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  1. Flytox

    Team Name

    500 tickets sold for their name and colours lunch. From memory they were $150 with any profit going to local charities.
  2. Flytox

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Knowing our luck we will be up 4 yellows to nil at half time.
  3. Flytox

    Mark Bridge

    Bridge highlights. https://www.a-league.com.au/video/best-mark-bridge-hyundai-a-league
  4. Its interesting to note that 22 of the 25 goals that Riera has scored for us were scored in the first half.
  5. Some years ago it was informally accepted by the various football bodies in Australia that the infield at a multipurpose venue would be 136m x 80m (82?). Rugby Union preferred it to be longer but accepted that seeing it was a multipurpose they compromised on the length. Football's compromise was a length slightly longer than FIFA's preferred length.
  6. One of the design features of the new stadium is the better roof cover which shifts the drip line to cover most of the seating. Covering more drips seems quite appropriate methinks.
  7. Shouldn't take long. There isn't much of it.
  8. From memory Italy allows a maximum rake of 41 degrees and there may be some other countries that permit that too. The generally accepted maximum is 35.7 degrees.
  9. If you read the tweets you would see clarification of the situation from the FFA.
  10. Geelong is part of the Melbourne ratings area just like the Blue Mountains and Central Coast are part of the Sydney ratings area.
  11. The people who pay most money get the best seats.
  12. I like seeing them squirm too but I especially like seeing them having a good point to make but making an absolute hash of it because they don't understand what they are talking about.