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  1. Yes apparently it’s justified to control language and education if you are censoring leftist evil views.
  2. Well I guess they voted Trump despite his sexual harassment, abuse and assault claims....so why not Cuomo?
  3. Legia, I’m sure you will ignore this however I will write it. If you are saying it’s hard for you to get angry, sure, you’re right. You are a male who perhaps can’t even remember too much of 1988, you have never been a woman and you have probably never experienced sexual assault. There are other cohorts who probably find it hard to get angry....the boys club in Canberra of course, Sky News hosts, conservative men generally, misogynists, and enablers like Minister Reynolds. The rest of us are angry, that if something did happen to this poor woman in 1988 and she has suffered a worl
  4. Remember when our season was going good? Well it ain’t now.
  5. I haven’t seen anything on how Facebook have defined “news”. I don’t care if general news and media from other sources is blocked because I kinda think people should work a little harder to find out about news rather than depend on what pops in front of their face on their Facebook. But if it’s blocking community sites just trying to keep people connected that don’t define themselves as current affair type news then that’s unfortunate.
  6. How arrogantly confident is that? All that suffering and off he goes to a resort for a holiday.
  7. I kinda think so. I know a whole lotta people been corrupted by the disinformation on Facebook.
  8. OMG I would have thought for sure this was a parody account. Lol, what an absolute dufus to say out loud what every Republican is dumb enough to think.
  9. Oh how incredibly sad. I’m so sorry. You son was very brave to sit through it too
  10. Nah I think he is responding to the article about Authoritarian rule that I posted. Legia seems to not believe the data. (Assuming the comment is sarcastic). His wisdom tells him different.
  11. https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/02/11/capitol-insurrection-trump-authoritarianism-psychology-innate-fear-envy-change-diversity-populism/
  12. Old article but an interesting historical take. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/religious-right-real-origins-107133
  13. Can anyone tell me why the penalty for the foul on Ibini was not a yellow card??
  14. LOL https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/i-am-a-disappointed-biden-voter-who-was-told-hed-immediately-implement-communist-rule
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