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  1. It’s not about civil liberties being taken away for me because now is the time we need to do whatever is necessary. My concern is that once a government has taken these liberties away do they ever give them ALL back?
  2. I hear ya. Been working from 8am to 6pm straight most days with the occasional cup of tea.
  3. Loving the bragging rights, undefeated in the derby this season. That will do me.
  4. I find myself less concerned than I need to be maybe? I catch public transport, I work for a government department that needs to continue to function and to be in contact with vulnerable people. No masks. Just hand washing and social distancing and cancelling large group meetings. Encouraging staff to work from home for administrative things and come to work for client things. My only major precaution is that I don’t visit my elderly parents anymore. They are fragile and I don’t want to make them sick, although so far I feel fine. They are lonely though and that is the saddest thing for me. Oh and I wish I could buy just one packet of toilet paper. Just one. Things are getting dire. Lol.
  5. <sigh> I think we deserve better than some of the players apathy. I thought Muller was not interested today. Walked a lot of the game and never chased, expected the perfect ball at his feet. Tate Russell though worked all game. I’m happy for his great goal. And I thought the new boy Carluccio tried hard ( turns out I went to school with his dad, ). Cox, well I thought he was feisty but what a brain snap to miss that goal.
  6. That’s mean. I’m sure not even Melania French kisses her husband. But you know....if she’s willing....
  7. Ah I don’t think ACA would be a good idea. I wouldn’t trust a commercial network with football stuff. Maybe a football journalist? I don’t know how to do that. The next step is emailing the FFA, just finalising it now.
  8. Thanks for your words, I am at a loss at how unjust it all is.
  9. So as an update I have spoken to Louie who Taurus put me on to. Very knowledgeable and generous with his time. He was part of writing the current ban appeal rules. He said that once they issue a ban the FFA have to make the evidence they based their decision on available to the person and then give them right to appeal. The issue he said is that the FFA have chosen to interpret those rules in questionable ways at times. As far as our situation goes, my brother in law has now learnt that the FFA is claiming they have “evidence” that both my nephew and brother in law handled the flare which is impossible because they didn’t. Hatamoto is involved as the stadium security that handed the info to the FFA which is interesting as this event happened outside the stadium not inside. It’s all very confusing. At this stage we are weighing up whether to wait for the ban to be physically issued or raise hell about it now. I have received the relevant email addresses to send our concerns to at the FFA but of course no one was willing to talk to me when I rang. Our greatest concerns right now are two things 1/ the story seems to have grown bigger between the event and what the FFA are claiming making me think there has been some fabrication of evidence or chinese whispers at work. 2/ clearly a police report exists from the day stating my nephew and brother in law were picked up for lighting a flare. A false report that maybe will stay on record? What does this mean for my nephew in particular for his future.
  10. What was that? Where is all the movement off the ball? They look like they’re in slow motion.
  11. Lol. http://www.theshovel.com.au/2020/03/05/your-iq-is-150-minus-the-number-of-toilet-rolls-you-have-in-your-house-right-now-/
  12. Whaaat??? There has not been one bit of communication from the FFA to indicate they are investigating let alone a chance to defend it!!!!
  13. Thanks Prydz, as much as this post is depressing I really appreciate the knowing what the reality is. It’s not fair. It’s likely my brother-in-law will just give away his foundation membership and that of his two boys if that’s the case. On an interesting note I got a message back from Bozza saying he will get to it as soon as possible. Not sure what that means.
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