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  1. To suggest that medical voices are being silenced, you are suggesting that those medical voices who are providing the advice to government are somehow corrupted, tainted or have sinister intentions. Can’t it just be that it is impossible for the entire global medical community to be in agreement? That the consensus has to fall somewhere and there will always be practitioners who disagree? Perhaps the decisions and voices that are heard take into account these doctors but find that the evidence at this stage does not support their views. And perhaps the decisions that are being made c
  2. Thousands of employees. Literally. The very vast majority have the vaccine already, or are booked in for one. It will affect a very small minority of people who refuse to get the vaccine. It’s a very small amount of people.
  3. This is fun….. https://fb.watch/82WTqqlfJ2/
  4. Tonight I got an email from work mandating frontline employees to get the vaccine. Statewide. They quoted the health and safety laws as their justification. They have said first vax needs to be done by late October, second in January.
  5. Can I just say, those stats are atrociously misleading. They have the death rate as a percentage of the population. That is ridiculous. That assumes every member of the public has been exposed to the virus and contracted it. So dumb. The death rate needs to be as a percentage of those who have contracted it. And the death rate is low because we have been locked down….because less people have been exposed. The only data that is correct there is the death rate as a proportion of those who have been positive. That is 2.5%. This is many, many times more than the flu or many other disease
  6. Considering the graph shows that the US has more ICU beds per 100k people by far, it really tells you the extent of the problem in the US that their unvaccinated State hospitals are buckling.
  7. What a stupid system they have! Bloody “recall”! How ridiculous.
  8. Our health system runs at almost full capacity a lot of the time. It’s not third world, it’s an excellent system really but the government would need to make judgements on vax passports and reducing restrictions that maintains the health system at a level it would cope at. Not sure what the modelling says around what number of cases constitutes an overload because they wouldn’t necessarily be spread all over the country, but affect certain areas endemically.
  9. Lol and yet an NHS system here in Australia would have the Libs going berserk at all the socialism!
  10. You wanna pay more taxes? We spend now around 15% GDP on healthcare as opposed to a lot less proportionally just 20 years ago. Besides, prevention is better than cure wouldn’t you say?
  11. Oh my, my typing is atrocious. I meant herd immunity.
  12. Stokz, of 20% of the population are not vaccinated, that is still 4.8 million people. There may well be a risk to the health system in those numbers. And to answer your question, yes 90+% would be better for reasons of health system and because it edges is closer to hers immunity which needs to be well into the 90’s. Don’t like the vax passport but I can see why it may be required for a period of time. The article I posted about European countries is interesting because those countries are already dealing with these issues. We of course are still waiting to get enough vaccinat
  13. This. There is such risk of discrimination with these “areas of concern”. In my workplace they have current mandates for the vaccine if you live in an “area of concern” as opposed to no mandate if you Iive outside these areas. Irks me a bit despite the fact that I support the vaccine as the best way out of the pandemic.
  14. Another Covid and Vaccine sceptic bites the dust. Ignore this virus at your own (and others) risk.
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