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  1. Known total deaths from Covid19 reached 1.25m today with the last 250k taking 43 days. This is the fastest 250k since the start of the pandemic. With deaths per day rising rapidly in the last few weeks there are projections that the death total by the end of this calendar year could be in the range of 1.7m to 2.3m. https://covid19.healthdata.org/global?view=total-deaths&tab=trend
  2. Correction. It was 7,343 yesterday. It is 7,566 today. The death total for the last 24 hours of 9,082 is the highest of the pandemic thus far and it continues to rise in the northern hemisphere autumn/winter. I found an infographic of the daily deaths worldwide and their causes. The current daily deaths from coronavirus would come in as the 4th highest cause of deaths. It is also the highest of all communicable diseases. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/05/how-many-people-die-each-day-covid-19-coronavirus/
  3. The world's 7-day average deaths per day reached its highest point during the pandemic yesterday. At 7,566 it passed the previous peak in April 2020.
  4. Flytox

    Macarthur FC

    Macarthur sold out their first ever game against Camden Tigers in an hour.
  5. The total deaths worldwide reached 1 million today with the last 250k taking 46 days which is the quickest and 1 day less than the previous 250k. The bugger isn't giving up. Just when cases in India start to dip Europe is on the rise again but the Americas are still the worst hit at the moment. When will it end? When will a viable vaccine arrive?
  6. The ABS is collecting data on deaths in Australia and is producing charts that indicate "excess deaths" this year to see the effect of Covid-19. Data so far is incomplete and they warn of reading too much into it at this stage. https://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/3303.0.55.004
  7. Flytox

    Macarthur FC

    Macarthur signed up a Major Partner today. Me Sim https://twitter.com/mfcbulls/status/1303483616308199424?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet
  8. Flytox

    Macarthur FC

    Reminds me of the tweets from this bloke about the Wanderers during their set up 6 months and first season.
  9. Flytox

    Macarthur FC

    Macarthur FC Head Coach Ante Milicic continues to expand his inaugural team with the signing of 23-year old Liverpool local and former Olyroos centre forward Milislav Popovic. Popovic, returns to home, following stints in Italy, Germany, and Austria, most notably with FC Cologne in the Bundesliga and German second tier side Eintracht Braunschweig. Identified as a special talent from a young age, Popovic played in several local junior representative sides, including with club association partner, Southern Districts Metro team, before going onto Marconi Stallions and Blacktown Demons. The six foot two, centre-forward, is no stranger to Milicic’s playing style, featuring in his Olyroos squad during their AFC u/23 Championship campaign in 2018. Earning eight caps for the Olyroos and finding the back of the net on two occasions, Popovic is set to make his A-League debut just 30 minutes from where he first played as a junior. Macarthur FC Head Coach Ante Milicic, was impressed by the youngster’s natural talent and strength. “I have closely followed Milislav’s career over the last couple of years since he impressed me during the 2018 Asian Cup campaign.In Milislav, the fans can expect a big, strong, technical player with the ability to create and score goals. “Having returned to Australia, I am hoping we can provide him the opportunity to kick start his career and realise his full potential.” Milicic added. Popovic, who this season, will play his first professional football in front of family and friends was excited about the opportunity. “The opportunity to represent my local area on the national stage is a great honour for me. I know my family and friends will be supporting us at every match at Campbelltown Stadium. “Having played under Ante previously with the Olyroos, I know he will have a very clear style of how he would like the team to play, and to be under his guidance again is something I’m really looking forward to.” Popovic said. “Growing up in Liverpool, I know we have extremely passionate football fans in the area and I’m looking forward to seeing them all come together to support the new club.” Popovic added. https://www.macarthurfc.com.au/news/liverpool-local-milislav-popovic-signs-macarthur-fc?fbclid=IwAR2IgbumPm2dJQLCSwkPibx_rf67JfcFomFkf2ANoRmisnq1uaAj1eML978
  10. WHO and CDC estimate that seasonal influenza is associated with 290,000 to 650,000 deaths each year. The first 250,000 recorded deaths from Covid-19 occurred over 101 days. The next 250,000 occurred over 55 days. The latest 250,000 deaths occurred over 47 days. With 162 days to finish off a 12 month period and with the death rate not abating, using about 5,500 deaths per day as an average, another 900,000 to 1,000,000 people could die giving a total of recorded deaths around 1,650,000 to 1,750,000 or 3 to 5 times more than seasonal influenza.
  11. If we have the same number of deaths per 1 million population as the USA we would have 12,300 deaths. Sobering.
  12. Flytox

    Macarthur FC

    Kate Cohen has been signed as the Bulls football analyst. She worked with Milicic with the Matildas.
  13. Flytox

    Macarthur FC

    Derbyshire on a 2 year deal. https://www.macarthurfc.com.au/news/derbyshire-bring-stike-power-macarthur-fc
  14. https://www.doherty.edu.au/news-events/setting-it-straight/lessons-learned-from-the-first-six-months-of-covid-19-part-two
  15. Link to Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty's reflections on 6 months of the Covid-19 Pandemic:- https://www.doherty.edu.au/news-events/setting-it-straight/lessons-learned-from-the-first-six-months-of-covid-19-part-1 Part 2 is due out today.
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