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  1. Nice to know our tax payer dollars are going to let Senator hang out with White Supremacists... https://www.smh.com.au/national/fraser-anning-spent-most-taxpayers-money-on-family-travel-last-year-20190320-p515sm.html
  2. ^^^^cant like this post enough! I agree wholeheartedly!
  3. So do you think the kids should strike?
  4. Yeah I reckon sometimes too much is made of it. Especially the uni student stuff.
  5. Absolutely, the right to protest for what you believe in is something to be protected. Whats underlying this though that maybe there is an oversensitivity, a willingness to see outrage in innocent things sometimes. Not all the time...but sometimes.
  6. Very interesting scarcev! It would be my observation that university does breed idealistic, purist views and it is only life experience that brings balance.
  7. Oh Wendy, breath of fresh air. Someone who can talk about these things without politicising it! He had data and human understanding. Much different to JP who gets caught up in politics and philosophical and religious stances. (IMO of course!).
  8. I don’t know if anyone else is following this story but it would be a wonderful thing if finally what happened was uncovered and Jeffrey Epstein got what was coming to him... https://www.miamiherald.com/latest-news/article227411649.html
  9. oh there a lot of bad ones aren’t there?!
  10. Oh there’s way more that curious post.....do tell!
  11. Cynth

    Mental Health Thread 2

    Im happy to be in bed with CBT as long as systemic theory, attachment theory, neurobiology, and others join us too.
  12. Cynth

    Mental Health Thread 2

    To cheer me up? Do I need cheering up? Lol. FCB, I have been supervising young psychologists for many many years now and I can tell you that I have never taught or encouraged CBT as a wholistic therapy. It is a tool and for some issues, it can be a wonderful one when delivered in the safety of a good therapeutic relationship. So the characterising of CBT as the only tool of psychology is wrong and narrow. Its true that the government has embraced CBT due to its evidence base as something they will fund but it is not correct to suggest that psychologists of any decent calibre are using pure manualiised treatments in their work. Attacking psychology as a whole based on one part of their intervention base is narrow.
  13. Oh man I go away for 5 seconds and somebody starts dissing psychology. Well I’m not going to defend it....I don’t need to. I know what a psychologist can offer and add to peoples lives. (When done well). Ain’t nobody got time for existential discussions when they are feeling they can’t get through another day.