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  1. Well that was an interesting couple of minutes.
  2. https://www.smh.com.au/national/swastika-cupcakes-private-chats-of-neo-nazis-who-stacked-young-nats-20190430-p51il4.html
  3. Unfortunately you are right. It’s all about money. Good luck with re-entering the job market. I hope it all goes well.
  4. They also have a huge gap between rich and poor. One of the biggest in the world. Many have to work two jobs. They have lower life expectancy, higher chronic illness rates and the highest maternal death rate in the western world. They have low educational levels. Sitting well below Australia and pretty much all the western countries in the OECD. They have extreme gun death rates. (Fun fact: there are 40000 gun deaths a year in the US, 2/3 are suicide and 80% of those are white males...) Happy bunch. The US is also the only western country to have a significant problem with mass shootings. So the economy is going well....I guess that can keep them warm at night.
  5. Then Ed will have no trouble finding the policies that inspired his vote for a fairer, healthier community.
  6. Name me the policies of the Liberal party that promotes fairness and a healthier community. I am fascinated.
  7. I like your honesty Ed. I, myself will always vote for a fairer, healthier community.
  8. It’s just so laughable to claim Labour ran a poor campaign. It’s just not true. They ran a full policy platform compared to the Liberal party who did not run on any policy platform whatsoever. And the Labour Party explained that policy platform. They released it early, they worked hard to inform people We have to face facts. The Australian people knew they were voting for a party skeptical of climate change and that they were not going to act to address it. The Australian people knew they were voting for wealthy self funded retirees to keep their government given gift of franking credits and they also knew they were voting for people with multiple investment properties to keep their tax advantages. The Australian people knew they were voting for indefinite detention and for reductions in refugee intakes. The Australian people knew they were voting to keep welfare payments below the poverty line and they knew they were voting to take away penalty rates from young people. The Australian people knew they were voting to have their own personal tax cut at the cost of no action to save or improve public education or public health. They knew. They didn’t care. That’s who we, as a nation, has become. May as well face facts. People aren’t dumb. And an affluent nation such as this one fears losing even one cent.
  9. He opened Christmas Island when it was uneeded, spent millions and millions and now talks about the urgency to close it and of course with it the Medevac bill. But of course the lack of principles and fiscal irresponsibility of that is completely irrelevant to right wing voters. As long as they keep their franking credits.
  10. https://www.themonthly.com.au/today/paddy-manning/2019/21/2019/1558417624/fair-gone
  11. What about my area? Child protection and children in out of home care?
  12. Can I just say that he was my boss at FACS until the last election. He was excellent. Empathic. Switched on. An excellent advocate for the most vulnerable young people in the state.
  13. Thanks Wendy. I will bounce back....I think.