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  1. Except Wendy if he really said “you can’t trust the data because there is ideology involved”, that’s a real sell out to the science models he subscribes to in his (and my) profession. That’s the part that got me.
  2. Can I just say that I had no idea JP was this far gone. As a psychologist and a scientist-practitioner, he should have more respect for the science, for scientists, for the scientific method. Low resolution thinking”? Lol. But getting men to “clean their room” is high resolution? See ya JP, your move away from psychology is complete.
  3. “Under the cover of bushfires”??? Soooooo.......when the predictions of climate change models become a reality....then the climate change “evangelists” are using the event as cover? That’s the dumbest argument I ever heard. Basically you are saying if they point to evidence it’s a conspiracy. Your losing your touch Legia.
  4. They have an order to leave and are on their way home.
  5. **** ****!! My nephew and brother in law who were at the game were just kicked out accused of lighting a flare!! My nephew is 18 and some cops on horses behind the away bay identified him as the culprit. They were metres away from it and my nephew is quiet as a mouse and would never have nothing to do with that. There was a police officer standing right next to my nephew at the game and knew it wasn’t him and said nothing when the other police accused him! The police treated them like criminals. I’m furious!
  6. Nah... he’ll go all the way. His mouth says to everyone that he wants to show everyone his financials but that is just yet another lie. Supreme Court stacked with his judges will decide this one.
  7. Good news. The Matildas bring much more publicity and success to football in Aus than the Socceroos....fairs fair.
  8. They want to keep the narrative in the process rather than the content. Public hearings will make the content more vivid but Republicans are hardly going to vote on conscience.
  9. It’s really really long but a good (and accurate) read. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/10/george-conway-trump-unfit-office/599128/
  10. Uummm....Obama was telling young people not to treat social media and "call out " culture like activism. He is saying puritanical judgement is not ok. Absolutely common sense. Jordan Peterson started out saying the same thing in terms of PC culture, but ended up saying feminism is wrong, gender roles are set and young men are hard done by. Bit different.
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