes before a ceiling panel collapsed and water trickled down on to the chair where he had been sitting. An amused Griffin rang FFA CEO David Gallop shortly after, and we hear a straight-faced Gallop insisted they had only meant “to sprinkle you with holy water”." https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/football-confidential-new-boards-ties-to-aleague-expansion-bids/news-story/c3e426dac9afe82e66611e007864346a
  12. We went from a bunch of shysters to Lowy and now we have gone back again or is it a new bunch of shysters?
  13. That would have taken 2 votes off the A-League block splitting it 26-2. Would that have changed much?
  14. The fact that 46 votes were cast against a change to the Constitution to do with AAFC that was recommended unanimously in the CRWG means that there is a large block of members and votes that will not rubber stamp what the clubs might want out of the NLWG. They already demonstrated this in the lead up to the EGM where the clubs had to give some ground to get the CRWG through the EGM. There are plenty of bridges to cross me thinks.