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  1. They are looking for locations that give more derbies. Auckland, Brisbane, Perth, and possibly Canberra as the 4th new club.
  2. So will the losses unless attendance goes up in the early rounds of the finals.
  3. "The ultimate aim is to reach a 16-team competition where each team plays the other sides home and away, to reduce “viewer fatigue” at the current third round of games, with an expanded finals series." https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/a-league/aleague-club-owners-reveal-16team-expansion-blueprint/news-story/7ce25b194c5aadb30627f08b732aabe3 Those seeing IndiA as a move to traditional football will be aghast with what is planned.
  4. This came out during the bidding process and someone has just found it and posted it again. My understanding is that the corporate boxes at Campbelltown were all claimed by corporate supporters of the bid before the club was named as a successful bidder.
  5. The shape of Bankwest doesn't suit the site at Allianz which is very constrained length wise. The design used for the new stadium loads more of the capacity along the sides to overcome this but even at 30,000 capacity the shape of the new design would have to be retained to have enough space for the external concourse at the ends and north east corner. Additionally there is a basement level road right around the pitch that might not work with the straight side and end design like Bankwest. The placement of columns and the turning circle requirements for the internal road are critical items. The worst major stadium for football in Sydney is ANZ. It is only slightly better than the MCG for football which means at best it is a third order stadium.
  6. Flytox

    AFL Thread 2

    I'm glad they understand that they are second class citizens in Sydney. It would be sad if they continued with the delusion that they are anything but that. The major benefit to the SCG they provide over winter is to aerate the surface.
  7. The FFA Member Federation Charter spells out the respective roles of the State Feds and the FFA in approaches to Government at all levels. Schedule 7 of the Charter is quoted at the end of this post. As a result of the Charter and the WC bid in 2010 there has been an ongoing process initiated by the FFA of assessing facility needs and approaches to Governments for funding. The article you linked is part of FV's strategy to increase funding specifically for women's football having already achieved in excess of $100m of funding from the Victorian Government for facilities creation and improvement in Victoria. Each State Fed has been going through the process at the FFA's request and are at varying stages in their approaches to Government but from the data obtained by the States the FFA has advised the Federal Government of the need for over $500m in investment in football infrastructure nationally. Lets hope that the level of funding obtained so far in Victoria is replicated in all states and the $500m is exceeded. Schedule 7 – Government 1 GOVERNMENT 1.1 FFA and the Member Federations each acknowledge that interaction with government at all levels is a regular and important element of the work that the Member Federations undertake in their capacity as state governing bodies and that FFA undertakes in its capacity as national governing body. 1.2 Particularly in respect of major government decisions and support relating to football and to maximise the benefits that may flow to football from such decisions, FFA and the Member Federations acknowledge it is important that football governing bodies to the greatest extent possible present a consistent face to government whilst recognising that there may be issues of differing significance at local and national levels. 1.3 To this end FFA and the Member Federations agree to use reasonable endeavours to keep each other informed of any significant dealings with government particularly in relation to government support to: (a) hold any major event; (b) fund any football development; (c) fund any infrastructure development; or (d) acquire any significant asset. 1.4 Each Member Federation agrees that any request that it makes for government assistance will be consistent with its obligations under this Charter, including its obligations in connection with the implementation of the strategies, policies and regulations of FFA. 1.5 Each Member Federation agrees that it will give good faith consideration to any request that FFA makes in connection with any request that it wishes to make for government assistance that falls within clause 1.3. 1.6 FFA agrees that it will give good faith consideration to providing appropriate advocacy support to a Member Federation in respect of requests it may make for government assistance.
  8. It's fairly normal that directors of Not for Profit organisations don't get paid.
  9. The Constitution says that they are not to be paid for their services as a director.
  10. Of the 1.852m participants 28% are registered players and about 25% are adults. Of the adults how many have the qualifications, expertise and experience to be a director of a $140m pa Company limited by guarantee? How many have the time over and above their normal work to commit to Board business and participation in a couple of committees? How many have the personal resources to be able to commit this time gratis as the position carries no salary? How many are prepared to put their professional reputation at risk by taking on directorship of an organisation that has a 60 year history of division and internal politics where almost everyone thinks that they know what's best and management and the board know nothing? Of those left, how many have a deep love of the game? There has only been a few over the last 60 years but eventually they have been kneecapped.
  11. The desire to have football people on the Board of a $140m pa business would be fine if we had football people with the requisite qualifications, expertise and experience as Board members. It appears that these people don't exist at the moment or can't or don't want to be found. The last thing we want to see happening is the development of a class of people called football politicians running the business of football. I shudder at the thought of populists like Forster ever getting voted in. FIFA's representative democracy is a flawed model when it comes to having to run a cash poor business but the one thing they do get right is for the football experts to be on the committees advising the Board and running stuff that is delegated to them by the Board with the Board being responsible for strategy, compliance etc.
  12. From the SMH. Phoenix to pay $1 million to FFA after missing off-field goals Football Federation Australia has sent an invoice for $1 million to Wellington Phoenix after the club failed to clear contractual "performance hurdles" this season. 2 hours ago by Vince Rugari
  13. @Mack, My preference is to get rid of the finals and replace it with a knock out League Cup including the clubs from the second division. The winner of the home and away would be the Champion and we would have an FFA Cup winner and a League Cup winner. This gets rid of an unbalanced fixture list and provides a few extra games a season for each club to build up the length of our season. It also provides an end of season game with a trophy that should satisfy the broadcasters.
  14. Macarthur FC Official Supporter Group now has 900 members of its closed Facebook group and there are over a thousand invites out as well.
  15. Playing each other 3 times needs 33 rounds. I don't see a problem with next season having a bodgy fixture. It's an interim measure. The season after with 12 clubs it's fixed. Clubs play each other home and away in 22 rounds and then the top 6 play each other once and bottom six sides play each other once. All clubs have 27 games. If people are concerned of unfairness in the late season arrangements with the bottom 6 having an advantage this can be overcome by limiting the number of clubs in the bottom 6 that can get into the final 6. Something like:- A minimum of 4 of the top 6 make the final 6 and a maximum of 2 of the bottom 6 can make the final 6. Once we have 14 clubs then its home and away, 26 rounds.
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