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  1. This link is to some info on people who have survived Covid-19. https://www.sfgate.com/science/article/What-they-don-t-tell-you-about-surviving-15347792.php
  2. On a sombre note the number of cases worldwide passed 10 million over night and the number of deaths passed 500 thousand... "but its no worse than the flu".
  3. I was reading the transcript of a podcast this evening where the ABC's Norman Swan made the comment that the R0 value for Australia remained at 1 or just under while for Victoria it was between 1.5 and 2.0 which is where exponential growth is probable. He also observed that the regular polling that has been done on restriction compliance in April showed 80% compliance in Victoria but now shows only 25% compliance. I hope people get the message that this thing is still on a knife edge in Australia with the need to follow the basics absolutely essential still if we want the "opening up" to proceed safely.
  4. Indeed, the article says there is robust debate and Sutton is noted as on the conservative side but the reality is the committee generally comes to a consensus view.
  5. Advice to the government comes from the AHPPC which Murphy chairs. Its members are the State and Territory CMO's. They also have co-opted a group of experts to provide the level of advice that is needed when they prepare advice to the government. The linked article gives an insight into the process and Murphy's role in it. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/inside-morrison-s-expert-medical-advice-circle-20200327-p54ekq.html
  6. Both SA and Tas are opening their borders in late July.
  7. Interestingly both in cases per 1 million population and deaths per 1 million population Australia has come out slightly better than New Zealand.
  8. I was following a discussion between my nephew (anaesthetist) and various friends the other week and he was explaining that an individual wearing a mask for their own protection can actually be counterproductive in that it increases the risk of transmission of the virus to them from uncovered carriers of the virus. The mask can become a reservoir of collected matter including the virus over the day and it is incorrect doffing procedure that can result in the virus being transmitted from the mask. Who of us would have thought that there was a correct way to take a mask off?
  9. I found this article quite interesting. I don't know anything about the National Post so don't hang me if it is a publication that is not balanced in its reporting. Sweden in deep economic crisis despite soft lockdown, as per capita deaths rise Sweden kept most businesses open during the pandemic, opting for voluntary measures on social distancing and basic hygiene https://nationalpost.com/news/world/sweden-in-deep-economic-crisis-as-per-capita-deaths-rise-despite-soft-lockdown
  10. It is interesting that GetUp uses a market research company co-owned by the CFMEU and the ACTU.
  11. I don't see an inquiry being a witch-hunt or a deflection by other governments from their responsibility for their own responses. What is needed is a tuning of the mechanisms by which an epidemic is communicated to WHO and the rest of the world in its initial stages. As I said previously it is a matter of days in this early stage that affects the strength and reach of a local epidemic and transitions it to a large scale pandemic. WHO needs to know immediately of a potential threat and needs to have people on the ground assessing the situation. WHO's own framework for assessment, classification and notification of a threat needs to be tightened so that they cannot be swayed politically by the country where the threat is emanating from. The demonising of a people based on the actions of their government or by the "forces of nature" as in this case is totally wrong.
  12. The bit I highlighted is exactly what needs to happen because it is China's apparent failure to disclose the problem when it first appeared that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. It doesn't take much analysis of the data to show that days are crucial in responding to the pandemic and China withholding information from WHO for a fortnight or more, if true, is criminal. We are fortunate that our first cases of infection were "well after" other countries and we were able to respond in the light of what was happening overseas in a more appropriate manner than most had.
  13. It is the G20 countries that the PM has written to calling for an inquiry and China is reacting to that. They are not worried about Australia per se but they are worried about any action the collective G20 countries could take against them. Chins is the biggest exporter in the world and the G20 countries could easily cripple China's growth and it would likely help the G20 countries' own recovery.
  14. As one of the G20 countries why don't we have the right to agitate in that forum for an independent inquiry into the source and initial handling of the pandemic that has affected the world so much? Don't those countries need to take the lead, on behalf of both their people and the people of the less affluent nations, in learning from this current event and in planning to handle future similar outbreaks especially as both the UN and WHO are impotent due to political influence?
  15. Australia has done well in managing Covid-19 so far. We are the 55th country by population, 13th by GDP and 12th by GDP pp. Total cases of Covid-19 - 50th on the list of countries on worldometer. Total number of deaths - 64th on the list. Cases per 1m population - 90th on the list. Deaths per 1m population - 100th on the list. Total number of tests - 12th on the list. Number of tests per 1m population - 36th on the list.
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