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  1. Bettina Arndt : please note....not a psychologist, not a clinical psychologist and not a doctor. https://newmatilda.com/2020/01/28/psychologist-clinical-psychologist-doctor-or-none-of-the-above-will-the-real-bettina-arndt-am-please-stand-up/
  2. This woman is evil and ignorant as you can get. I don’t hate many people but I come close with Bettina Arndt.
  3. What a shame that America will lose its very soul this week when they acquit Trump. Well done to Adam Schiff for doing an amazing job. Someone will look back one day and know that he tried to save their nation.
  4. Lol to the last part. It always comes down to economics. There is a fallacy that it’s Labour governments that raise taxes and find new taxes.....Revenue is a government problem not a political one.
  5. I can give you some inside goss that the treasurer of NSW already has his eye on a electric car levy. He is concerned that people who buy these cars are not paying the fuel excise and into the future revenue will drop. True story.
  6. What I love about the last few posts is the reminder that it will be people and conscientious organisations and business that will make the world change leaving the climate change denying politicians behind.
  7. Can you show me your data? Everywhere I see funding cuts to public schools with soaring enrolments. https://www.miragenews.com/public-schools-denied-fair-funding-despite-soaring-enrolments/ I am totally in agreement that the OECD rankings are a real concern and that I’m not sure it’s only a matter of funding but public schools have been ignored in many ways. Meanwhile my own children’s private school enjoys both healthy federal funding and they hike up the school fees by at least 3% every year for the parents. For that my children enjoy amazing school facilities whilst their public school counterparts don’t even have their own computer. There is an inequality problem in education in this country. Go figure.
  8. I’m late to the conversation but can you explain this? How is the education system overfunded? And I am guessing you mean public education? And if you do then I imagine you are criticising the state governments as they have primary responsibility for this?
  9. I’ll be glad to be proved wrong... but I think I’ll hold on to a bit of scepticism for the moment.
  10. It's so sickening. And providing sports funding in coalition areas as well. And yet they will play the Trump double down card.
  11. Can our coach at least look like he gives a ****? There’s Popa pacing and writing notes while Babbel is waiting for the bus!
  12. Way to speed up their already dropping life expectancy! But you know, freedom. This is the dumbest nation on the planet surely! https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-01-17/trump-rolls-back-michelle-obama-s-school-lunch-nutrition-rules
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