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  1. Crawford was adamant that the Board had to be independent. My concern is that the situation will return to what it was before the 2003 change. i.e., the elite clubs and FNSW and FFV will run the show. In my view that would be a disaster.
  2. What do you mean by "makeup"? I wouldn't see the working group having any role in selecting Board members for approval at the AGM. Thats the role of the membership. The working group recommendations will go to FIFA for endorsement and then it will be over to the FFA to prepare the Agenda for the EGM of the current membership to adopt the changes to the constitution and then the FFA will have to drive whatever is necessary, including nominations for the Board, to be considered at the November AGM by the new membership. There is a whole stack of things that are required by the constitution and the Corporations Act to be attended to at the AGM and the current Board handles these and the new Board take over after the AGM has ended.
  3. Is that because they have one brain between them?
  4. Will a new board come in or will there just be elections for those whose term is up?
  5. Flytox

    A-League Memberships & Attendances 2017/18

    Renewal page on website indicates 19,025 members. For some reason I'm not believing it.
  6. Flytox

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    I like this header for an article in the Newcastle Herald:- "So near but yet so VAR for luckless Jets"
  7. Flytox

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    5-0 to the Jets would be great.
  8. Flytox

    Alvaro Cejudo

    cejudo16I wouldn’t like to leave this club without saying some words. I’m grateful to all the fans, to my teammates and to the club workers. I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks to letting me be part of the Wanderers family, the city and your culture. Thank you so much!Forever a wanderer. 📝Alvaro Cejudo #westernsydney #australia #wsw #🔴⚫️
  9. The A-League and NPL have minimum coaching licence qualification requirements.
  10. Lowe had a UEFA A licence when he was appointed interim head coach at Glory in 2013 and was doing his Pro licence at the time.
  11. Vic and NSW voted against the FFA's motion at the AGM but that should not be read as that they are for the clubs. In NSW's case they only considered the 2 options put forward by the FFA and the clubs but with the job of the working group to determine a set up that best fits Australian legislation and FIFA's requirements for representative democracy I am sure they will support a totally different congress makeup and there is no guarantee the clubs/pfa group will get the veto rights on board appointments that they want. Vic vacillated on whether to support the FFA or the clubs plan for the congress and in the end they helped vote down the FFA's proposal but that was not support for the clubs. They were more concerned with women's football being properly represented and for their state they have acted on equality on their board and have set as their prime goal that participation in the sport be 50:50 men and women and that be reflected at all levels of management of the game. I understand that they were one of the states that notified FIFA that the clubs were refusing to discuss reform with them again unless the states came up with a documented unified view so they are not the club's lapdog.
  12. Will a new board be voted in or will those board members whose time is up be replaced or re-elected?
  13. Flytox

    Football Media Discussion 2

    FFA own the IP assets of all the A-League franchises.
  14. I'd love it if we lead into the second half and the pitch gets unplayable due to torrential rain and the game has to be called off. 3 points for us. I'm loving the thought of Arnold spewing. One can dream.
  15. It appeared on the TV that he tried to hit Riera on the head but the pass didn't connect. It probably would have been better if he just took the shot.