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  1. https://www.nationalreview.com/the-morning-jolt/where-the-post-election-lawsuits-stand/
  2. Now the Biden show is starting up the contrasts will come thick and fast!
  3. Trump was golfing? Well that says it all right? The country is drowning with COVID-19 and economical ruin and unemployment and divisiveness and Trump is soothing his hurt ego by taking a break. Joe Biden inherits a broken United States as did Obama in 2008. What a hard task he is left with.
  4. It’s bad. It’s going to be so contested. Trump has now claimed a victory. What a ******* mess.
  5. The part about voter suppression is so worrisome. Republicans can’t win the popular vote anymore and so they depend on nasty tactics and then the law courts which they have stacked over the last four years.
  6. Thank you but makes me more nervous. To answer your question, I love the Lincoln Project. People who are Republican but stuck to their values.
  7. I can’t, I think I’m a bit superstitious in that I don’t want to proclaim the likelihood of a Trump loss.
  8. I don’t know who is going to win that election. The polls show a landslide to Biden but the analysts don’t predict that, they see an undercurrent of hidden Trump voters again. If Trump wins, we may as well let go of any of the world order that we know. He will be insular and the propaganda of his image and his achievements will dominate over truth and facts and the reality of people’s lives. If he loses, there will be a protracted legal battle that will continue to undermine their economy, all for Trumps ego. No winners there.
  9. I see the US in a lose-lose situation. It is so polarised that regardless of the result, the country will only fracture more. And if Trump loses he will not follow the historical protocol around peaceful transfer of power and he will tie it up in the (stacked) courts. A gift to the would-be superpowers in the world.
  10. What everyone has stopped talking about is his taxes, his poor debate performance, his lack of policies, the economy. And the upcoming debates........ Maybe he’s got it but it’s very convenient to a losing incumbent.
  11. He has the jersey, knows all the players and all their trials and tribulations! My son loves an underdog. Lucky his other team is Man City.
  12. Haha my son follows Accrington Stanley for some unknown reason. I’ll have to show him the ad.
  13. I spoke to someone called “Danny” at the club yesterday. He rang in regards to my long email to them last week. He wanted me to spell out the reasons I was concerned even though it was all there in the email. I told him my concerns around poor performance, lack of investment in players, no certainty as to what we would be paying for, not paying players etc. What I got in return was that Danny had no answers for me. He told me he understood all my concerns but couldn’t answer to them. In the end he ensured I and my family were off auto renew, told me they seem to want to start the season in December and assured me that I could take out any level of membership and still keep my foundation membership. He also said that if it came to the 14th of October and we still didn’t know what we were doing, we could call and extend the time and they wouldn’t give away our seats.
  14. Good for you, that’s awesome. I don’t want to be in a position to pay near $1400 for our five Red membership seats with no certainty about the season, no real team and quite frankly a result that’s already in the bag for the Smurf’s due to our lack of investment in players. I will call the club tomorrow as they want to discuss my email but no decisions yet.
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